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Jith cr
Hi,   We are testing a parallel RGB LCD through LTDC controller in our custom board. We are able to display different colours in the LCD. So we are concluding the Pin configuration as well as timing configurations are fine.   We have enabled the LTDC global interrupt and Line position in LCD configuration part as below  … (Show more)
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Lucas Oliveira
Hi, We are working with SensorTile (STM32L476). To reduce power consumption, we are using the standby mode with sram2 retention. Our intention is to configure BlueNRG-MS (with advertising enabled), enter standby mode and wait for a user connection through smartphone. The problem is that after wake-up, the SPI/BlueNRG-MS is reconfigured and we… (Show more)
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Chris D
I am having difficulty getting an equivalent ADC accuracy to my old 8 bit uC with 10 bit ADCs. I am looking to see if anyone can explain why changing the ADC clock cycles affects the ADC accuracy. I would expect longer sampling time would average out any noise. Ultimately I need better accuracy. Would I have better luck going to either STM32F1… (Show more)
in STM32 MCUs Forum
For my design i am already using STM32F429BI--LQFP208 package, Now i am looking to replace this with STM32F777BI-LQFP208, both are pin compatible..   Question: In the data sheet of STM32F777BI Its mentioned that GPIO'S=159 in the page number 17,but in STM32F429BI Its mentioned that GPIO'S=168 in page number 16,so what is the difference. The… (Show more)
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This function is in 746 Discovery template directory. I can't get anything to screen.
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Zhitai Liu
Hi, I've got this from the F446 data sheet. I hope that I can run TIM2 at 180Mhz However, it seems that APB1 peripheral CLK can only run at 90Mhz as the cubeMX indicates as followed: So can I really make TIM2 run at 180MHz or not?! Thanks for reading!   ,Zt
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Hendrick Melo
I have two different boards that both use an STM32F303, same memory size, but one of our boards uses a VCT7 (100pin) and the other uses an RCT7 (64pin).   I am looking for a way to tell if it is the 64pin opr the 100pin type.  Unfortunately, the boards are already designed and have different firmware but I want to make sure that the firmware for… (Show more)
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Kevin Flanagan
Nucleo F429zi and STM32CubeMX very beginner question.   I am switching over to the Nucleo F429zi (old PIC32 user) and running into a problems I can not seem to surmount and don't even know what question I need to ask.   It seems that basic. I can get a simple blinking led working with an eclipse tool chain (as described  chapter 3 of Mastering… (Show more)
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Greg K.
Hello,   I would like to use an USART with DMA (peripheral to memory) with FIFO enabled in a circular mode on the STM32F205. My stream of data is pretty random and I would like to process the memory buffered data on the fly. The problem is that the NDTR value is taking into account also the data in the FIFO, so that I can not know how much data… (Show more)
in STM32 MCUs Forum
Hi,   I'm using an STM32F446.   I use the circular DMA feature with a DAC output to generate a sinus waveform. My sinus buffer has 32 values.   What I would like to do is : - run the DMA for a "large" amount of time - be able to stop the DMA when I want, but only at end of buffer (so that the latest data sent to the DAC output is known and… (Show more)
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