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Like a lot of modern desktop computers I have a small, fast system disk and a huge data disk. This means that I really don't need gigs of Repository on my system disk, I want to choose where it goes.   In CubeMX 4.25.0, the Help->Update Settings->Repository Folder is greyed out.   Can this facility please be enabled so I don't have to keep… (Show more)
in STM32 MCUs Forum
Hi,  I Have a project that can be populated with or without RTC and a battery. Can I leave the VBAT pin unconnected when building PCBs without the battery? I'm using an STM32F072. 
in STM32 MCUs Forum
Andrew Sund
I found an undocumented issue that's missing from RM0038 STM32L1 Rev 14. No note is made in AN4767 (though this doesn't pertain to L1, I take it to be general guidance for the family).   I'm using an STM32L151VE equipped with dual bank flash interfaces. Documentation is careful to say that processor stalls occur if writing to EEPROM in the same… (Show more)
in STM32 MCUs Forum
John Henry
If I buy a new STM32F303xC and solder it to my board, will it power up in DFU mode? Is it required to pull BOOT0 high to enter DFU mode? I would like to do first-time programming without manually using a jumper.
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Adam Klekotko
My programm occured error at the begining. You can see this at the screenshot. When i run code there is nothig on pin B1(there should be PWM singnal ). I would be gratfull if anyone could help.   int main(void) {     /* USER CODE BEGIN 1 */     /* USER CODE END 1 */     /* MCU… (Show more)
in STM32 MCUs Forum
I am using a Nucleo-L476RG board and I am trying to use the HAL_UART_Receive_IT function to receive a byte at a time from a RS-232 source (4800 Baud) on UART 4.  I need to use the interrupt because I am transmitting out on UART3 console data and I miss characters when I transmit long strings.  But I always get a framing error when I call the my… (Show more)
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Pilot B
Hello,   I'm working on STM32F407VG board. During device enumeration, both the Host and Device use full steep 12MB/s. After enumeration, can I set "115200 8N1" for the communication? I tried to call CDC_SetInitialValue() to set line coding, but it looks like it still uses full speed for communication from USB analyzer. The device is a… (Show more)
in STM32 MCUs Forum
Hi, i have working HID example with me. But i was trying to integrate CDC class in the existing HID class. I am using cubemx code. After initializing and flashing i got the error as "Device Descriptor Request Failed" .   I am confused to initialize the USB driver for HID and CDC as well at the same time.   Is it fine if i initialize the code… (Show more)
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Eric Lin
Hi, there   This might be a basic question, but I've been trying to solve it for a few days now. I hope there will be an SPI expert who is willing to help. My codes are as follows:   =======================================================================        RESET_PIN(GPIOF, GPIO_PIN_6); // CS pulled low -- PF6 is my Chip Select PIN         … (Show more)
in STM32 MCUs Forum
We are seeing a lockup issue with a STM32F746 design.  On the surface it appears like a normal firmware lockup, then the watchdog triggers a reset and it recovers.  But if I disable the watchdog and try to use the debugger to see what has happened, I cannot get the debugger to connect.  Every time it hangs, the debug port is also inoperable until… (Show more)
in STM32 MCUs Forum
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