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"Powered by STM32" logo

Blog Post created by Thomas Borowczak Employee on Dec 12, 2016

Boost your image with the "Powered by STM32" logo


Proud of using STM32 in your school project, in your maker prototype or in your application ?
Want to leverage on the power of a trusted and undisputed leading brand of 32-bit microcontrollers to boost your image?
Want to show you are part of the community of STM32 users?
This visual is for you.

Stick it, 3D-print it, embed it in your documentation or marketing collaterals, use it anywhere.


Available in both horizontal and vertical format, the original visuals (png for web, jpg for print, AI) can be found in the zip file attached to this blog.

Use the layout that is offering the maximum visibility and fits to your need.


Usage of this logo shall comply with the following rules :


  • Always respect the protection area and minimum size of the Powered by STM32 visual
  • Never use this visual embedded in a text. It is not a word but a visual representation.



  • Never distort, modify, alter or change the label in any way.