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ST25 NFC/RFID Tags and Readers

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Ryan Cope
Hello,   I've been working with the ST25RU3993  on a user board design and have not yet been successful in getting the PLL to lock.     I've tried to set the VCO range both manually and with the auto command.  I've tried a variety of combinations of carrier frequency/base frequency/reference frequency settings.     In trying to troubleshoot the… (Show more)
Danyon Chu
The ST25R3911B datasheet, page 14 Figure 3, shows a minimum configuration of antenna connection components. There are provided schematics and layouts for the differential antenna configuration, however are there any recommended component values/layout available for the single ended configuration?  … (Show more)
Luke Iliffe
Hello Everyone,             I've got some strange behavior on the M24SR tag that I'm using. The last byte of an I2C data transfer either to or from the chip is being NAK'ed and looks to be throwing off the HAL drivers in the STM32 that I'm useing to talk to it. Is this expected behaviour or is it behaving oddly and if it is oddly then does anyone… (Show more)
Vincent Coli
Our D600 is a Mobile HF (13.56 MHz) Reader that is Bluetooth connected to an iOS, Android, or Windows device.   We are adding NFC Forum Type 5 support to our D600 Reader.  Some requirements for the ST25TV512, ST25TV02K, ST25TV02K-AD, and ST25TV64K "seem" to conflict with the NFC… (Show more)
Joseph Chan
In addition to detecting the credit card size tag, can it detect smaller tag such as the one like the size of a quarter reliably? Does it have false wake-up issue such as unexpected metal plate nearby or external radio source such as microwave oven, high power Access point, etc? Thanks.
My Samsung mobile upgraded from Android 6.0 to 7.0. But after that the 24SR seems can't detect from mobile NFC.  It happens only after the 24SR IC locked in read/write. For unlocked the chip by 24SR discovery board hardware, 24SR can detect by mobile again. I tested in Android 4.4,5.0 and 6.0 and all work. So is there any changes in Android 7.0… (Show more)
Marius Celliers
Hi .. I am currently sending an APDU Command to a card with the ST25R3911 and get a valid response. I use the HAL drivers and middleware from ST-CubeMX ( CPU = STM32F401RE)   As soon as I try to send another APDU command ( or even the same one again) I receive 0 bytes from the card.   I start With rfalIsoDepPollAHandleActivation()    then i… (Show more)
Andrew Sotov
Hi!   I working with ST25R3911DiscoComm.dll and writing in C/C++.   1. I sending 9370 and 9570 same as in your All is OK with them, both returns 0.   2. Next RATS:     char *rxRats = new char[1024];     for (int i = 0; i < 1024; i++) {         rxRats[i] = '\0';     }     size_t rxRatsSize = 0;     res =… (Show more)
Hi,   I'd like to find out more about the FCC certification requirements around integrating an M24SRXX into a product.   Our testing partner seems to think that we need to go through FCC part 15.225 because the tag is battery operated.   I think, while the tag can be supplied with power, that the RF section is no different from a passive tag,… (Show more)
Marius Celliers
Hi All. I am Using The Nucelo-NFC5A1(ST25R3911B) board with STM32-Nuceo-F410RE board. (Using the X-Cube-NFC5 middleware RFAL). I am not getting any responses from my APDU commands sent to a card. ( Also no Error Codes from the rfalIsoDep functions I use).   I have selected the NFC card and activated it. I have written a function to send the… (Show more)
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