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I am using the ST-Link v2 with a target STM32 board running at 1.8V. I connect the "target Vcc" to my boards Vcc ok, but the SWDIO and SWDCLK outputs from the ST-link are at 3.3V. Yet it looks like it is supposed to work down to 1.65V. How can I use it with my 1.8V board?
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Hey,   I have a problem with the I2C1 on the STM32F746G-Discovery. I'm using the example-code for communication with DMA, but I changed the address mode from 10bit to 7bit. Now it's getting strange. The ST-Board is the master and a TCA6424A port expander is the slave. According to the datasheet the device address is 010 0010b (=22h; my ADDR pin… (Show more)
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Theo Spalinger
In the STM32F7 Cube is the application: "LwIP_HTTP_Server_Netconn_RTOS"  Does anyone know how to get access to the application from outside the local network?
in STM32 MCUs Forum
Hello.   I seem to have a hardfault exception problem and it doesn't make sense to me. I am using ThreadX and it has to do with how long it takes to startup.   So here is my startup code:   /* Enable I-Cache-------------------------------------------------------------*/ SCB_InvalidateICache(); SCB_DisableICache(); SCB_EnableICache(); /*… (Show more)
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Marshal Haupt
I need help with the integrated CANBus controller on the NUCLEO STM32F302R8. We are using STM32CubeMX to generate our setup code with the  STM32Cube_FW_F3_V1.8.0v Firmware package provided by ST. We are then using the transmit and receive functions provided by the STM32F3xx_HAL_Driver. The problem is nothing is showing up on the pins. There is… (Show more)
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Hi,   I am currently in the process of converting project code I have using the Standard peripheral library to the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL).   I noticed that when I try to debug the code and place a breakpoint in the main loop that the code does not go directly to the main loop when I press the 'Run' (F5) button in Keil uVision.  The… (Show more)
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Alexander Hoffman
Hi,    I am new to putting together my own projects and have followed this great write up, adapting the instructions for the Nucleo 144 the STM32F429ZIT6 to be specific. In CubeMX i enabled the ethenet, TIM1 and RTC. The project builds… (Show more)
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Ofer Ebert
My code is written in C and I am using your HAL library I need to set/Reset 6 GPIO pins on the same port now I iam doing it by calling 6 times to HAL_GPIO_WritePin which take too much time how can I do it in one cpmmand since all pins are of the same port.
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Omar Suárez
Hi everyone,   I am trying to understand how the firmware upgrading works in the STM32F7 using a STM32F769I Discovery board. I would need to use the UART or SPI peripheral to upgrade. Does anyone know where to find example code?   Thanks in advanced, Omar
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Takayoshi Ishii
Hello, I'm a new with STM32.   I have Nucloe-N053R8, Win8.1, SystemWorkbench. I made a short program and it seems that I could send the program to the Nucloe-board, but it doesn't work. I can see the console said "target halted due to breakpoint". But there is no breakpoint. Nucleo-board have LED as LD2, connected PA5. My program wants to blink… (Show more)
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