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ST25 NFC/RFID Tags and Readers

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Ali Imran  Najmi
hi,   I am working with X-NUCLEO-NFC05A1 expansion board and connecting it to BBBWL and using the "STSW-ST25R009 Linux® driver" & UM2375 User manual.   In BBBWL  - SPI port used is SPI1, detected as /dev/spidev1.0  changed the pltf_spi.c to reflect the change /* ST25R3911XX is connected with Linux host's SPI port /dev/spidev1.0 */ static const… (Show more)
Hi, i am using CR95H RFID CLICK module with raspberry pi3.I am using UART for communication. I connected,    SSI_1   =>   GND    SSI_0   =>   GND    TX        =>    RX    RX        =>   TX    VIN       =>   3.3X    GND     =>    GND.  for waking up i am sending 0x00 and then i send echo cmd but i didnt any response.can any one help me out… (Show more)
Tiago Santos
Hi, Just started to test a prototype based in the old FENTO Reader Hardware using the AS3993, now AKA ST25RU3993. I am able to read/write registers using the SPI pins, but I cannot generate an interruption.   I have been trying to execute the interruption using two methods. First Method:   1 -Write 0x20 to Register 0x35 (Enable FIFO… (Show more)
Hello   In lib_iso15693pcd.c :  function ISO15693_WriteSingleBlock.   It seems that the return value of PCD_SendRecv is not handled. The function ISO15693_WriteSingleBlock returns always success.   I can see many other places where the behaviour is similar.   Juilen
Egor Vasilyev
I'm trying to connect m24sr to stm32f407vgt. I switch to I2C2, clocking from an external resonator at 8 MHz, SYSCLK 72 MHz, I use a converted library for Open107V. For stm32f107vc this code worked, but when switching to stm32f407 i2c does not work (most likely there is no response from m24sr and a timeout error occurs). I've been puzzling for… (Show more)
Gualbert Maas
Hi all, I am looking at the ST25R3911B-DISCO board and I want to see what the inductance is of the coil they have on the eval kit. I can't seem to find the formulas for this specific application where you have 2 coils shorted to GND as it is done on the DISCO board.   Also, I would like to understand why ST, on the DISCO board, have 2 coils… (Show more)
Piotr Szwajda
Hi,   I'm building an UHF RFID reader using ST25RU3993 and I have a problem reading the registers. The idea is to connect the IC to NodeMCU or Arduino (both are programmed using Arduino IDE at this stage). I connected MISO to MISO and MOSI to MOSI (I’m assuming there is an error in the datasheet Figure 3 p.15) After enabling the IC (EN = 1)… (Show more)
along ma
As we know,RFID has a big market.But we only use R2000 by Impinj to develop new reader.The R2000 is not open source system.So we need a new chip to instead of it. So when do we use the demo of ST25RU3993 or other UHF reader chip by st team?We also need the code in the local.
zhulev uri
Hi all  I am making RF reader using ST25R3911B. Communication distance should be more than 50cm. Please let me know if is possible without an external power amp.
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