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ST25 NFC/RFID Tags and Readers

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pratik shah
Dear All,   We are designing a product which calculates some of the data based on input configured by user. Once it got configured, software will update the calculated parameters automatically.    However to configure and transfer data to external world, we would like to use NFC in our product. Can anyone suggest best part number to do so and is… (Show more)
Joris Straver
Our new products have the ST25DV04K on board to identify them. We can read the NFC chip with our android phones. But the ACR122 from ACS doesn't detect the NFC.    I tested the ACR122 with the X-NUCLEO-NFC01A1 and the X-NUCLEO-NFC04A1. The first one works fine, but the second one with the ST25 is also not detected by the ACR122.   Can you help… (Show more)
Enrico Tmiello
Hi, We are Using a CR95HF and we're trying to read a frame of 78 bytes with CR95HFDll_SendReceive but we get in return a 64 bytes frame with CRC and error code CCCCCC. Is there a way to solve the problem of the limited 64 bytes frame when using USB for the CR95HF? 64bytes cr9hf
Nicolas Goy
I need to integrate an NFC reader for medical device pairing. I already designed a tag for the sensor which works with my phone.   The next step for me is to add an NFC reader to the portable monitor. The biggest antenna I can fit into the back of the monitor is about 15cmx10cm and as it is quite big, I picked the ST25R3911B to drive it because… (Show more)
I have been working with the CR95HF chip for about the last month. I need to be able to use the Tag Detect version of the Idle state for my application. However, when I attempt to run the Tag Calibration sequence, I get a Wake Up response of 0x02 (value of the third byte) during the second step when my DACDataH value is 0xFC, which according to… (Show more)
Preetha Muralidharan
Looking to use ST NFC reader module for reading the tags and the reader must be able to send an unmodulated signal (carrier only at 13.56MHz). I also need to able to see the demodulated signal at one of the pins on the evaluation module. Is there any module that is available ? I am currently using EVAL-ST95HF but unfortunately not able to see the… (Show more)
Mike xx
I have a M24LR-DISCOVERY development board and installed STSW-95HF001 Ver 2.2.0   After installation on Win 7 Pro and running the status bar says "CR95HF demonstration board not connected, please check it"   I have checked that the USB device does not have a driver associated with it, as per device manager etc.   en.DM00238010.pdf says "Driver… (Show more)
Stephen Eagle
I am trying to interface with the ST25R3911B-DISCO board via UART. Basically I want to send commands to the reader and then receive the response via the provided UART. I am planning on connecting the ST25R3911B-DISCO board to an external MCU and thus want to use UART as the interfacing standard between the two. I am struggling to find… (Show more)
amine minyawi
Hello ,   I have installed ANDROID App provided by ST but  i'm not able to dtect the ST25T or M24LR16E I have doubt maybe it can be an issue of compatibity with my tab (Asus Google Nexus7)   your urgent action is highly appreciated.
nicolai geske
Hello ST25 community. Some weeks ago I wrote this thread:   I got the coding as in the example and it works. (The bytes are coded as it is mentioned in ISO 15693 datasheet) I want to use 1 out of 4 coding for transmit from VCD to VICC: Following register settings are… (Show more)
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