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ST25 NFC/RFID Tags and Readers

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Ye zhihuang
dear all:             i have received the error codes: 8E....(it is really a long data)from ST95HF,which means "reception lost without EOF received",i don not know why,are u guys have the same problem.and this error code occurs only when i use NFC function      
Vladimir Kharakh
ST25DV04 NFC I2C communication problem if ST25DV04 all time under Reader. There are cases (one per tens of minutes) that communication on I2C and RF is closed together and there is no way to reset if ST25DV04 to normal state. Recommended I2C long "start condition" not solve problem. How I can reset chip in this case.
Andrew Lohmann
My application will use NFC to either As a passive means of reading an identifier and to store or collect some simple information when a battery is discharged. In this case the I2C bus will be low. Also report that the battery condition. As a passive or powered means of doing the above plus pass information such as BlueTooth and Long range… (Show more)
Ciro Donnarumma
Hi, is there a way to detect if a tag ISO14443A/B leave the field of CR95HF antenna? I need to detect the event "card removed" without change status of the card , therefore I can't send any messages to the card.   Best regards, Ciro
Andrew Lohmann
Do you have CADSTAR 17 or lower footprint for either the 14x14mm square single sided or the double sided PCB version. I am working on a four layer design so a four layer coil or using any two or three layers design would be acceptable.   It is for M24LRxx IC. DXF file format may also be acceptable?
VPSTX is wired to 3.3Volts.  I want to give it +5V to increase the power.  This changes Rout from 27 ohms to 16 ohms.  I tried using the CR95HF EMI FILTER CALULATION tool to work out component values, without success. As a baseline, I looked at the 3 volt case, since I already had the answer. I opened the tool and found most of the values default… (Show more)
Andrew Lohmann
This is a follow up question to my question elsewhere on obtaining a Coil footprint used in a reference design - IC to be used; M24LRxx but M24SRxx could be used.   Which of the 14x14mm or 15x15mm square designs has the longest range in passive mode lowest data rate? There are two examples of one design that has the coil on one side and no… (Show more)
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