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STM32 cores enabled in Arduino™ IDE

Blog Post created by Frédéric Pillon Moderator on Jul 13, 2017
Thanks to the close collaboration between the stm32duino community and ST, Arduino™ IDE brings simplicity to the STM32 ecosystem of developers.STM32duino

Indeed Arduino software libraries have been ported on top of the STM32 Cube software drivers to enable Arduino developers to take direct benefit from any STM32 mcu (see

The Arduino™ IDE can simply be configured to support boards from each STM32 mcu serie : to help you get started with the Arduino™ IDE on STM32, follow the "Getting Started" wiki (stm32duino wiki:


Only one package to support all STM32 mcu series.


Proposed targets consist in the following STM32 configurations (Latest release):


Compatibility of the core has been extended and allows to benefit of more Arduino Libraries. See Libraries · stm32duino/wiki for further information.

Some STM32 libraries have been developed to support specific hardware features:

  • Ethernet
  • SD
  • ...

This will be extended, so have a look here to see which one are available or thanks the Arduino "Library Manager"