• Interfacing X-NUCLEO-NFC05A1 with BBBWL using RFAL v1.3.0

    hi,   I am working with X-NUCLEO-NFC05A1 expansion board and connecting it to BBBWL and using the "STSW-ST25R009 Linux® driver" & UM2375 User manual.   In BBBWL  - SPI port used is ...
    Ali Imran  Najmi
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  • STM32F407VG + M24SR

    I'm trying to connect m24sr to stm32f407vgt. I switch to I2C2, clocking from an external resonator at 8 MHz, SYSCLK 72 MHz, I use a converted library for Open107V. For stm32f107vc this code worked, but when switching ...
    Egor Vasilyev
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  • CR95HF UART Speed Change

    I'm Using the CR95HH under a linux Microcontroler.   in this case, I'm using the UART port to communicate (not SPI), the default BaudRate is 57600, and works fine, but when I try to change the Baud rate to maxim...
    Luis Montoya
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  • Is it possible to guarantee communication distance of more than 50cm by using ST25R3911B?

    Hi all  I am making RF reader using ST25R3911B. Communication distance should be more than 50cm. Please let me know if is possible without an external power amp.
    zhulev uri
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  • X-NUCLEO-NFC05A1: is possible to have also the stack-up and the infos on built materials in order to have the right impedances ?

    Regarding the reader HF ST25R3911B nucleo board X-NUCLEO-NFC05A1: is possible to have also the stack-up and the infos on built materials in order to have the right impedances ? Thanks a lot
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  • CR95HF ISO14443A different baud rate

    Hello, we made custom reader board with CR95HF. This reader is interfaces with IMX6 CPU running linux. Communication with reader via SPI bus. I tried to read DOC9303 biometric passport. I can read it on default speed...
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  • ST25RU3993 - reading registers

    Hi,   I'm building an UHF RFID reader using ST25RU3993 and I have a problem reading the registers. The idea is to connect the IC to NodeMCU or Arduino (both are programmed using Arduino IDE at this stage). I c...
    Piotr Szwajda
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  • Looking to use ST25R3993 RFID reader module HF/UHF for my project. Which module can be used in this frequency range which supports either UART or I2C protocol?

    Sudarshan Jagannathan
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  • ST25R3911B - Calculating coil inductance

    Hi all, I am looking at the ST25R3911B-DISCO board and I want to see what the inductance is of the coil they have on the eval kit. I can't seem to find the formulas for this specific application where you have 2 coils...
    Gualbert Maas
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  • Bug in lib NFC ?

    Hello   In lib_iso15693pcd.c :  function ISO15693_WriteSingleBlock.   It seems that the return value of PCD_SendRecv is not handled. The function ISO15693_WriteSingleBlock returns alwa...
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  • when we can use the demo for ST25RU3393 by ST team?

    As we know,RFID has a big market.But we only use R2000 by Impinj to develop new reader.The R2000 is not open source system.So we need a new chip to instead of it. So when do we use the demo of ST25RU3993 or other UHF ...
    along ma
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  • CR95H UART

    Hi, i am using CR95H RFID CLICK module with raspberry pi3.I am using UART for communication. I connected,    SSI_1   =>   GND    SSI_0   =>...
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  • STS3921 detailed datasheet and reference design

    Hi All, I want to get detailed STS3921 datasheet(including pinmap, pacakge and other electronic specification) and reference design. on ST website, I can only find a brief introduction as below link. Would you please...
    XiaoYa Lian
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  • Looking for a suitable Tag for X-NUCLEO-NFC03A1

    Hi Folks,   I´ve got a task for which i have to implement a NFC Reader(CR95HF) into a casing, so I decided to order the above mentioned board to help me get into it. Now I´m searching for a suitable...
    Armin Böss
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  • ST25R3911B and mifare classic supporting

    I've bought one X-NUCLEO-NFC05A1 board, all ST25R3911B_Discovery_GUI functions work fine.   But i cannot find the mifare classic function on the GUI. Is there any update for this?  Where can i fin...
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  • Code for ST25R3911B

    Hi,   I am working on a project within which I am using HF RFID reader. More particularly #ST25R3911B 1.4W NFC reader. I was searching for the right code for reading tags with this but didn't have any luck....
    Žan Hedžet Kostajnšek
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  • CR95HF Antenna Design Query

    Hello, I am working with CR95HF IC. I have some questions regarding it. 1. How much read range can be achieved with how much Henry of antenna inductance. Can any one Please suggest.? 2. Is it required that Antenna ...
    Margisha Dave
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  • Problem with CR95HF´s Tag Detection Mode / Wake-Up by Tag Detect

    Hi I have the following problem with above mentioned function: Every time i command  the CR95HF to get in the Tag Detection Mode it wakes up immediately. I get the following response from CR95HF: 00 01 02 The C...
    Armin Böss
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  • Android 7.0 problem in locked 24SR

    My Samsung mobile upgraded from Android 6.0 to 7.0. But after that the 24SR seems can't detect from mobile NFC.  It happens only after the 24SR IC locked in read/write. For unlocked the chip by 24SR discovery bo...
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  • Is it possible to guarantee communication distance of more than 50cm by using ST25R3911B?

    Using the ST25R3911B, I am making RFID reader. I want to make the communication distance more than 50cm. Please let me know.
    zhulev uri
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