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I recently downloaded CubeMX for the F7 again, to check for the LL headers. I'm pleased to find them complete now, at least at first glance. Gonna test it in the next time.   But to my suggestion. The whole packet was almost 700 MByte, for perhaps less than 1 MB wanted content. Couldn't you ST guys make the LL header stuff a separate download… (Show more)
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hi everybody I want to do the project on and off for LEDs with dma and timer Without engaging the CPU's but i cant some body help meor give me sample from this
in STM32 MCUs Forum
Everyone, How can I use cubeMX for SDcard ? I have generated for MDK but : this function doesn't work , from UM1721 User manual Developing Applications on STM32Cube with FatFs page 21. : uint32_t wbytes; /* File write counts */ uint8_t wtext[] = "text to write logical disk"; /* File write buffer */ if(FATFS_LinkDriver(&mynewdisk_Driver,… (Show more)
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Hi.   i want run free RTOS on STM32. But there are a lot of concepts and parameters for setting (task,Queues,Thread,.....).   I have read "Developing Applications on STM32Cube with RTOS"  But I am still confused. so  please explain me about how to initialize the main and important parameters ..   i want use this peripherals in my project(my… (Show more)
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Gabriele Rizzi
Hi everybody, I am facing a rather strange problem when trying to program the two user option bytes (0x1ffff804, 0x1ffff806). The code I am using is rather straightforward:     volatile FLASH_Status test3;     volatile uint8_t test, test2;     test = 0x12;     test2=0;       FLASH_Unlock();     FLASH_OB_Unlock();     test3 =… (Show more)
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eizens Poiss
Hey, I got Discovery F3 board, i wanted to start project which uses I2C communication, so i enabled I2C1 peripheral and generated code for EWARM IDE using CubeMX. I uploaded code on board and pressed GO in debug options, than i press HALT in debug options and i got error "Communication error message , Target is running, failed to stop the target.… (Show more)
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Hey guys,   I created 2 sets of projects with CubeMX for my STM32F429I-Disc 1 board.   I project is a Device HID project, the other one is a Device Custom HID project.   The Device HID projects works fine, the Custom HID project compiles correctly but will not flash onto my MCU.   I'm aware that for the custom HID USB routine to actually work,… (Show more)
in STM32 MCUs Forum
Nature Shirled
Hello! This is a code of cubemx for f4 discovery board. Can anyone tell me why TIM6 Update event occurs each TIM6CLK/256 ? This timer is a trigger for DAC to generator wave . Thanks !!!!
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1Ashena M
Hi Everyone,I'm trying to read from the USB keyboard with  a custom board STM32F205RCT6 MCU. I am using USB FS host (host only) with HAL library.but  it just works with some keyboards! Other keyboards are detected by host but can not read data. Can any one help me? My Code: int main(void) {   /* STM32F4xx HAL library initialization:        -… (Show more)
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Nolan L
Hi, I recently brought up the I2C using the STM32CubeMx(4.19.0) and STM32CUBE_FW_L4_v1.6.0  and I was attempting to write to a slave device with an address of 0x2A.   I noticed that my slave device was NACK-ing back. Upon further inspection, it looks as if the address is shifted to the right by 1-bit, resulting in an address of 0x15 when… (Show more)
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