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Welcome to the STM32 MCUs Community

Blog Post created by Thomas Borowczak Employee on Dec 2, 2016

Whether you're an established developer, an enthusiast maker, a STM32 partner, a student, a teacher, or just getting started on STM32, you will find a lot in this community to stay informed, learn, share your work, ask and answer questions around the STM32.


What you can do here :

  • visit the STM32 Forum to ask or answer technical questions
  • share your project 
  • see upcoming events or share your own event about STM32
  • start a discussion about STM32
  • post any kind of content you would like to share about our 32bit microcontrollers (videos, documents, code, educational material)
  • be informed about the latest activities on STM32
  • engaged with other STM32 enthusiasts


We care about your feedbacks to improve it.

Do not hesitate to share your comments on how we can do better.


New to the ST community ? Coming from our old E2E Community ?
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