• unable to  generate signal and capture external signal by one pulse mode? 

    Hello every body I  working on stm32f103RCTB with  HC-SR04 Rang finder this ultrasonic module need 10us trigger pulse to get echo from object  ad converted it to pulse signal . I figure that the suita...
    M abouhasem
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  • CubeMX support for SD+FatFS+SPI

    I would like to see CubeMX support for SD cards + FatFS using an SPI driver option. Both for MCUs that don't don't support SDIO and also on MCUs that have SDIO but where SPI fits the project better.   FatFS is t...
    John Craven
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  • STM32F4 SPI DMA Unexpected Overrun Error

    Hi everyone! I'm working with an external IC which must be read with a "burst transfer". I have to receive 122 half words (16 bit spi transfers), so I use an SPI DMA reception. When I configure a buffer in my code ...
    Pablo Leibovich
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  • RTC cause main code stop working

    I was running RTC with stm32f051. I use cmsis and using LSE(32.768 khz) for rtc. I use this code for setup rtc with alarm . when interrupt of rtc is running the other section of code stop working but the interrupt ro...
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  • CubeMX Feature Request: Add USART RX IDLE Handling

    I'm preparing to implement an STM32 project that does high-speed async serial communications, and needs to send and receive variable-length messages. My receive messages are characterized in that they are *always* con...
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  • How does HAL_I2C_IsDeviceReady work?

    Hi all, I'm dealing with an I2C memory connected to a STM32F401 MCU and I'd like to check at runtime if the device is ready (or if something is wrong, e.g. with wirings). I'm trying to use the HAL_I2C_IsDeviceReady f...
    Alessio Caligiuri
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  • STM32F7 + SPI + LCD

    Helo!  I'd like to make the next thing: LCD application and communication with another IC through SPI, I did the next steps: 1. I made a new uVision LCD projects (found the steps in the ARM youtube channel, works...
    Balázs Gyenge
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  • an4666 application note timers

    Hey everyone,   I'm trying to reconstruct and understand the example code from the an4666 application note. It's really helping me build an understanding but I'm confused about the timers used in the code.  ...
    piet t
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  • Microcontroller as a Slave

    The Special One
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  • Configure STM32F407 as dual SPI slave device

    Greetings,   I am having some trouble setting up my STM32F407 mcu to be a dual spi slave with dma.   What I am trying to accomplish is this :  - STM will have two SPI ports configured and will be a s...
    Pavlos Stavrou
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  • STM32F4 DMA REQ and ACK for External DMA

    I'm trying to interface my STM32F407 MCU with a peripheral device that has independent DMA/MPU interfaces. The MPU interface is available in two modes (68 and 80) and the data bus width is available in 8-bit and 16-bi...
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  • LoRaWAN with MultiTech Conduit Gateway

    I have: B-L072Z-LRWAN1 Discovery board (based on muRata module) P-NUCLEO-LRWAN1 Pack (Nucleo-64 board with Semtech SX1272 bare chip add-on). I-CUBE-LRWAN firmware pack, v1.1.2 Keil MDK for STM32L0/F0, v5.24a Mult...
    Andrew Neil
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  • Help me choosing between stm32f4 discovey boards for CAN network

    Hello, Recently i plan to buy stm32f4 discovery board, This stuff are important for me: 1-CAN network implementation 2-Ethernet 3-LCD When search on STM32F429-DISCO i does not see any CAN example on it,and all o...
    Dnesh Sadat
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    USI LoRa module   I-NUCLEO-LRWAN1 - USI® STM32™ Nucleo expansion board for LoRa™ - STMicroelectronics    Anyone else ported I-CUBE-LRWAN to the USI Module?   What's your exper...
    Clive One
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  • USART Rx interrupt NOT Work

      I tested three devices all day long today. All devices are connected to the USART, but the incoming interrupt does not work at all. A program that connects the Lo Ra modules, GPS modules, and wifi modules to...
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  • dma does not work when ltdc works

    Hi Community, i have problem with my dual regular simultaneous adc when i use ltdc.   if i disable sdram, the adc ( dual regular simulataneous with dma ) works properly but the ltdc fails.
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  • STLINK USB drivers not installing

    Hi, I have recently purchased a number of NUCLEO-L476 boards but cannot get the USB drivers to install correctly whch are required for both ther STLINK utility and also for System Workbench for STM32. I am using a W...
    Farmer Jo
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  • STM32CubeMX display resolution problem

    Hello ST team, I think the STM32CubeMX code generator has a big problem with screen resolution. I'm using a laptop with 4K display, so my CubeMX appears like following screenshots, which are annoying in many cases: A...
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  • STM32L476 MSI + PLL

    What is the magic that PLL doesn't want to let go of MSI? I've been trying to switch MSI + PLL ON/OFF during STOP2 mode (to save battery), but the MSI + PLL hangs on for about 15 milliseconds. I'm first switching ont...
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  • Has anybody converted the PWM frequency and duty cycle measurement exmaple from the STM32CubeMx examples to use STM32CubeMx to configure the hardware (.ioc file to configure the timers)?

    The "STMCubeF2\Projects\STM32F207ZG-Nucleo\Examples\TIM\TIM_PWMInput" example configures the timers with direct calls to the HAL.   I am trying to keep all of the pin allocation and resource initialization withi...
    Mike Katz
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