• SRAM size for STM32L031F6

    Hi all,   For my project I picked the STM32L031F6 micro as it looks like a good fit with 32kB flash and 8 kB SRAM in TSSOP20 package.   However, according to ES0304: STM32L031x4/6 device limitations errata...
    Maksym Galemin
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  • Can't reset I2C in STM32F407 to release I2C lines

    I am using an STM32F407 on a customer board and have trouble with the I2C handling.   I am using the latest HAL HAL_I2C_MasterTransmitIT and HAL_I2C_MasterReceiveIT to poll data from a sensor.   The proble...
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  • How to read 4 fast pulses

    Hi All,   I am just getting started with stm32. I am using a stm32f031 mcu and am trying to read an input signal from a flight controller. The protocol used puts out a series of 4 pulses that vary from 1us to 2....
    P S
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  • How to retrieve the data converted by ADC using DMA on simulink ?

    Hello, I want to use the ADC and the DMA on Simulink as follows: The ADC is triggered by the rising edge of Timer 2 which generates a PWM signal with a frequency of 100 kHz. So, I want to retrieve the 132 first data...
    Abdelhak GOUDJIL
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  • Behaviour of PC13 not as expected.

    I am setting up a board that uses an STM32F103C8. It has an LED on PC13. I am running FreeRTOS and configuring with STMCubeMX. I am also enabling the LSE clock and RTC.   Using Cube MX I configure this and ensur...
    John Fitter
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  • Why does f_write not work in CubeMX project

    I have two projects, one from the F746G-Discovery Projects repo called FatFs_uSD_RTOS, and one created from CubeMX based on the template for the F746G-Discovery board with FatFS and FreeRTOS enabled.  The CubeMX ...
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  • FatFs - SDMMC - STM32H7

    Hi,   I have the problem that many of us have as seen on the number of post on the forum. Unfortunatly for me nobody have the same issue as i have! Let s point out first what i'm trying to do. I'm on a small p...
    JC Lebreton
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  • Getting started with STM32F767ZI

    Hi,    I am just Getting started with STM32F767ZI using a Nucleo F767ZI dev board. Prior to that I have only used in commercial project PIC24H family of Microchip and embedded C language. Can anybody help w...
    A Maq
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  • Get signal from 2 or more FSR sensor with ADC - STM32F4DISCOVERY

    Hi guys, i'm looking to get signal from # FSR sensors with my STM32F4-Discovery. I set PA1 as ADC1_IN1 and after i associated DMA (with STM32CubeMX, HAL driver). So i generated the project and edited with System Workb...
    Alessandro Greco
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  • stm32f072 joystick

    Hi, Please forgive as I am new to STM32 devices and tools. I was suggested to use a STM32 F0 Discovery dev kit (STM32F072RBT6) in order to develop a very simple application: a custom made 3 axles joystick (x,y and t...
    Afonso Marques
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  • HAL_IncTick() when systick is used by a RTOS

    The code produced by MxCube uses the systick interrupt to increment a tick count, (via HAL_IncTick())   But when  a projects is using a RTOS , the systick interrupt vector can be declared else where e.g. K...
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  • Stemwin GUI and external SDRAM

    Dear all I know that this is a very old question but after more than two months, I'm really sad... I'm developing a work (for scientific research) using a stm32f746igt mcu (from waveshare 746i) with several middlewar...
    Luiz Pereira
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  • Bug Report: CubeMX Generates Bad Init Code

    Like • Show 0 Likes0 Comment • 2 Using CubeMX V4.7.25.0 I get initialization code for RTC.c that won't compile when I request initialization be generated as .c.h file pairs.   Simple demo case: Start...
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  • Connect a backup battery at the Nucleo-L432KC board

    Hello, I'm working on a project based on the Nucleo-L432KC board that uses the RTC.   I would like to insert a backup battery for the RTC, but I noted that there isn't a VBAT pin where to connect it. Therefore,...
    Tommaso De Gennaro
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  • ADC Scan Conversion With DMA happens Once (solved)

    Implementing a scan conversion of channels 0-4 triggered by a timer with HAL libraries I found the following problems: 1. These asserts in HAL_ADC_Start_DMA() would fail with Scan Mode and Software Start:  ...
    created by ajg
  • CubeMx incorrect FatFS code generation

    Hello, In CubeMx, when the option USE_LFN is enabled, the code generator doesnt generate all necessary code. The missing files are supposed to be in this directory: Middlewares\Third_Party\FatFs\src\option\ There a...
    Lukasz Przenioslo
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    Hi, I have been using STM32CUBEMX ide for building the code with Keil5 IDE. The issue or bug is the code is working fine when I am placing my code in the main function. But, when I create my own file or outside the ma...
    swaroop burre
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  • How to send ping messages from STM32F4XX ?

    Hi all, I have my own STM32F407 board and the project was generated with CubeMX + FreeRTOS + LWIP. It works quite well, but I have one problem that I cannot send a ping message from this stm32 board. Receiving and ...
    John Park
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  • STM32F1 - LL_GPIO_Init() problem

    Hi,   A piece of code from STM32CubeMX v4.25.0 and latest F1 drivers generated  for STM32VLDiscovery (the button is pulled-down by external resistor):   static void MX_GPIO_Init(void) {   LL_GPI...
    Bogdan Golab
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  • Three external ADC's connected to STM32F7

    Currently I am doing a project to develop a system with three external ADC's. I want to read the 3 ADC's at the same time. I bought the following components 3x ADS1256 / http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/ads1256.p...
    Koen Ie
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