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Power Management and Motor Control

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Rob Oppen
I'm using a STEVAL-SPIN3202 to control a 15W BLDC sensorless motor. I'm unable to spin a motor using six-step driving mode and I'm assuming it's because the motor's configuration needs to be updated. Looking at the #defined MC_SixStep_param_32F0.h configuration file the only motor parameter that I can find is the number of pole pairs. Is there an… (Show more)
Nick Hunn
Hi, I'm after the MTBF and FIT data for the STM706TM voltage supervisor. Thanks.
Hi,   We are working on power consumption measurement implementing the stpm10 with a Steval IPE017V1. There is some informations missing in the datasheet at config register description about the CHP register. It should be a 8 bits register. 16 bit are assigned for it and the corresponding description is about some other unknown register: CHS   I… (Show more)
Hello,I am using L6472 to control stepper motor. When i apply step clock mode command to L6472 , motor gets hold but during this opertion Motor shaft move by  1 to 2 degree , What  is the reason of shaft movement after applying STEPCLOCK mode command?
Fredrik Pande
I am experiencing some issues running the FOC SDK v4.3.   My HW-setup: Control board: NUCLEO - STM303 (ST part number) Power board: X-NUCLEO-IHM08M1 (ST part number) PMSM motor   IDE: IAR   Currently I am able to compile and download code to the F303RE, however the motor only spins a short period of time, and then stops, requiring a reset… (Show more)
I see that there is a difference in the number of microsteps and if they drive/control voltage or current, but is there any other difference? Could please somebody give me a quick comparison between them?  I originally bought L6474 as I thought that is the most advanced (increasing numbering), but I figured out from one of the 7 datasheets and… (Show more)
Hello, I'm very interesting in trying the new STSW-ISA172V2 board. Firmware of both MCU are provided as binary, but anyone knows if it is possible to get the source code, to customize the firmware ? Or do you know any PFC control library for STM32 ? Thank you for any help ! Theo
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