• UART receive from ST-Link VCP not working

    Hi! I'm trying to send some data (or string or anything) from the computer to a Nucleo-64 board, with no luck at all. I can easily retarget the printf and is working perfectly, but it is receiving nothing from the com...
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  • Request for Official STM32 uCLinux port

    Yes, I know, there is a lots of ready and available OSes for STM32 Cortex-M3, -M4 and sometimes -M7. Yes, I know, there is a support of STM32 chips in mainline kernel. Yes, I heard about Emcraft.   Yes, I got my...
    Eugene Solo
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  • STM32F4 - Using timers with DMA to count pulses.

    STM32F437 processor I have no experience using the stm32 timers with DMA so I wish to solicit suggestions before banging my head against the wall.   I have set up a counter using an ISR to count pulses (RPM) an...
    John Hite
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  • SPI in SLAVE mode - please clarify MOSI (i.e. Tx) behaviour when DR is not written

    When an SPI in SLAVE is clocked continuously (with NSS active) and DR is *not* written upon every TXE set, there are several possible scenarios for MOSI behaviour after the last explicitly written data bit is transmit...
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  • Strange SPI receive routine in Cube example code

    This is supposed to receive one byte in SPI bidirectional mode ([STM32Cube_FW_L4_V1.5.0]\Drivers\BSP\STM32L476G-Discovery\stm32l476g_discovery.c): #if defined(__ICCARM__) #pragma optimize=none #endif /**   * @bri...
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  • Large array declaration

    Good morning,   I have a problem with the declaration of an array. if I declare these two arrays before the main I have no compilation/linking problem uint16_t buffer [48000]; uint16_t buffer2 [48000]; but if I...
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  • Trouble with STM32CubeMX Eclipse plug in v4.20

    Can not set the input frequency value of quartz LSE/HSE - after entering the frequency value and loss of the input focus, the frequency is divided by 1000. The division is repeated if you return and remove the input f...
    Dmitrij Rajkov
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  •         Don't use CUBEmx version 4.20.0 with F4xx !

    I tried to upgrade my working project, ad the result is project unusable !   The SD part is impossible to use, missing definitions, missing functions and others problem.   Its possible to downgrade cubemx ...
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  • Configuring Timer for DAC triggering

    Hello, I need to configure the parameters of timer TIM6 inside the STM32F769 to trigger the DAC output. The triggering time is variable and must be set depending on some parameters sent to the MCU from a PC. The mi...
    Omar Suárez
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  • STM32F446 DMA Indexing

    I ultimately need "instant on" ADC conversions.  For instance, when a timing gate goes high, I need to start taking ADC values immediately (the signal is only 100us wide),  The problem I'm running into is th...
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  • Nucelo F207ZG USB CDC Example code

    Hi, I'm using Nucleo F207ZG board and i did my testing of GPIO using STM32CubeMx(HAL lib) with Eclipse IDE on Ubuntu 16.04, Now i want to use the USB as Communication Device Class (CDC) but i'm not familiar with usb s...
    Manikandan K
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  • STM32L475RC Bootloader

    Hi! I've just recently checked AN2606 Application note that is a document summarizing STM32 devices bootloader features, requirements etc. I have not found STM32L475xx series listed in the document, however the d...
    Bence Kovari
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  • Dangerous bug in cmsis_os Message implementation?

    I think that there is dangerous a bug in the cmsis_os implementation, because when you create a queue (thru osMessageCreate), it creates a queue in FreeRTOS with the item size based in the item size configured by the ...
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  • osMessagePut problems

    Hello,   I have been trying to solve problem with the osMessagePut function from CMSIS-RTOS wrapper. I am not able to insert instances of C structure into the message queue.     My co...
    Stepan Podhorsky
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  • STM32F407 : IWDG and erase flash sector

    Hi,   In my application I'm using the Independent watchdog on a STM32F407 with a maximum reload period of 2 ms. During some maintenance operations, we need to save some configuration parameters in flash memory. ...
    Pablo Devanne
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  • Please Correct BUG with SD code generation

    The new format of code generation makes a BUG in the file: bsp_driver_sd.h The BUG prevent building FAT_FS modules   To solve the issue line 67 should be changed with the following ones: #ifndef BSP_SD_CardInf...
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  • adc external trigger

    i search in google and i can't find any adc external trigger example code i found timer trigger only. i want adc start conversion when external  pulse found. i want any example code
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  • STM32F4 Interfacing with OV5640 Camera

    I am trying to fetch the RAW image data from the OV5640..I can successfully receive the JPEG image but I can not configure it for YUV RAW data ? I have configured it to receive Black and White and Negative image which...
    vishal patel
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  • Bug on cmsis_os.h on stmcubemx 4.19.0 ?

    Hi,    i'm using stmcubemx 4.19.0 for my project on stm32f415vgt.   But i think it's present a little bug inside cmsis_os.h   When i create queue, the item size is never 0x04.   #define o...
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  • I am using TIM2.CH2 input compare. No other interrupts are activated except TIM2.CH2. In TIM2_IRQ handler all IC bits except CH2 are set. Why?

    Using STM32Discovery on IAR. I expect TIM2_IRQ to fire up on trigger from outside. It does but CH2 interrupt ic leared and all other 3 IC interrupt bits are SET. Why?
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