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Power Management and Motor Control

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debugging motor in open loop mode   #define OPEN_LOOP_VOLTAGE_d   6000    /*! < Three Phase voltage amplitude  in s16 format */   What is the formula for the value of If I want to output a fixed voltage value, how to determine the S16 value?      PhaseVoltage(V) = [PhaseVoltage(s16V) * Vbus(V)] /[sqrt(3)*32767].   If I want to output a fixed… (Show more)
kamalkant Pandey
We have purchased 10 qty of STL160NS3LLH7 MOSFET IC. We found that Drain to source impedance of MOSFETs is varying( NOTE : MOSFET were not connected to any external circuitry while measuring impedance using DMM). For some of the MOSFETs it was around 1kOhm for others it was 2kOhm and 3kOhm also. I am not getting same performance with all the… (Show more)
Ron Kreymborg
We have purchased an EVLpowerstep01 and a STEVALPCC009V2. We installed the SPINFamily software on our Windows10 64-bit computer and on connection it states "The FW version is not the last, upgrade to 2.7". The doco states this is done via the IBUUI updater, but when this runs it states it cannot access the IBUUI.inf driver. However, it is looking… (Show more)
Hello, I am using "L6482H discovery board" design example for L6482 chip, for making my own pcb board, using the same mosfets, etc.   At this moment, my board runs really well with 2A stepper motors and 80 mili-ohm R sense resistors. Both commands, Move (DIR, N_STEP) and Run (DIR, SPD),  run very well.   But when I use Run (DIR, SPD) command… (Show more)
Hi, based on the picture attached, it´s possible to anyone to tell me if this is a counterfeit part? "SITA" or "SITB". Cause: We have in stock a lot of this parts, and in some boards we don´t have any problems, and on other boards some parts burn. Is to control a 1000W resistive load. There is a specific mail, to enter in contact with ST to… (Show more)
Hello   I want to control ST's snubberless triac (T435-800) directly from MCU (STM32F0). According to AN3168 (article 2.4), I've to connect AC main (220V, 50Hz) supply with the control circuit's Vdd. In AN392, I found the same that illustrate triac control with negative power supply, but uses capacitive dropper. Actually, I didn't understand… (Show more)
ChulSung Lee
I am using L99MM70XP SBC. I have one question about Half-Bridge Output. Below Condtions, I think that All Half-Bridge output is Low (Open States) All High-Side / Low-Side Switch is Open. I think that PIN output Value is Low.(0 Volts) But, Result is All Output is High (In Case Vbat Voltage is 13V , All Output Voltage is 13.5V)   Who can… (Show more)
Andrew Lohmann
The input impedances are very high - my application is long range wireless and I am concerned about input noise so I have included 100pF or 1nF capacitors to each input is this necessary or is there some filtering within the IC?
I've got a project that needs me to build a MC workbench project using system workbench. AC6 is mentioned as a supported IDE in the documentation and there are AC6 user projects I can use. However, when I import and attempt to build one of these projects it appears to be missing a pre-compiled library. To be clear, what I have done so far is:… (Show more)
Ricky Huang
I am using STSPIN32F0, customer board to drive a customer motor with sensorless FOC algorithm (STM32_FOC_SDK_4.3.0.16508_161109). When drive in the low RPM, the angle estimated seems OK and the motor drived normally. But when drive in the high RPM, the angle estimated seems shifted (delay) and the motor drived non-normally and will stop. What… (Show more)
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