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Download our training Material

Blog Post created by Laurent VERA Employee on Jan 5, 2017

Download all the material we use in our workshops including presentations, lab examples, code examples, tools setup, tips…

 Each Training typically amounts for 8 hours of stm32 Learning. 

  •       STM32 ecosystem material, on this DRIVE. you need NUCLEO-L476RG for this training. This training is based on system workbench includes many tips on how to use this tool.
  •    stm32l4 Material, on this DRIVE you need 32L476GDISCOVERY for this training
  •    stm32f7, on this DRIVE you need 32F746DISCOVERY for this training   
  •       STM32 Graphics training on this DRIVE . This training includes lab session on 3 tools to build your graphics embeddedwizard or touchgfx or stemwin, you need 32F746DISCOVERY for this training 
  • If you are an 8 bit programmer and want to learn about 32 bit, the training on this drive DRIVE is a good starting point. This training includes lab session based NUCLEO-FO72RB. This training is based on keil uvision5 toolchain which is free of charge for all our Cortex-M0/M0+ products


If you are a university teacher feel free to use, modify and share with us. Contact us if you would like to deploy STM32 based courses in your university