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STM32 Cellular Modem Box

Blog Post created by Clive One on Dec 12, 2016

This is one of my STM32 boards, the Terminus 2, using the STM32F405ZGT6


External power is 12 VDC supplied via barrel or Molex connector. The Molex connector exposes a number of ADC, USART, GPIO and CAN interfaces. The board includes a MicroSD card slot, USB and RS232 connectivity.


Some of the Telit modems support Python internally, we have Micro Python ported on to the F4 platform. Board come with a boot loader permitting interaction with the modem and execution of application code.


Janus Terminus 2 - Back Side, STM32F405


Full JTAG/SWD connectivity with SWV support, and BOOT0 jumper.

Janus Terminus 2 - Front Side


HE910 GSM Plug-In Module

Janus Terminus 2 - Telit HE910 GSM Modem


LE910 LTE Plug-In Module

Janus Terminus 2 - Telit LE910 LTE (North American) Modem


I also have Arduino Shield adapters to get the modems onto NUCLEO or DISCO board configurations. The higher current requirements exceed USB specification, so I power the NUCLEO's with an external 7 VDC supply on the VIN side.


Janus Arduino Shield Adapter