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Larry Lukis
Start with new CubeMX project, selecting NucleoF303ZE board. Enable 1 single ended channel on each of ADC1 and ADC3. Select Regular Conversion Trigger for both.    CubeMX generates this line in MX_ADC3_Init():   hadc3.Init.ExternalTrigConv = ADC_EXTERNALTRIGCONV_EXT_IT11;   // incorrect IT_11 is incorrect for ADC3, it should be EXT_IT2  … (Show more)
in STM32 MCUs Forum
Hi everybody,   I'm using a STM32F205VE on one of my electronic board.   I'd like to reset my microcontroller, so I use the function NVIC_SystemReset that I can find in core_cm3.h but it never works. My board is not resetting so I don't understand what happen and why my board is not resetting.   If you've have some ideas, I'll be very happy.  … (Show more)
in STM32 MCUs Forum
Hello,   I am trying to use STM32CubeMX with "Toolchain" set to "Other toolchains (GPDSC)". But with that setting Cube doesn't copy linker files for GNU Compiler. Yes, they can be found at the firmware package location, but I'd like those files to be copied to the project location as for IAR toolchain. Thank you in advance for your consideration.
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Stefan Wozniak
Hi, I want to use Timer with Quadrature Encoder. I'm new on STM32 so I'm trying to start with Cube and HAL. I'm able to setup STM32F411 to count pulses but there is an only 16bit counter. I need to measure pulses up to 400k. Can I rise interrupt on counter overflow to store revolutions? I want to do this using Cube and HAL. I was trying a lot of… (Show more)
in STM32 MCUs Forum
Hello STM Community.  I am using the openstm32 System Workbench IDE and would like to play some of the code examples given by ST.  Sadly, the projects for the -L4 boards spit out errors when building.    For example: The Wifi_VCOM example for STM32L4xx boards: When the "copy projects into workspace" option is checked, I get this error upon… (Show more)
in STM32 MCUs Forum
Skadi F
Hi,   I'm using a STM32F429 operating at 168 MHz. I want to read in 16 GPIO pins (one port) via DMA. I'm curious what's the maximum input rate is, for a certain number of consecutive level changes (read out of an external ADC).   Has anyone an idea? I couldn't find anything in the reference manual.   BR Skadi
in STM32 MCUs Forum
esam Alzqhoul
Hi everyone,   i just would like to know know the sequence of reintializing UART port to a new baudarte or change parity on the go during execution.  I am using Hal library. What would be the sequence to do so and does it take long time to reintialize. If anyone can provide an example of changing baud rate would be great!. Many thanks
in STM32 MCUs Forum
Alexander Kurakin
Good day!   There is "AN3155. USART protocol used in the STM32 bootloader". And as I understand, it is used in System memory firmware.   But is there a source code of this firmware and/or of this protocol (for STM3F40x)?   Thanks!
in STM32 MCUs Forum
john doe
Bug in Cube_F7_1.6 stm32f7xx_hal_rcc.c   HAL_RCC_GetOscConfig(); does not populate RCC_OscInitStruct.PLL.PLLR with a value under any circumstance. It should have a value between 2 and 7 if defined (STM32F765xx) || defined (STM32F767xx) || defined (STM32F769xx) || defined (STM32F777xx) || defined (STM32F779xx)
in STM32 MCUs Forum
Hello. I'm trying to debug code on STM32F030. SWD debug wire is enabled. I can get into debug mode! The problem is that the code blocks whenever a HAL_Delay() occurs. I think the problem is related to systick timer, because the program counter does not move from here.   I do not know how to solve this problem. Look at this picture.   The… (Show more)
in STM32 MCUs Forum
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