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ST25 NFC/RFID Tags and Readers

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Hanna Kalpachkina
Hallo dear Community, for a student projekt I am looking for a solution to communicate with M24LR04E-R which ist ISO15693 Dynamic Tag. First I choose ST25R3911B-DISCO evaluation kit with ST25R3911B Reader-IC on it. This solution is ISO15693 compilant and it look‘s like a good idea to Read/Write on the M24LR. But it is in the developing phase and… (Show more)
Anderson Garcia
Hi good day I am starting a research on RFID systems in high frequency and I want to make a simple design of a reader. I'm thinking of using the ST95HF or CR95HF chipset as both are reader / writer type Any recommendations to consider the tag and the microcontroller for the host? I know that in both the most important is that they are compatible… (Show more)
bhargavi unnamatla
Hi Team,   I would like to know "ST25TA02K-P" TAG IC will support any encryption/cryptographic modes to secure the data?? Or any other TAG from ST support that feature. Basically i want to secure the TAG data.
Hi, I am working on wireless application and i would like to use energy harvesting mode of M24LR. I have a question about maximum harvested current. Datasheet is mentioning 6mA as the highest value. Is it possible to incrase this value by stronger magnetic field or bigger antenna (i need about 16mA)? Does the chip will handle bigger currents? Or… (Show more)
Ivanova Anastasiia
Hello, everybody. What is the maximum range one's achieved with CR95HF? I mean the proximity range. Is is possible to achieve 10cm and more with it? Could we achieve the better distance with ST95 for example?
HU jack
Dear All : 目的 : 專案需求,M24SR64-Y 在 Vcc 無提供電壓時( Pin-Dis = Low ),CR95HF 不能讀 UID,           控制器將 Pin-Dis 拉 High 時,才可使外部 CR95HF 讀取 UID。 問題 1. M24SR64-Y no power (Pin-Disable = Low),CR95HF read UID;             M24SR64-Y power on (Pin-Disable = High),CR95HF no read UID;             目前測試結果,狀態相反,請問是否可以透過修改 System file 達到目的嗎?             【 參考… (Show more)
HU jack
1. 請問 CR95HF 是否有支援 Mifare Desfire secure mode 的 command API ? 2. 目前在 M24LR-DISCOVERY demo board 無法正確讀取加密過的 UID ,都是 Random,請問有何解決方案?#
Hello, we made custom reader board with CR95HF. This reader is interfaces with IMX6 CPU running linux. Communication with reader via SPI bus. I tried to read DOC9303 biometric passport. I can read it on default speed 106 kbit/sec without problem, now i'm trying to set double speed 212 kbit/sec i have problems with communication after ISO14443A-4… (Show more)
I have started development with the AS3992, which has been bought by ST. I have also bought the AS3992 MICRO demo kit to get a feel of what the device can do. I need some support compiling and locating the origional code, to do some testing in direct mode. I plan to use the 3993 device for the product I am deeveloping.uhf rfid reader st25ru3993… (Show more)
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