• Android 7.0 problem in locked 24SR

    My Samsung mobile upgraded from Android 6.0 to 7.0. But after that the 24SR seems can't detect from mobile NFC.  It happens only after the 24SR IC locked in read/write. For unlocked the chip by 24SR discovery bo...
    created by so.sunny
  • NFC Tap App iOS

    Hi,   I'm working wiht the M24LR16E dynamic tag in my application and tried to read this tag with your iOS App NFC Tab. In your user manual UM2274 this tag 5 type is listed that the app can read out NDEF text. F...
    Eckart Hanl
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  • Is there any sample software codes for ST25RU3993 ?

    We want to switch the RFID chipset of our RFID products to ST25RU3993. I wonder whether there are sample software codes to speed up our development process. 
    Wing Keung Tam
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  • st25r3911b disco interfacing with stm32f407 disco board

    How to configure st25r3911b disco in wake up mode with stm32f407 disco board via spi.Is there any  Any codes available . Please help ..  
    Jithesh v
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  • ST25R3911DiscoComm.dll Need sample code usage

    Or source code of "ST25R3911B Discovery.exe" (   Yes, I really want some of it because ST25SDK is not applicable for me. (See my previous question for details) But it is better to just give me some so...
    Ivan Smolin
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  • ST25R3911B and ST25SDK. Why Discovery GUI seeing EMV card but code on SDK not

    My code:   public STReader LowLevel; LowLevel = new STReader(); boolean res = LowLevel.connect(); java.util.List<byte[]> uidList; IEMVCard card = new IEMVCard(); while (true) { try { uidList = Lo...
    Ivan Smolin
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  • RFID reader for handheld antenna

    #Hi everybody,     I try to connect only the antenna (on a handheld device with a spiral cable) on a CR95HF (inside a control unit). Can you let me know how to calculate the circuit par...
    Roger Hebert
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  • Can M24SR be used for Industrial purposes?

    Can M24SR be used for Industrial purposes?
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  • The maximum range CR95HF

    Hello, everybody. What is the maximum range one's achieved with CR95HF? I mean the proximity range. Is is possible to achieve 10cm and more with it? Could we achieve the better distance with ST95 for example?
    Ivanova Anastasiia
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  • Recommendation for the simple design of an HF RFID reader

    Hi good day I am starting a research on RFID systems in high frequency and I want to make a simple design of a reader. I'm thinking of using the ST95HF or CR95HF chipset as both are reader / writer type Any recommen...
    Anderson Garcia
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  • ST95HF error code 8E

    dear all:             i have received the error codes: 8E....(it is really a long data)from ST95HF,which means "reception lost without EOF received",i don not know why,are u guys have th...
    Ye zhihuang
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  • ST95HF / STM32L071 - How can I implement a peer to peer connection?

    Hi everybody, I am using a ST95HF, with my STM32L071, to read NFC cards (tag type detection, UID..) and it works perfectly. Now I have to code a new mode in my program which consists of connecting my product with a ...
    A Louis
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  • R or L, missing part, schematic errors at Application Note of CR95HF demo board

    What is the role of 0ohms in demo CR95HF reader (application note AN3394). Demo gerbers call these 0 ohm shorts not Resistor but "L01" and "L02". Are they neccessary?   On the picture of the PCB (page  6/29...
    Tamas Novak
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  • Instruction set ST25

    Hi all,  I'm working with STM32 and I need to communicate through SPI with ST25. Could you tell me where to find the instruction set of the ST25?   Thanks in advance, Fran
    Fran .
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  • ST25R3911B and mifare classic supporting

    I've bought one X-NUCLEO-NFC05A1 board, all ST25R3911B_Discovery_GUI functions work fine.   But i cannot find the mifare classic function on the GUI. Is there any update for this?  Where can i fin...
    created by dotnfc
  • CR95HF and Visual Studio 12

    Good morning I'd like to know if it is possible to develop an application with visual studio 12 and CR95HF, because I can not use the cr95hf.dll (too obsolete??). Where can I found some example for visual studio 12? T...
    marco giggi
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  • [M24LR]Energy harvesting mode max current

    Hi, I am working on wireless application and i would like to use energy harvesting mode of M24LR. I have a question about maximum harvested current. Datasheet is mentioning 6mA as the highest value. Is it possible to...
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  • M24LR EEPROM write cycle endurance?

    Hello, I am working on a project is using the M24LR NFC device as an intermediate Communication device between a target temperature sensing MCU and the CR95HF reader. We do not require a 'high bandwidth' throughput, ...
    Derick Cochrane
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  • M24SR64-Y programming

    Hello, this is milav from,india.   I want to know if there is any c-library available for  M24SR64-Y programming?   thank you
    Milav Soni
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  • M24LR64E-R compatible with iPhone CoreNFC?

    I'm using a M24LR64E-R and I can't seem to get the ST NFC Tap iPhone app to recognize it. I can get it to work with the M24LR-discovery board which has the M24LR04E-R on it.   I'm pretty sure I have a valid NDEF...
    Brian Schrock
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