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Power Management and Motor Control

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Hi, I wish to do a 50W power supply/smps using HVLED001A, (constant voltage). Is it possible or not???   Regards Emil Jose
Nate C
I have the NUCLEO-IHM07M1 motor dev board along with the NUCLEO-F302R8 mcu dev board. I've tried to get the demo software working with the ST Motor Control Workbench but am getting a Speed Feedback fault each time I try and start the motor. I'm able to connect to the dev board in the workbench, see the correct bus voltage, etc. But as soon as I… (Show more)
william jones
ithey are from a heat zink on a 24v dc to dc motor control unit made in 2002 by sevcon model mos90b there are 2rows of 6 on the neg 6 input and 6 ouput 
Thomas Laland
I ordered a Triac with type number T1635T-8T for temperature controlling on a hot glue application.  This was not the same comparing to the fried one I already have on the application with type number T1635T-8I. The difference I found when comparing was: Rate of decrease of commutating on-state current. Can someone please tell me if I still can… (Show more)
santhoshkumar dhamodaran
kindly share us the datasheet with the schematic.   Regards, Santhoshkumar
Patrick Winter
Hi All,   I have a 500W PS build around the L6699D and everything is working good. Now I found 1 little thing: If I run the unit in No Load the output is 24Vdc if I take the input voltage (AC) away the output drops a little. Now if I switch the unit back on the output voltage flies up and clamps to the OVP (30Vdc) and it is unable to regulate… (Show more)
Mustafa CAKMAK
I want to do a motor drive with the l9907. I have STP315N10F7 Mosfet. But there is a problem. The driver says that it supports up to 54V, but I want to use the MOSFET drain pin with 85V. How can I do that?
Simon Laporte
I am using an X-NUCLEO-IHM03A1 board (powerstep01) to control a stepper motor (17HS24-0644S) speed.   When I use the command "Run (DIR, SPD)" over SPI interface, I observed that the speed in step/s is not exactly the same as requested. (e.g requested 200 step/s, result is 198.4 step/s)   I have noticed that by changing slightly the voltage value… (Show more)
Max Schachtschabel
Greetings! For the past few weeks, I have been working with the SPIN3201 Eval-Board to control a small BLDC motor which is usually used for electrical-powered Longboards. I have chosen a purposely slow model with only 60KV (rpm/V), which I want to run on 12V DC Voltage (max. speed of 720rpm). I was able to set up the board, the internal… (Show more)
I find it a bit disappointing that there is no addon to sdk 5.1.1 for STEVAL-ESC001V1 and yet the board are still being sold. They are also being sold as RS485/UART/I2C/PWM platforms but the firmware does not handle I2C.   Modifying JSON databases in the new 5.1.1 install I was easily able to get the board listed in the motor profiler. Copying… (Show more)
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