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ST25 NFC/RFID Tags and Readers

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Hi everybody,    I would like to use my CR95HF reader in a Qt quick application (on Windows computer). For that I tried to include the CR95HF.dll and the CR95HF.h in my project. For that I paste the two files on my Qt project folder and include my dll in my .pro like that:    LIBS += -L"./CR95HF.dll" And the header file in my main.cpp like that:… (Show more)
Uwe Bonnes
Hello,   at the Embedded World 2017 campaign, ST25R3911B-Disco boards are given out. However looking for the software, I only found  That page only gives a data brief about installation, but no software.   Interest in those give-away gadget… (Show more)
Sebastian Dandl
Hey all, im working with a PIC16F887 and the M24SR02-Y RFID-Reader. I cant find any code in C for it. Can someone help me? thanks for your help,   Sebastian
Sylvie Boube-Politano
Win a DJI Phantom3 Advanced Drone powered by STM32! TAKE YOUR CHANCE! STM32FAN PHOTO CONTEST The challenge is open every day during Embedded World 2017 (14.3. – 16.3.), daily and multiple contributions are accepted.   Rules:  Contribute with an  STM32FAN testimony at the STM32 Fan Zone, in Hall 4A-238 You will get  the famous STM32FAN… (Show more)
We are using the NFC03A1 board with Nucleo F103RB.   In the function : int8_t PCD_ProtocolSelect(const uint8_t Length,const uint8_t Protocol,const uint8_t *Parameters,uint8_t *pResponse)   There is a buffer DataToSend[SELECT_BUFFER_SIZE] where SELECT_BUFFER_SIZE  is 6. Then we fit the buffer with datas depending on the Lenght argument... until… (Show more)
Stefan Mueller
Dear all, I'm using a STM32 NUCLEO-L073 together with NUCLEO-NFC03A1. and we want to read and write data to the tag RF37S113 Tag-it from TI. This tag is compliance with ISO 15693.   I can successfully detect the TAG, but that's all. I can't write data to the tag. I used the following seuqence:   >>.. represents data to CR95HF in hexadecimal… (Show more)
Michael Werson
I am using the ST iso19653 and CR95HF software libraries in my application and by following the example set in the M24LRXX code I can make an inventory of a single tag. I want to be able to regonise more than 1 tag in the field and have tried using the 16slot inventory command but this returns with an error. As there are no worked examples for the… (Show more)
Karsten Pilested
In the UHF RFID reader ST25RU3993 I am having a little bit of a problem with startup of the VCO. In VCO control register 11h I can change the internal oscillator bias current. What do I gain by changing it from the default ? I can also manually select the VCO range segment, I will like to do that to speed up the change of frequency, but how do I… (Show more)
Tamas Novak
What is the role of 0ohms in demo CR95HF reader (application note AN3394). Demo gerbers call these 0 ohm shorts not Resistor but "L01" and "L02". Are they neccessary?   On the picture of the PCB (page  6/29 of the same AN3394 Doc ID 018754 Rev 5)   R12 is not seated. Is it neccessary?   On the same figure (page 6/29 AN3394) C17 seems to be NOT… (Show more)
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