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ST25 NFC/RFID Tags and Readers

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Hanna Kalpachkina
Hallo dear Community, for a student projekt I am looking for a solution to communicate with M24LR04E-R which ist ISO15693 Dynamic Tag. First I choose ST25R3911B-DISCO evaluation kit with ST25R3911B Reader-IC on it. This solution is ISO15693 compilant and it look‘s like a good idea to Read/Write on the M24LR. But it is in the developing phase and… (Show more)
Mac Nickerson
I am using an arduino using SPI to communicate with a CR95HF. I can ready the device ID and can detect a Mifare classic card in the RF field. The problem I have is that I'm unable to select the card and have it respond with the SAK and CRC. All I get is an 87 response from the CR95HF.   Below is the data exchange. To CR95HF>>> From CR95HF <<<… (Show more)
Hi, I am designed a board with ST95HF on it. I tried to communicate with the sensor using aardvark programmer SPI but there is no activity on the MISO line at all. I have been trying the echo command which is just sending 55 from my understanding and reads back 00 even though MISO line stays high all the time.  I am not a software person so I am… (Show more)
HU jack
1. 請問 CR95HF 是否有支援 Mifare Desfire secure mode 的 command API ? 2. 目前在 M24LR-DISCOVERY demo board 無法正確讀取加密過的 UID ,都是 Random,請問有何解決方案?#
Uwe Bonnes
Hello,   at the Embedded World 2017 campaign, ST25R3911B-Disco boards are given out. However looking for the software, I only found  That page only gives a data brief about installation, but no software.   Interest in those give-away gadget… (Show more)
bhargavi unnamatla
Hi Team,   I would like to know "ST25TA02K-P" TAG IC will support any encryption/cryptographic modes to secure the data?? Or any other TAG from ST support that feature. Basically i want to secure the TAG data.
Fritz Rehklau
May an application note? Provide ST a software module for the ST25RU3993?
Anderson Garcia
Hi good day I am starting a research on RFID systems in high frequency and I want to make a simple design of a reader. I'm thinking of using the ST95HF or CR95HF chipset as both are reader / writer type Any recommendations to consider the tag and the microcontroller for the host? I know that in both the most important is that they are compatible… (Show more)
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