• Missing 'PICCNFCDEP_Init' function definition in EVAL-ST95HF_FW_V3.7.0 source code

    Hi, I'm trying to run EVAL-ST95HF_FW_V3.7.0 source code on STM32L4 processor but unfortunately I can't link the compiled objects because of undefined reference to 'PICCNFCDEP_ReplyCommand' and 'PICCNFCDEP_Init'. T...
    Maciej Rot
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  • Design questions around ST25R3911B

    I need to integrate an NFC reader for medical device pairing. I already designed a tag for the sensor which works with my phone.   The next step for me is to add an NFC reader to the portable monitor. The bigges...
    Nicolas Goy
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  • ISO 14443A - CR95HF - and the CRC bit

    Hi everyone,   I have what I hope is a quick question about using an ISO14443A type 2 card with the CR95HF. Page 53 of the CR95HF datasheet shows the output of an anticollision algorithm (copied belo...
    Lon Glazner
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  • Register settings for st25r3911b for ISO 15693

    Hello ST25 community. Some weeks ago I wrote this thread:   https://community.st.com/thread/50242-iso-15693-sof-eof-for-st25r3911b   I got the coding as in the example and it works. (The bytes are coded a...
    nicolai geske
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  • ST NFC reader module

    Looking to use ST NFC reader module for reading the tags and the reader must be able to send an unmodulated signal (carrier only at 13.56MHz). I also need to able to see the demodulated signal at one of the pins on th...
    Preetha Muralidharan
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  • ST25R3911B     X-CUBE-NFC5(Out of Memory Error)

    Hi. I am Reading a few APDU Commands from a card using the ST25R3911B and the STM32F401. I am using the X-CUBE-NFC5 software expansion. Before all my commands are completed, i get a "ERR_NOMEM" error.    ...
    Marius Celliers
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  • control reader command

    Hello, Can I configure ST25 reader to send only 13.56 MHz carrier ? if So how to do that?
    mossaab daiki
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  • ST25DVxxx V_EH output voltage

    Hi    I'm playing around with an ST25DV_Discovery_ANT_C6 and an ST25R3911B-DISCO development board to test the energy harvesting features. One result of my tests yields, that the output voltage V_EH is limi...
    Marco Burgener
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  • FastTransferModeCommand byte size read problem?

    I am writing a custom application that transfers bytes of sensor information from my own custom board to an app I am basing off of the ST25SDK (specifically V1.2.0). My application was failing to read the mailbox (yes...
    Kevin Fisk
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  • Problem in Tag Calibration of CR95HF

    I have been working with the CR95HF chip for about the last month. I need to be able to use the Tag Detect version of the Idle state for my application. However, when I attempt to run the Tag Calibration sequence, I g...
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  • Can't Detect Execution of Query Command ST25RU3993

    Hi,   I am developing a product based on the AS3993, AKA ST25RU3993. I have been using the FEMTO module (by AMS) to test my application code. So far I was able to verify the initialization, SPI, interrupt line,...
    Tiago Santos
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  • GPO interrupt when a message is posted in the mailbox while LPD is high

    Dear ST team,   I am working with the ST25DV chip (I use ST25DV_Discovery_Ant_C5 hardware conected to my processor with wires). VDCG is connected to VCC. LPD is High while the device is not active. I set LPD Low...
    Thierry Didi
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  • What is the blind range or minimum tag detection distance of ST25RU3993?

    What is the blind range or minimum tag detection distance of ST25RU3993?
  • read/write fom/to NFC Tag using iso15693 command

    hello , i'm new with NFC i'm using Android st25sdk  i need to read/write fom/to NFC Tag using iso15693 command.   my example is read battery voltage (commande= 0x35) i write this code:   public Type5Ta...
    amine minyawi
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  • how to Send Command  via St25 SDK ( Androdi)

    Hello team,   i used CR95HFDll to write comand on the EPROM and read response. Now i want to do this with St25 Android SDK. could you please help me and give me some demo if exist. best regards Amine
    amine minyawi
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  • Demodulator output -EVAL ST95HF

    Hello,   I am using  EVAL-ST95HF board and would want to see the demodulated signal using the oscilloscope. There's a Test Point-ST1 on board. Is that the de-modulator output pin?   I have attached an...
    Preetha Muralidharan
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  • st25ru3993 the program demo

    st25ru3993 the program demo void gen2Select(gen2SelectParams_t *p) { buf_[i] |= ((p->truncation<<3)&0x08); /* Truncate */} how to use p->truncation,i do not known its meaning.
    Shi gan
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  • Interfacing X-NUCLEO-NFC05A1 with BBBWL using RFAL v1.3.0

    hi,   I am working with X-NUCLEO-NFC05A1 expansion board and connecting it to BBBWL and using the "STSW-ST25R009 Linux® driver" & UM2375 User manual.   In BBBWL  - SPI port used is ...
    Ali Imran  Najmi
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  • Looking to use ST25R3993 RFID reader module HF/UHF for my project. Which module can be used in this frequency range which supports either UART or I2C protocol?

    Sudarshan Jagannathan
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  • ST25DVxxx V_EH pin characteristics

    I'm wary about assuming anything that doesn't have a firm specification and the V_EH pin seems to have very little information about it.   1) The datasheet says "When the Energy harvesting mode is disabled or th...
    Mike xx
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