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ST25 NFC/RFID Tags and Readers

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muthu kural
Hello, I am working on Project which have ST25TA02K-PC6H5 as a portion. I am seeing that interface between MCU and the NFC is the GPIO pin only.Neither have I2C nor SPI.  With the GPIO pin, How can I read/write the NFC registers?        Have I selected wrong part?     Please suggest.   Thanks, Muthu
Wing Keung Tam
We want to switch the RFID chipset of our RFID products to ST25RU3993. I wonder whether there are sample software codes to speed up our development process. 
along ma
As we know,RFID has a big market.But we only use R2000 by Impinj to develop new reader.The R2000 is not open source system.So we need a new chip to instead of it. So when do we use the demo of ST25RU3993 or other UHF reader chip by st team?We also need the code in the local.
muthu kural
Hello,   I am working on the project which have ST25TA02K-PC6H5 NFC as part. Interface between NFC and MCU is single GPIO pin. By GPIO pin, How can I read/write the NFC registers. Have I selected wrong part?       Regards, Muthu ST25TA02K-PC6H5
Hello, I got stuck while trying to make changes in code of ST25TA02K-P NFC tag for  read/write access protection through password. I'm using X-NUCLEO-NFCC03A1 as reader and writter . So does ST25TA support  protection through password . If yes ,how we can do this and what changes is required in code and what is the memory mapping of tag .… (Show more)
jas per
Our application will have two st95hf devices connected by external microcontrollers through SPI. I just need to be able to transfer data from one st95hf to another. I don't need two way communication, just one direction. I don't need any complicated features like anti-collision or anything. Is there a simple example showing how I can achieve… (Show more)
Hi, I have designed a CR95HF based Board. The circuit diagram is exactly as per the 0018253A PLUG-CR95HF-B.pdf found on the ST Website. I have tried to match the PCB layout of my board to this board as far as possible. I have selected the communication interface to be UART. Initially, I want to communicate to the CR95HF using a terminal s/w… (Show more)
Ye zhihuang
dear all:             i have received the error codes: 8E....(it is really a long data)from ST95HF,which means "reception lost without EOF received",i don not know why,are u guys have the same problem.and this error code occurs only when i use NFC function      
Fritz Rehklau
May an application note? Provide ST a software module for the ST25RU3993?
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