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I use a debugger of ST-Link and STM32 ST-Link Utility, I try to read 128K of the microcontroller flash-memory from the address 0x08020000. But STM32 ST-Link Utility reads only to the address 0x0802E000 - further the utility shows that memory is empty. But actually in memory there are data. It is a program error?
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Mathieu Garivet
Hi everybody,   I'm wondering why the HAL library does not allow to program an auto wakeup for a STM32F042.   It is not allowed via CubeMX GUI neither.   I've looked into hal files :every function used to init/use the auto wakeup are surrounded by : #if defined(STM32F070xB) || defined(STM32F071xB) || defined(STM32F072xB) ||… (Show more)
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yoann LBY
hi,   i am using STM32F401RBT6 (LQFP64) and i can't connect ST-LINK/V2 ISOL (FW V2J27S6) to program my board. i always have "no target connected". i tested with SMT32_utility and MDK-ARM. pin60 boot0 = 0, pin7 NRST = 1, pin46 TMS to ST-LINK/V2 pin7, pin49 TCK to ST-LINK/V2 pin9, pin55 SWO to ST-LINK/V2 pin13, gnd to ST-LINK/V2 pin4 and i tried… (Show more)
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Gahlen Feld
The STM32F303C6 has COMP peripherals COMP2, COMP4 & COMP6. Each of these comparators have a positive (INP) and negative (INM) input pin and an output (OUT) pin. Furthermore the data sheet specifies for each comparator a pin named INM4. I am wondering what these INM4 pins are for. Can somebody please tell me?   Thank you in advance, Gahlen.
in STM32 MCUs Forum
Hello, I'm building a multi phase power meter with 6 pcs of STPM33 ICs and an STM32.  The STPM33 chips are on the same SPI bus, with separate chip selects (SCS) for each meter. The MCU can control all of the control signals (SYN, ENABLE, SCS etc.. ). The meters are daisy chained together by the 16 MHz clock line, as the datasheet recommendation.… (Show more)
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Dai chou
I use BSP/STM32469l-Discovery (from STM32CubeMx) , and use STM32F4xx_HAL_Driver to do a small project like this video : STM32CubeMX Graphic LCD using STM32F429I-DISCO part1 [1/2] - YouTube  (I convert evaluation board from STM32F429-Disco to STM32469-Disco) But I got some error like: LCD_TEST\LCD_TEST.axf: Error: L6218E: Undefined symbol… (Show more)
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hexfet13 e
Hi all, i have two custom board with a microcontroller STM32F401CC in a 48pin package. One of these two micro is not working anymore due to a programmed option byte during a debug session. ST-link tell me this micro has a "read out protection" set to level 1 instead level 0. I tried to restore the level 0 with ST-link utility, but it can't… (Show more)
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e d
I am working with the STM32L486 and we aim to use as low clock speed as possible to conserve power. As a result, I need to improve the run time inside one high rate interrupt to meet the timing requirement. I was trying to place the routine in RAM using ramfunc but it didn't help much. I used to work with TI DSPs and this usually helped… (Show more)
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I hope to get an example or full Cube support for the SD card drive. Is there any info about the timetable.
in STM32 MCUs Forum
Ruslan Manianov
Hello. I try to use I-CUBE-LRWAN example End Node for stm32L152. Base station is iC880A with raspberry pi 3. Also i use I ported this example to iM880B (stm32L151CB-A + sx1272). And my end node device easy joined to base station and to cloud. But after first sending frame with data, LoRaMacState == LORAMAC_TX_RUNNING. And… (Show more)
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