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dz huang
Hello,    I'm using STM32L071RBT6 MCU, encounter a strange issue. when MCU power on, using ADC channel 0 to monitor external battery voltage, the result is OK. but once system waked up from STOP mode, ADC converter behavior is abnormal, the sampling value random varied from 0 ~ 2000. following is my STOP method, can give me some hint?   /*… (Show more)
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Ding Xiufang
I used ST supply STM32_AN4502_FW_V2.0.2 for SMBus.When  test Read Byte command,0x19 can work,but 0x00 can not ACK right,TIMEOUT happen,Why?
in STM32 MCUs Forum
Jems On
I am currently using a driver that uses latch and clock signals to send special commands before sending data. For the sending of the data the driver works as for an SPI but with the signal of clock. Here is the diagram.   To interact with this driver I am currently using the microcontroller pins in GPIO out and I generate the output signals… (Show more)
in STM32 MCUs Forum
I have more such questions/remarks on the OTG IP module. I am tired of waiting here, so started to add them in the ever-growing "typos and omissions" document I write on the STM32F4xx.     JW
in STM32 MCUs Forum
Priyadarshini Solanki
I am using STM32f070xB controller. I want to use @TIM16_CH1 for input capture. GPIO_PIN: #PB8 Timer clock freq: 3MHz   TIMER is getting interrupted continuously but after 120Hz, flow is not going into Capture compare callback. i.e, __HAL_TIM_GET_FLAG(htim, TIM_FLAG_CC1) is always RESET for frequency above 120Hz.     Anyone can let me know,… (Show more)
in STM32 MCUs Forum
Alex Vinitsky
Hi, I am planning to use STM32F301K8 with UFQFPN32 package (the PCB space is critical). I am going to use: 1 or 2 UARTs in Asynchronouse mode driven by DMA. 8N1 . Boud Rate 115200 . 1 or 2 SPIs driven by DMA. Csn by not dedicated GPIO. Boud Rate up to 5Mbps. 1 I2C with low boud rate. Up to 3 gemeral purpose Timers with interrupts. There is no… (Show more)
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Uwe Bonnes
Many of the documents listed in the Resource selector>Products->Microcontroller->Technical Literature->Resources-> e.g. Reference Manuals do not have an entry in "Latest Update". This makes it impossible for users to see what has been updated recently. Please Provide "Latest Update" for all documents!
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Lorant Bugar
Hi,  I have for me big problem with I2C. I would like communicate with DS3231 RTC chip. I wroted small easy code :   void DS3231_DateTime_get(void) { DS3231.ds3231_TX_buff[0] = 0x00; HAL_I2C_Master_Transmit(&hi2c1, DS3231_address << 1, &DS3231.ds3231_TX_buff[0], 1, 1000); HAL_I2C_Master_Receive(&hi2c1, DS3231_address << 1,… (Show more)
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C. L.
  Hello dear community, I have a few questions about a current project. We would like to use a microSD card on the Discoboard STM32f746G to update the firmware. We have already discovered successful attempts online but have never been able to implement the source code. Does anyone already have experience? Can someone help with the source code or… (Show more)
in STM32 MCUs Forum
Asim Siddiqui
Hello Friends!   I am very new to STM coding and starting with the basics. I am using a STM32L011 uC and IAR compiler. I am trying to measure voltage from a sensor that is dumping analog data at about 5Khz. The ADC values then need to be transferred to via UART to my laptop for post processing.    The problem is that even though the STM32L011… (Show more)
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