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Santhamurthy R
Hello All,  I am working on SPC560B54L5 board using SPC5studio version 5.2.3.   I can able to write to C-flash memory using Flashprogram() api of flash driver component. In addition to that I also want to read byte by byte or stream of bytes from the C-flash memory. Referred to the "Standard software driver for C90LC Flash" document I couldn't… (Show more)
in SPC5 Automotive MCUs
Tran Hung
Hello everyone;   I am working with SPC570S discovery board. I would like to implement the STOP mode to reduce the power consumption and then wake up by using NMI pin like PA[4] or PC[15].    I already entry the STOP mode however the board does not wake up from STOP mode. The program seems to be halted and then showed a warning like this… (Show more)
in SPC5 Automotive MCUs
wang mengmeng
Hello everyone: I have an issue with bootLoader development,I have debug the bootLoader successfully with SPC560P44, but I am not quite sure about how to jump to bootloader from the application program,our conventional method is putting the boot function at  the absolute address,and we can jump to bootloader by call the function pointer,but in… (Show more)
in SPC5 Automotive MCUs
Mayank Manas
Hi I am designing a Locomotive application with my customer, we have selected part# SPC560P54L3BEABY for 3.3V application. Now the end customer demands 5V application too. I learnt that the same series doesn't have a 5V part. Our code is developed on SPC560P54L3BEABY , will the same code will work on SPC560P60L3CEFAR, or do we have to change our… (Show more)
in SPC5 Automotive MCUs
Brian Kling
The GNSS Positioning community has been created for GNSS/Positioning application enthusiasts, developers, makers, universities, research institutes, engineers.   STMicroelectronics is involved in Positioning applications since 1993     The first multi-constellation receivers in the world was  introduced in the market by STMicroelectronics with… (Show more)
Peter Vlna
Hello, I have encountered problem with my SPC560P60. After power on reset I am stuck at ram init function waiting for POR flag in RGM. My SW distinguish between reset sources and if it is POR I am initializing SRAM. But in this case I am doing POR and cannot see the corresponding flags after POR and my SW get stuck and reset by SWT.   Peter
in SPC5 Automotive MCUs
guo qiang
Chip: SPC560B54L5. I write a BootLoader program.this code is running from flash with address 0x00000 ,not sram. use the computer send   "app.bin" file  to the mcu by can bus.   then the mcu erases the flash after address 0x40000.and  program the  received data( app.bin)   to flash ,and  jump. The Bootloader jump code: #define JMP_ADDRESS… (Show more)
in SPC5 Automotive MCUs
Zhang Lei
I want to put the boot_loader_version of "const unsigned char boot_loader_version[3]={1,0,0};" at 0x600 of code flash, so the application can read it. How could I do it?
in SPC5 Automotive MCUs
Matthew Richardson
I feel like I am not finding an explicit answer to this question in the errata.  I notice that the SPC56 has a 5V tolerant ADC, but I am wondering if I can use 5VDC logic for the GPIO pins?  I have some legacy 5V shift registers and I am wondering if the GPIO inputs are 5V safe...
in SPC5 Automotive MCUs
Arnold Lee
Hi guys,   I have a problem with my code where FCCU get stuck waiting for state change from NORMAL to CONFIG. I have isolated the FCCU configuration code which I can share with you for demonstration. But this peace of SW if company confidential and I cannot share it on public community. Could you help me with it?   Peter
in SPC5 Automotive MCUs
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