• A new faster STM32 Arm?

    I read that there will be a new much faster chip in the first half next year. What's the name of the chip(s) and is there more info about it available?
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  • using cdc vcp with adc in dma Mode

    Hello, i am trying to send data from the adc over the usb otg fs as virtual com port to my pc where i receive the data with a terminal program(HTerm). Using the ADC in 8bit Mode works perfectly. The settings are the...
    Jamal Panah
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  • CubeMX USB CDC VCP - Transmission problem

    hello, i am trying to send data to pc over the otg used as a virtual com port. The data is received with a terminal program (HTerm). In order to send data i am using the function CDC_Transmit_FS. For a basic test the...
    Jamal Panah
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  • How to setup & use touch sensing with CubeMx

    hello. I am  luis. Recently I use stm32f051x touch sensing feature that setup touch sensing with CubeMx(the latest ver.). but after test touch sensing, I get touch sensing value only '1'. &#...
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  • Need ST solution for interfacing 800x480 TFT LCD

    Hi, I am trying to interface 7" 800x480 TFT resistive touchscreen LCD based on SSD1963 using STM32F051R8T6( from the discovery). My aim is to write images onto an external NAND flash memory  and read the images ...
    R V
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  • Manually adding TouchSensing Library / Middleware to cubeMX project - STM32F0

    Could someone please help me by explaining how I manually include the "STM32_TouchSensing_Library" to a cubemx generated project?   I've been struggling with this for a while and i'm. The cubemx  package ex...
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  • How to set up a STM32 touch sense project with CubeMX

    Hi I am trying to setup a new touch sense project and have  question: I configured certain pins as TSC, how do I add the the middleware TSC LIb in CubeMx now? For my Nucleoboard L053R8 CubeMX under middlewares ...
    dieter 123
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  • HAL_FLASHEx_Erase() fails using FreeRTOS

    Hi all, I am developing a bootloader + update system which needs FLASH pages manipulation (unlock/erase/program) from a FreeRTOS task.   The same unlock/erase code works fine if called before the os scheduler i...
    Adriano Melis
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  • Hi all, is there a way to dump a make file from STM32CubeMX?

    I found this link but I can't figure out how to do it: https://hackaday.com/2017/07/15/stm32cubemx-makes-makefiles/   I'm running on Windows but I'd like to create a make file to run Linux. thank you.
    scott h
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  • Extending dual bank flash to two QSPI flashes in XIP mode in STM32H753

    The Dual bank mechanism works by switching internal flash banks while code address stays the same. How to extend this mechanism to two external QSPI flashes operating in XIP mode? Is gating QSPI chip select using a ...
    Rajesh Tripathi
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  • SMT32L4 - SD card  data transfer to PC

    Hi, I would like to make a device that works like a memory card reader: I want to share SD card's data in the PC. I would like to connect memory card to discovery board and using USB interface to transfer data. can...
    Lorant Bugar
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  • Problem with UART and LL drivers

    Hello everyone, this is a problem regarding my DISCO-L072CZ-LRWAN kit which I am using for a project of mine.   I am using the LRWAN expansion kit for LoRa functionality while I am also trying to add up a UART a...
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  • USART TC is set when initialising USART RCC

    Hello. I am currently in a discussion at stackoverflow.com regarding the USART1 TC flag which become set as soon as the USART clock (RCC) is enabled. c - STM32F407 USART1 : Clearing USART_FLAG_TC requires pgm to be h...
    Vidar (Z)
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  • Whether discovery board have the compatability to support CAN and DSP?

    i am new to ARM. my need is DSP and CAN with cortex-M4 . i was seacrhing for development board, i found the result with discovery board with STM32F407,i searched related to discovery board, the processor supports CAN ...
  • [SOLVED] stm32f407 SPI2 setup

    Hi I have some issues with having SPI2 up and running on port B on the stm32f4 discovery board.  By reading the forum i see that several is having troubles setting up SPI and I have checked the most common err...
    Vidar (Z)
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  • malloc library - _sbrk problem

    I was trying to use malloc in a project  which has been ported from an other platform. I get the message that... _sbrk  ... is undefined. This is used by _sbrk_r which again is used by malloc. I found no s...
    Vidar (Z)
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  • STM32H7x3 reference manual downloading

    Can anyone download it? Download starts but never completes for me! http://www.st.com/resource/en/reference_manual/dm00314099.pdf 
    Rajesh Tripathi
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  • [STM32F407] CS43L22 problem!

    Hello! I am working with CS43L22 on STM32F407VG Discovery Board. I use Audio_playback_and_record example to play .wav file. If i use headphone, I can get good sound. But If I use speaker I get small sound. Is t...
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  • STM32L4+ (STM32L4 Plus) seris

    Hi When STM32L4 Plus series will be available to buy?  Any datasheets yet?
    Hossein Talaiee
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  • Excess Current Consumption Running B-L072Z-LRWAN1 From Battery??

    I have removed all the solder bridges & links to minimise stray consumption.   When I measure the combined current through JP3 and JP1 (ie, MCU & RF), it is ~0.87mA between Tx pulses.   (SB19,14,...
    Andrew Neil
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