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Christopher Pappas
Project info: An expandable feature 6-voice virtual analog synthesizer built using just one STM32F7 Nucleo-144 board, one stereo audio jack, and a USB-Micro-B to USB-A adapter. Play directly thru USB via any keyboard equipped with a USB-MIDI port (Host). Play directly from your PC thru USB using any Sequencer software (Device). Play directly thru…
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Thomas Borowczak
          The goal of the Connected Greenhouses project is to enhance the productivity of an organic farm. The Jardins du Coteau farm need the setting up of a sensor network in order to collect data from its greenhouses. This farm is situated in Saint-Cassien, a neighbouring town of Grenoble, near Voiron. This farm being organic, the market… (Show more)
Hello ST Community, Please check my latest video. It shows how easy it is to create a simple project from STM32CubeMX to ST/Atollic TrueSTUDIO. BR, Nicolas. atollic truestudio stm32cubemx* atollic nucleo-stm stm32 projects stm32 fan zone getting started with stm32 #stm32
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Brian Kling
Following on from the previous article, I would like to extend the C++ bit field implementation to make it easier to represent the full range of hardware registers supported by STM32s. Basically, I want to add support for arrays of bit fields.   If you haven't read Part 1 at this point, I recommend you do so before continuing.   Arrays of bit… (Show more)
Brian Kling
As a long time advocate for C++ in embedded development, I thought it might be fun to explore something that's been bothering me for a while...   Background  The STM32 microprocessors I've used - mainly F4s - have a lot of memory mapped hardware registers, and many of those registers contain two or more bit fields. There are several ways of… (Show more)
Gabriel Touchard High School
 The objective is to build a little weather station (temperature, atmospheric pressure). The data will be searchable via the Ethernet port. (Web page server). In addition, you will learn about NUCLEO STMicroelectronics board while using the I²C protocol and Ethernet frame analysis. Progress : The project is complete and ready to go…
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S. Marsanne
Being a master I2C: 1. Make sure to have pull-up resistors on both SDA and SCL. 10kohm at master, 47kohm at the other end of the bus(use STM32 internal GPIO pull-up feature for it if used as most far away slave). 2. SDA and SCL must be open drain (the high level is generated by the pull up, the low level by devices) 3. For single master… (Show more)
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Daniel Rickey
On a whim I bought a Nucleo-F767ZI, which has a built-in ethernet connector (not Wifi).  I found that setting up LwIP was a fairly involved process, thus I made notes which are included in the attached file.  I am assuming the reader, like myself, is new to the CubeMX and Eclipse environments and will find these useful.  To avoid complexities, I…
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Bruno Schwander
  About this project :  STM8S SPL modified to be usable with the SDCC compiler   Project infoType : ST Standard Peripheral Library, usable with the SDCC compiler  Progress : complete and usable, the original example makefile still have to be updated to follow the standard shown in the test/template projects Difficulty : Easy / Intermediate /…
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Vasile Guta_Ciucur
I'm using the gcc-arm-none-eabi-6-2017-q2-update toolchain for Linux 64bit downloaded from the ARM site and it doesn't come with floating point compiled. At least, it is not included in the Makefiles generated by the STM32CubeMX for Low Layer driver (Nucleo-L152RE board).   Well, the real reason for this is that the project use newlib-nano, which… (Show more)
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