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Power Management and Motor Control

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gokay aygok
Hi folks !   while generating mcsdk files, I am getting this error which says that "No STM32Cubemx version above 4.25.0 has been found" and Generation is not possible.   Could someone please help me get rid of this problem ?   thanks....
Abdul Fourteia
Hello,   I recently bought two BLDC motor controllers, the STEVAL-SPIN3202 and the X-NUCLEO-IHM08M1 shield forNUCLEO-F401RE.   I have a project to control a BLDC sensored motor. I am not sure how to move forward. I have AC6, IAR and MKD installed. I have tried installed motor control workbench with no luck. X-CUBE-MCSDK executable that can be… (Show more)
Jim Frederick
Using the MCSDK 5.0.1, I can startup and run a BLDC motor most of the time. About 10% of the time, I get a Start-up failure and each time I can see from the Motor Control Workbench GUI that the speed has reached the desired target of 1100 RPM but the Start-up failure occurs anyway. Debugging the generated firmware, I can see RUC_Exec (RevUp… (Show more)
Jim Frederick
I'm attempting to generate project code for the STEVAL-SPIN3202.   ST32CubeMX doesn't have an option for the STEVAL-SPIN3202 so I tried using the ST Motor Control Workbench and it gives an error "STSPIN mcu not supported in the FW for SDK5".   Meanwhile, I'm using the example project provided in 'STSW-SPIN3202'.   Is there an add-on for… (Show more)
sohaib qamar
Hi, I got the STEVAL-ISA164V1 board from Digikey. As far as the datasheet and online material shows, its an STNRG family of digital controller. Also, the IC mounted on the board is STNRG388A but when i open ST SMED configuration tool i'm unable to connect the board in STNRG category. The board connect successfully in STLUX385A category but i… (Show more)
Fredrik Pande
What are the use of the Power Measurement classes in the ST MC FOC lib v4.3?   From the confidential distribution the following classes are part of MC Library module: MotorPowerMeasurementClass PQD_MotorPowerMeasurementClass   There is no info on this in UM1053. 
Brian Kling
Thinking about going to 32 bit? The time is now! Join ST for a 1-hour webinar on how to move to 32-bitsFriday, April 20, 2018 from 11:00 to 12:00   Take advantage of the new advances that make it "easy" to program 32-bit microcontrollers, benefit from their cost-effectiveness and add new features to your application. This webinar will help… (Show more)
Ismail Riyaz
Hi, We are using a STC13117 on a qualcom based SOM, msm8998. We have used this one before in another product, worked fine. We use the driver from The stc3117 actually seems to be measuring current and voltages properly, but they appear in avg current register(Reg 11 and 12) and for voltage in ocv… (Show more)
peter watt
  Hi Community, I'm trying to talk to to STEVAL-SPIN3201 within the Monitor of ST Motor Control Workbench (v.4.3), running on a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Windows 8, connected by USB (COM3 at 9600 baud), but I keep getting the error message: “Connection Failed! No response, check the communication cable, the power on the board or the baudrate… (Show more)
Hello all,   I recently X-NUCLEO-IHM08M1 expansion board for a STM32F303RE NUCLEO board and I'm struggling to get it to drive a motor. Note: I'm using version 4.3 of the motor control SDK.   I can successfully connect the motor profiler to the board and start the sequence but it never starts the motor.  The motor is a small 7 pole pair, 2300kV… (Show more)
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