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ST25 NFC/RFID Tags and Readers

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Lon Glazner
Hi everyone,   I have what I hope is a quick question about using an ISO14443A type 2 card with the CR95HF. Page 53 of the CR95HF datasheet shows the output of an anticollision algorithm (copied below).  And I've implemented similar functionality using the CR95HF and an NTAG216 (NXP NTAG).    In the responses in my system, and the CR95HF… (Show more)
Maciej Rot
Hi, I'm trying to run EVAL-ST95HF_FW_V3.7.0 source code on STM32L4 processor but unfortunately I can't link the compiled objects because of undefined reference to 'PICCNFCDEP_ReplyCommand' and 'PICCNFCDEP_Init'. The definition of these functions is missing in EVAL-ST95HF_FW_V3.7.0 source code, I can find only the declaration of these functions… (Show more)
Nicolas Goy
I need to integrate an NFC reader for medical device pairing. I already designed a tag for the sensor which works with my phone.   The next step for me is to add an NFC reader to the portable monitor. The biggest antenna I can fit into the back of the monitor is about 15cmx10cm and as it is quite big, I picked the ST25R3911B to drive it because… (Show more)
nicolai geske
Hello ST25 community. Some weeks ago I wrote this thread:   I got the coding as in the example and it works. (The bytes are coded as it is mentioned in ISO 15693 datasheet) I want to use 1 out of 4 coding for transmit from VCD to VICC: Following register settings are… (Show more)
Preetha Muralidharan
Looking to use ST NFC reader module for reading the tags and the reader must be able to send an unmodulated signal (carrier only at 13.56MHz). I also need to able to see the demodulated signal at one of the pins on the evaluation module. Is there any module that is available ? I am currently using EVAL-ST95HF but unfortunately not able to see the… (Show more)
Marius Celliers
Hi. I am Reading a few APDU Commands from a card using the ST25R3911B and the STM32F401. I am using the X-CUBE-NFC5 software expansion. Before all my commands are completed, i get a "ERR_NOMEM" error.    I am clearing the (rfalIsoDepApduBufFormat)  txBuf and (rfalIsoDepApduBufFormat)  rxBuf every time before I run the… (Show more)
mossaab daiki
Hello, Can I configure ST25 reader to send only 13.56 MHz carrier ? if So how to do that?
Marco Burgener
Hi    I'm playing around with an ST25DV_Discovery_ANT_C6 and an ST25R3911B-DISCO development board to test the energy harvesting features. One result of my tests yields, that the output voltage V_EH is limitted to approx. 3.4V eventhough I can't find any explenation therefore in any application note or datasheet.   R = 10kOhm   In the… (Show more)
Kevin Fisk
I am writing a custom application that transfers bytes of sensor information from my own custom board to an app I am basing off of the ST25SDK (specifically V1.2.0). My application was failing to read the mailbox (yes, it's enabled) through the RF channel, failing with an "ST25SDK: transfer finished with error message".    When I download the… (Show more)
Tiago Santos
Hi,   I am developing a product based on the AS3993, AKA ST25RU3993. I have been using the FEMTO module (by AMS) to test my application code. So far I was able to verify the initialization, SPI, interrupt line, cristall stabilization and PLL lock. Everything seems to be OK. I am now trying to read a TAG. Using the defautl configurations of the… (Show more)
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