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Power Management and Motor Control

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Rafil Nugamanov
Hi!   I collect a three-phase control circuit (6kW). I want to use BTA16 (Snubberless™ and standard Triacs)     Whether correctly I understand, that for type Standard it is necessary to include in parallel TVS a diode. And for the Snubberless TVS type, the diode will be superfluous (because it is already built in)?   Thank you. Sorry for my… (Show more)
Aurélien f
Hello,   On my nucleo-l073 board, my software can run in stop mode and consumes only 3uA. I decided to make my own PCB but i can't figure out why the consumption can't reach 3uA. Actually, i'm running around 25uA with the same software. I'm using a stencil and a reflow oven to solder the components (T-962) and the solder paste is a Sn63 Pb37. I'm… (Show more)
zhivko zivkovic
I am seeing very noisy measurements on shunt adc. I attached schematics and gerbers.   Could suggest how to eliminate noise on adc lines (line connected to shunt and going to STM32F303 chip?   regards
Aurélien f
Hello,   I'm facing something strange and i want to know if i'm doing something wrong or not regarding my workaround. Indeed, i have noticed that i needed to connect PC13 (pin 2) of my 48 pin MCU to the ground if i want to reach power consumption of the nucleo-l073 board (that is a 64 pin package : STM32L073RZT6U). On nucleo board, this pin is… (Show more)
Elias Zimmermann
Hello, according to the datasheet of the LED1642 driver, the LE signal value is defined by the number of CLK rising edges when the LE is 1.   In the datasheet, the figures always show LE signals which are aligned to the first rising clock edge of a new data signal (SDI) (like it is shown in the attached figure).   Is this a requirement we need… (Show more)
Vlad Simionescu
Hello,   I am working on a custom brushless motor control board. ST offers the "ST Motor Profiler"  but that seems to work only with some stock boards. Is there anyway around this? Is the algorithm available either as source code or library?   Thank you, Vlad
Dear Sir, i am using stm8s mc library for 3 phase bldc motor(1kw).motor is running perfectly.   my problem is when motor is running we are getting some blich in hall sensor ( 300us ) output. that is why motor is getting some stalking condition. is there any method to skip the blich(300us) in sensing the hall sensor or driving the mosfet ??    … (Show more)
Nazmul Hasan
Hi Can I connect the positive output voltage terminal of my off-line power supply using Viper16L to AC-main's (N) terminal (doesn't make sense though) to trigger a snubberless triac (T435-800T) as I drawn below. Is there any way to avoid isolated power supplies in such cases? Please let me know your opinion.   Thanking you.
Sam stephan
I tried get the STSPIN32F0 into standby mode, but it didn't wake up when it into the mode. And the 3.3V DC/DC still have output in the standby mode.   My initialization code:     __HAL_RCC_PWR_CLK_ENABLE();     HAL_PWR_EnableWakeUpPin(PWR_WAKEUP_PIN1);   Into standby mode code:      HAL_DBGMCU_EnableDBGStandbyMode();   … (Show more)
I see in the code #ifdef THREE_SHUNT   SVPWM_3ShuntInit();  #elif defined ICS_SENSORS  SVPWM_IcsInit();  #elif defined SINGLE_SHUNT   SVPWM_1ShuntInit();   #endif   But in the code - SVPWM_3ShuntInit(); and SVPWM_1ShuntInit();  - both functions set three channels for current reading. So what difference between both methods?   Actually the… (Show more)
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