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LoRa Discovery Kit

Blog Post created by Clive Two.Zero on Apr 5, 2017

STM32L072 and LoRa Discovery Kit featuring Open LoRa module by Murata using STM32L072CZY6TR MCU 


  • Ultra-low-power STM32L0 Series MCU, Cortex® -M0+ based with 192Kbytes of Flash memory, 20Kbytes of RAM, 6Kbytes of EEPROM, LCD, crystal-less USB, T-RNG, PCROP
  • 157dB maximum link budget
  • +20dBm, 100mW constant RF output versus Vsupply
  • +14dBm high efficiency PA
  • Programmable bit rate up to 300kbps
  • High sensitivity: down to -137dBm
  • Bullet-proof front end: IIP3 = -12.5dBm
  • 89dB blocking immunity

  • Low RX current of 10mA, 200nA register retention
  • Fully integrated synthesizer with a resolution of 61Hz
  • FSK, GFSK, MSK, GMSK, LoRa™ and OOK modulations
  • Built-in bit synchronizer for clock recovery
  • Sync word recognition
  • Preamble detection
  • 127dB+ dynamic range RSSI
  • Built-in temperature sensor and low battery indicator 1.65V to 3.6V power supply



The AT_Slave example (creates AT modem via ST-LINK VCP) is about 41KB in size


Attached is original shipping firmware (April 2017) Ping-Pong Demo

Added LoraDisco_ATSlave_US915.hex a build of the example from the Cube Extensions, USA 915 MHz option selected

Added LoraDisco_ATSlave_US915_V111.hex a build from the V1.1.1 tree

Added LoraDisco_ATSlave_US915HYBRID_V111.hex a build from the V1.1.1 tree w/US915_HYBRID (17-Aug-2017)

Added a build using Keil native sscanf/printf w/AT+SEND fixed