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ST25 NFC/RFID Tags and Readers

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Don S
Hi, we are trying to using the ST25DV64K to implement the reading and writing data via RF between the ST25DV64K and Android device. The area 3 is protected by RF password 3 with default password . Tried to use the below code to open the RF security session but always return “(byte)0x01”. Could you advise ? It would be appreciated if the sample… (Show more)
Karsten Pilested
In the UHF RFID reader ST25RU3993 I am having a little bit of a problem with startup of the VCO. In VCO control register 11h I can change the internal oscillator bias current. What do I gain by changing it from the default ? I can also manually select the VCO range segment, I will like to do that to speed up the change of frequency, but how do I… (Show more)
Fritz Rehklau
May an application note? Provide ST a software module for the ST25RU3993?
A Louis
Hi everybody, I am using a ST95HF, with my STM32L071, to read NFC cards (tag type detection, UID..) and it works perfectly. Now I have to code a new mode in my program which consists of connecting my product with a phone with the P2P. Do you have some sample codes to understand how to implement it? My product (with the STM32 and ST95HF) will be… (Show more)
Derick Cochrane
Hello, I am working on a project is using the M24LR NFC device as an intermediate Communication device between a target temperature sensing MCU and the CR95HF reader. We do not require a 'high bandwidth' throughput, only occasionally will we need to transmit data through the M24LR 'RF visible' eeprom memory. We would like to know if we need to… (Show more)
Martin Davey
Hi,   STSW-ST25002 (ST25 Android Source code package) seems to have disappeared?   It was there before at version 1.0.4.   Kind Regards,     Martin.
Massimo Ponte
Hello, I'm using the RF Transceiver Demonstration Board, I connected it via USB, I successed in writing labview code that  read/write messages via NFC to a device. My question is: is it possible to connect more than one Demo Board and use them asynchronously ? I need to read/write NFC messages at least to two devices at the same time.   Thank… (Show more)
Dear sirs, we have produced more than 10000 pcs of NFC readers based on your ST95HF the design is based on your reference design  EVAL-ST95HF. We experience on a small batch of boards a problem in the reading distance, I have already tried to measure the field of the antenna ad it seems good, even the tag detection procedure starts correctly,… (Show more)
Hello, I am interested in using the M24LR64E-R in an application very similar to STEVAL-IPR002V2. Is the firmware available to download for this evaluation module? -Mike
Is there any sample code to put the ST25R3911B into transparent mode?  I have been unable to make the ST25R3911B output OOK in transparent mode. I need this functionality because I'm implementing a proprietary protocol. My configuration/use model: My circuit uses MCU_CLK as required for timing I configure the ST25R3911_REG_OP_CONTROL register… (Show more)
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