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Welcome to this help community thread for STM32-C2C Discovery Packs. P-L496G-CELL01 and P-L496G-CELL02


When new owners of P-L496G-CELL01/02 open the blister, the insert card inner page gives the first steps to follow:

1. Connect the cellular provided antenna to the cellular add-on board

2. Connect the cellular add-on board to the STM32L496 Discovery board (modem sticker face up)

3. If needed, download the USB Drivers for the ST Link buit-in the discovery board (for flashing and debugging)

4. Connect the Pack to the PC using the ST Link USB connector (picture provided on the insert card)

5. Download and open a console application such as teratem. Use the default speed 9600bps, 8, N. 1

6. Repeateadly the STM32 will send a text message including: A URL and an ST unique VOUCHER code.

7. Go to the URL, create a user account and confirm by email

8. From this URL portal, reclaim your discovery pack by adding a board and using the ST VOUCHER

9. The reclaimed board will then be added to your account, showing its description and information

10. Available services are displayed, such as telecom complimentary services and opening trial cloud accounts

11. Each kit also comes with a list of precompiled demo binaries, including Espruino JS Engine and JS examples

12. Choose a demo, download the corresponding ZIP file, and if a bin file is provided, open file explorer, find the STM32 discovery board as memory stick, and drag and drop in it the bin file to reflash the STM32 with desired demo code.Each zip contains readme short document with step by step instructions on how to get the demo up and running.


This ST community thread is setup to receive constructive suggestions and questions about the use of the portal.

Amel N

2018 STM32 Wish List

Posted by Amel N Employee Dec 19, 2017

Dear Community Members & STM32 fans,


Today 05th December 2017: it’s been a year since we started with the Jive solution as a platform for our STM32 MCUs Forum .

For sure, we still have things to improve, but at least we don’t see any more the tag worst forum software ever .

Thanks to all of you, we made our STM32 MCUs Forum successful and the whole ST Community powerful.

Here some numbers regarding our forum activity during a year using Jive platform:

A special recognition for top contributors in STM32 forum space: Clive One, waclawek.janAvaTarKIC8462852 EPIC204278916Vangelis Fortounasmarsh.nick: your presence is a success key for the STM32 space.

This year STM32 celebrates 10 years of innovation.

Since the announcement of the world 1st 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M MCU on June 2007, the STM32 has grown into a large product family with a wide ecosystem:



Some of your expectations that you expressed last year in 2017 STM32 Wish List are already taken into account with the announcement of the world’s most efficient MCU STM32H7 and with the extension of the STM32L4 technology with more performance and features.

We are continuing the improvements of our ecosystem with:

  • a large set of development kits covering all families with new application dedicated ones like B-L475E-IOT01A or B-L072Z-LRWAN1
  • LL and HAL drivers available for all families in the STM32Cube packages (+SPL2LL converter)
  • STM32CubeMX embedding the MCU finder and usable for all devices


We would like to thank karpavicius.linas who got the initiative to start “2018 Wish List”, and all the contributors there.

If you still have other wishes regarding the STM32 and its related ecosystem, feel free to share them here as we are currently facing some issues to display the content of the initial 2018 wish list (waiting for a better solution coming soon).

Amel N

2017 STM32 Wish List

Posted by Amel N Employee Dec 30, 2016

Dear Community Members & STM32 funs,


BEST WISHES for the New Year!!!


Our wish to have a new Community with advances features is already carried out in December 2016.
For sure, we still have other wishes

Our doors are opened; express yourself, share your expectations, let us and all the STM32 Community hear you:


  • What other features to add in our STM32 portfolio?
  • What capabilities to improve?
  • What is missing and you need it to be there? For which purpose?
  • Was our offer helpful for you?
  • Any specific hardware or application cases do you want to be available on 2017?

  • Please feel free to express all your expectations!