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ST25 NFC/RFID Tags and Readers

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Hello everyone. My current project requires working with NFC and RFID interfaces. I use ST M24SR to interact with NFC-powered smartphones, NXP PN532 to read 13.56 MHz cards and inhouse-designed circuitry for reading 125 kHz em-marine cards. So I have three antennas put one inside another. I turn each of these ICs for short moment of time to scan… (Show more)
Marius Celliers
Hi I am currently trying to send and receive APDU commands to an NFC PICC. I am using the X-NUCLEO-NFC05A1 (ST25R3911B) and the STM32F401RE Nucleo Board. For software I am using X-CUBE-NFC5  RFAL middleware and STM32CubeF4 HAL.   The Card is a ISO14443A Type 4 ( ISO-DEP) I can read the UID and Type of the Card, but as soon as I try to select the… (Show more)
Roger Hebert
#Hi everybody,     I try to connect only the antenna (on a handheld device with a spiral cable) on a CR95HF (inside a control unit). Can you let me know how to calculate the circuit parts with this additional parameter?   In the application note (attached file)      Thank you for your help.     Roger.
Dear sirs, we have produced more than 10000 pcs of NFC readers based on your ST95HF the design is based on your reference design  EVAL-ST95HF. We experience on a small batch of boards a problem in the reading distance, I have already tried to measure the field of the antenna ad it seems good, even the tag detection procedure starts correctly,… (Show more)
HU jack
Dear All : 目的 : 專案需求,M24SR64-Y 在 Vcc 無提供電壓時( Pin-Dis = Low ),CR95HF 不能讀 UID,           控制器將 Pin-Dis 拉 High 時,才可使外部 CR95HF 讀取 UID。 問題 1. M24SR64-Y no power (Pin-Disable = Low),CR95HF read UID;             M24SR64-Y power on (Pin-Disable = High),CR95HF no read UID;             目前測試結果,狀態相反,請問是否可以透過修改 System file 達到目的嗎?             【 參考… (Show more)
My Samsung mobile upgraded from Android 6.0 to 7.0. But after that the 24SR seems can't detect from mobile NFC.  It happens only after the 24SR IC locked in read/write. For unlocked the chip by 24SR discovery board hardware, 24SR can detect by mobile again. I tested in Android 4.4,5.0 and 6.0 and all work. So is there any changes in Android 7.0… (Show more)
Francisco Raso
Is possible raw access (non NDEF) to read/write memory bocks in M24SR64-Y?
andrej strancar
Hi, I'd like to use a m24sr device for data transfer in RF->I2C direction (upgrading firmware on a MCU using a NFC phone). Are there any estimates about what bandwidth can be achieved?
Eckart Hanl
Hi,   I'm working wiht the M24LR16E dynamic tag in my application and tried to read this tag with your iOS App NFC Tab. In your user manual UM2274 this tag 5 type is listed that the app can read out NDEF text. For test I used the M24LR-discovery kit and used this tag. But I can't read out the tag with my iPhone 7. The Display of the tag of the… (Show more)
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