• ST-link v2 at 1.8V?

    I am using the ST-Link v2 with a target STM32 board running at 1.8V. I connect the "target Vcc" to my boards Vcc ok, but the SWDIO and SWDCLK outputs from the ST-link are at 3.3V. Yet it looks like it is supposed to w...
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  • I2C DevAddress incorrect

    Hey,   I have a problem with the I2C1 on the STM32F746G-Discovery. I'm using the example-code for communication with DMA, but I changed the address mode from 10bit to 7bit. Now it's getting strange. The ST-Boa...
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  • LwIP HTTP Server Netconn RTOS Outside the local network

    In the STM32F7 Cube is the application: "LwIP_HTTP_Server_Netconn_RTOS"  Does anyone know how to get access to the application from outside the local network?
    Theo Spalinger
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  • STM32F779xx startup issue with HardFault Exception

    Hello.   I seem to have a hardfault exception problem and it doesn't make sense to me. I am using ThreadX and it has to do with how long it takes to startup.   So here is my startup code:   /* Enabl...
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  • STM32F302R8 CANBus Not Working

    I need help with the integrated CANBus controller on the NUCLEO STM32F302R8. We are using STM32CubeMX to generate our setup code with the  STM32Cube_FW_F3_V1.8.0v Firmware package provided by ST. We are...
    Marshal Haupt
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  • STM32H7 maximum timer frequency

    Hello,   the STM32H743 datasheet is out. I think the datasheet disaggrees on "Max timer clock". Table 4 in footnote 1 tells that 400 MHz is possible depending on  the TIMPRE bit, while electrical characteri...
    Uwe Bonnes
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  • Code not going directly to main loop

    Hi,   I am currently in the process of converting project code I have using the Standard peripheral library to the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL).   I noticed that when I try to debug the code...
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  • RTOS config from CubeMX not working

    Hi,    I am new to putting together my own projects and have followed this http://www.carminenoviello.com/2015/06/22/running-freertos-stm32nucleo-free-gcceclipse-toolchain/#comment-78392 great wri...
    Alexander Hoffman
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  • Write multiple GPIO pins on the same port

    My code is written in C and I am using your HAL library I need to set/Reset 6 GPIO pins on the same port now I iam doing it by calling 6 times to HAL_GPIO_WritePin which take too much time how can I do it in one ...
    Ofer Ebert
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  • Firmware upgrade using SPI - STM32F7

    Hi everyone,   I am trying to understand how the firmware upgrading works in the STM32F7 using a STM32F769I Discovery board. I would need to use the UART or SPI peripheral to upgrade. Does anyone know where to ...
    Omar Suárez
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  • target halted due to breakpoint

    Hello, I'm a new with STM32.   I have Nucloe-N053R8, Win8.1, SystemWorkbench. I made a short program and it seems that I could send the program to the Nucloe-board, but it doesn't work. I can see the console sa...
    Takayoshi Ishii
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  • Routing selection of TQFP or BGA for STM32F7 + SDRAM

    Hello, I'm making prestudy of a product that should integrate a STM32F767 running at 200MHz, 16 bits SDRAM (for example IS4216160), RGB TFT display (RGB565), ethernet (RMII), sdmmc (4 bits), quadspi... I will require ...
    Aurelien Robert
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  • Pull up/down resistors on PCB?

    I am designing a PCB which uses the STM32F446 MCU. I have the first revision done and working. But I am wondering if all the pull-up and -down resistors on the board can be excluded and use the internals instead? ...
    Simon Andersen
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  • Using Interruption without Delay

    Hi community !, I'm using STM32f1031RB Nucleo 64, and I wanted to know how can I programm my timer TIM2 (internal clock), in order to allow some of interruptions in my main programm. Actually; I'm using HAL_Delay and ...
    Nicolas Cmb
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  • USB HIDUSB HID as keyboard emulation as keyboard emulation

    This is my first experience with USB as virtual keyboard. I have configured in CubeMX a Human Interface Device (HID). After that, to have someting written in my notepad I have written the following function:   &...
  • SRAM2 Differences Between L433 & L452?

    I have been fighting with a problem for the past few days as I port a board over from an STM32L433CC to an STM32L452CE.  Code that runs fine on the L433CC causes a hard fault on the L452CE.  After quite a bi...
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  • STM32L432KC RTC Init Fails after DFU

    I created a PCB based on the STM32L432KC.  It uses an LSE for the RTC.  I am using STMCubeMX 4.19.0 to create the initialization code with version 1.6.0 of the STM32L4 HAL library.   The system starts ...
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  • Found startup_stm32f030x8.s BUG? TIM6 no interrupt.

    I use STM32F030C8T6,found TIM6 no interrupt. Check startup_stm32f030x8.s,there no TIM6_IRQHandler. I add it,Is that correct? 
    z h
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  • A bug on pwm complementary output of cubemx32

    When i want to produce a pwm complementary output ,the chip is stm32f103c8, only main connel have output and auxiliary have no output . I track program to file stm32f1xx_hal_tim.c on funtion : TIM_OC1_SetConfig and fi...
    dengrui dengrui
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  • FFT Problem in Loop STM32F4-Disco

    Hi folks; I want to use fft (1024) in my signal which came from i2s, so it's should be real time. I'm new at fft, there may be some mistakes. And sorry for my bad english When i use fft without loop everything work...
    Tarkan Dalay
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