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ST25 NFC/RFID Tags and Readers

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Joerg Maertens
Hi everyone, in our application I have to communicate with a M24SR02-Y over IIC. I have tried 2 versions to generate the CRC: Version 2 #define PRESET_VALUE 0x6363 #define MASK 0x8408 #define NUMBER_OF_BYTES 6 unsigned char array_of_databytes[6] = { 0x03, 0x00, 0xB0, 0x00, 0x00, 0x02 }; void CRC() {     current_crc_value = PRESET_VALUE;     for… (Show more)
Hello, I have a CR95HF chip and I would like to set the TVDD power consumption to set a certain battery lifetime in my system. I used the excel tool to set a proper impedance and the formula to calculate current drained from VPS_TX. The problem is that they do not match.   I measured the impedance of my own antenna with a miniVNA-pro net… (Show more)
Aswin Paranji
Hi, We have integrated NFC chip to the beagle bone custom board. We would like to know how to use interrupt  which when triggered by phone allows our application in linux to read from the chip.Appreciate if you can provide some sample code. It has to use I2C protocols.   Thanks Aswin
Hi Sir / Madam, After ST95HF has read its peer NFC device, ST95HF RF field is automatically shut down.  I have to initialise it again using the following functions:         ISO14443A_Init( ); … (Show more)
I registered for the nfc online course, but the invitation is required to participate in the course. I have not received an answer yet, despite requesting an invitation. Do I need special conditions to receive an invitation?
Nam Nguyen
Hi, I'm working with M24LR64E and trying to read/write to M24LR64E from MCU PIC16F1513 by I2C but it didn't work. I try to search any code examples but i can't find it, so if anyone have the experiment or the code example, please share it for me. Thanks. Regards,
Hello NFC support, We got 8700 : Frame wait time out OR no tag when using CR95HF to send APDU command 0xA4 to a 14443B tag what's possible cause and how to fix it? Thanks alot in advanced
hi, i have some questions about cr95hf tag detect mode.question is tag detect mode algorithm. in tag detect mode click board power consumption is near 4mA.  I want to wake up the host mcu with tag detection. After detecting tag, what should I follow in order to wake up the mcu and read the tag's id?  How can I just set the interrupt to wake up… (Show more)