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Embedded World 2017 - Exciting moments from day 3

Blog Post created by Thomas Borowczak Employee on Mar 17, 2017

We are back for the final report of the best moments at Embedded World 2017.


Let's continue the visit of the STM32 Fan Zone :


Adam Berlinger and Jan taking care of the STM32Cube and STM32 Technical support corner


Thomas Van Aken and Steven Boeckx, our guests from Belgium at the STM32 Maker corner, with their Gameboy emulator on a STM32F7 Discovery. Well done guys ! 


And our partners, Embedded Wizard :


Arduino :

Frederico Musto, Tenaya and the complete Arduino team :


Alessandro Casadio, GH Entreprise General Manager, and his Speedy Board, the faster 3D printer controller board on earth, powered by STM32F4


Florian Ebner from Conrad and the RF500 3D Printer


The Kuka robot, powered by STM32 serving drinks to our thirsty visitors : 


Simon Ford from ARM talking about ARM mbed :


Michel Buffa, General Manager Microcontrollers Division having fun with Tenaya Hurst, the Arduino Lady


while the STM32 production counter rises new heights


The temperature increases while waiting for the last DJI Drone's lucky draw


And the new winner is Christoph Becks, congrats !


The 3rd and last testimony wall covered with love messages

Thanks to all the visitors for their contributors, and see you next year for another week of creativity, innovation and fun at EW2018  with STM32 !


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