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buff thokoa
Hi all, I am using the STM32L151RCTxA MCU with STM32CUBEMX. I have configured FREERTOS, a UART using DMA and tickless IDLE. I am attempting to run my MCU in low power mode. My first misunderstanding is how to get the MCU to trigger the PreSleepProcessing and PostSleepProcessing functions. Should it not be a case of simply suspending all my… (Show more)
in STM32 MCUs Forum
Christian B
Hi,   How to use HAL_SPI_Receive_DMA correctly? We need to receive an ongoing data stream via spi. For that we use spi receive with dma. But if we call HAL_SPI_Receive_DMA once before the main loop the HAL_SPI_RxCpltCallback will be called only once with correct data. If we put the function call into the callback it's not working but we don't… (Show more)
in STM32 MCUs Forum
I try also to use SWO printf (SWV, SWO viewer in ST-Link-Utility). It is not working. I am aware of this thread: No traceswo output on stm32H7xx  But I tried step-by-step to use (configure, enable) the Debug infrastructure in the STM32H7 chip (e.g. configure Debug, ITM, force SWO signal to work ...). Nothing works. (it looks to me based on… (Show more)
in STM32 MCUs Forum
Manoj Hiwarkar
Hi, Is there any design available for industrial induction cooker. Regards, Manoj Hiwarkar
in STM32 MCUs Forum
Radoslav Mar
Hello All.   MCU: STM32F031G6U6 IDE: System Workbench API: STM32F0 HAL and low-layer drivers   I am trying to erase page in the flash memory at address: 0x8002000. Here is the code:     code FLASH_EraseInitTypeDef EraseInitStruct; uint32_t SECTORError = 0;; bool result = true; /* Unlock the Flash to enable the flash control register… (Show more)
in STM32 MCUs Forum
Iman Hosseinzadeh
Hello, I am designing an embedded system with these parts: A Low-Power STM32L152RCT6 microcontroller SIM800 GPRS module A 16 Mbit serial flash (AT45DB161D) After each reset, the microcontroller should check if a new version of firmware is available. If so, the new firmware must be downloaded from server to SPI flash and then programmed to… (Show more)
in STM32 MCUs Forum
Hello! Code generated by CubeMX  v4.22 using  STM32F3 library v1.9 have the following bug: When enable comparator interrupt, C code generated in stm32f3xx_it.c use interrupt subroutine titled "COMP_IRQHandler", while in startup code of the file  startup_stm32F373xc.s this subroutine titled as "COMP1_2_IRQHandler". Moreover,  file  stm32f373xc.h… (Show more)
in STM32 MCUs Forum
jean-christophe Toussaint
The I2c protocole is commonly used for establishing communication between master and slaves at low speed.   The hd44780 is a widespread common LCD controller allowing to drive various formats of LCD displays made of 1 line with 8 characters (1X8), 2X16, 2X20, 4x20 or others. It can be driven through a pcf8574 device which provides…
in STM32 MCUs Forum
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