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ST25 NFC/RFID Tags and Readers

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Hi all, In my application I am using M24SR02 where the same part of the chip is being read through NFC and I2C interface at the same time. NFC reader is working in infinite loop and does two things: 1) Reads 0x10 bytes from 0x0097 offset 2) Issues SendInterrupt command to toggle GPO pin on M24SR02   MCU that is driving I2C interface does the… (Show more)
Hi all,   In my application I am talking to M24SR02 chip over I2C with 100kHz clock. The problem I am having is with ReadBinary command. In the application I issue exactly the same ReadBinary command over and over again - reading 0x10 bytes from offset 0x0097. NDEF message length is set to 0x00E5 in two first bytes of NDEF file in M24SR02. During… (Show more)
xuelen chen
hi, when i use the m24lr 04e discovery i cant find the example code of it where can i find it is somebody can help me a new user ask
Hi everybody,    I would like to use my CR95HF reader in a Qt quick application (on Windows computer). For that I tried to include the CR95HF.dll and the CR95HF.h in my project. For that I paste the two files on my Qt project folder and include my dll in my .pro like that:    LIBS += -L"./CR95HF.dll" And the header file in my main.cpp like that:… (Show more)
Sylvie Boube-Politano
A selection of STM32 Nucleo boards and discovery kits is now available from Amazon Europe. Would you like quick and easy access to start prototyping on STM32 or just get samples for evaluation,  check this store!  our boards can also be found under,,, under one single brand : STM32 by ST.   Buy now and… (Show more)
Mohammad H. Amir Amjadi
NFS course in Udemy website is locked as a private course and requires invitation request to be accepted. I don't know if it is really required to lock a course when creating a user account needs approval, but if it's an accident I ask someone in charge to unlock and/or approve this request too.     Thanks in advance :]
We are using the NFC03A1 board with Nucleo F103RB.   In the function : int8_t PCD_ProtocolSelect(const uint8_t Length,const uint8_t Protocol,const uint8_t *Parameters,uint8_t *pResponse)   There is a buffer DataToSend[SELECT_BUFFER_SIZE] where SELECT_BUFFER_SIZE  is 6. Then we fit the buffer with datas depending on the Lenght argument... until… (Show more)
The ST25R3911B datasheet, page 14 Figure 3, shows a minimum configuration of antenna connection components. However, no suggested values are given for the 2 inductors, 7 capacitors, and 1 resistor. Are recommended component values - and perhaps a recommended PCB layout - available?
andrej strancar
Hi, I'd like to use a m24sr device for data transfer in RF->I2C direction (upgrading firmware on a MCU using a NFC phone). Are there any estimates about what bandwidth can be achieved?
Uwe Bonnes
Hello,   at the Embedded World 2017 campaign, ST25R3911B-Disco boards are given out. However looking for the software, I only found  That page only gives a data brief about installation, but no software.   Interest in those give-away gadget… (Show more)
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