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Power Management and Motor Control

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ibrahim etem
Hello. i design L6566BH on design süite. But i see that max power out is 350w. if i do same smps 3 pieces and i want to get 1050w can i connect their outputs in parallel connection? because i see that it is not basic thing. one smps gives 10A the other give 2A  for this i want they share current value equal. for example i need 30A. and i want… (Show more)
hankui zhang
I noticed there are two lib files in Cortex-M4 core MCU: MC_Library_ProtectedSources_SD_CM4_CCM_MKD.lib and MC_Library_ProtectedSources_single_drive_CM4_MKD.lib I can't find any description for the diffrence between them, so I should choice which one in my application? thank you.
Zheng Liang
I'm using X-NUCLEO-IHM03A1 to evaluate the powerstep01 chip, and learn the design around the chip on PCB, but the MAX Voltage is confusing me to design with components. the evaluation board is printed with "50V MAX", but I checked the BOM, and found that the rating voltage of capacitors connected with VS are 100V, could this board run with 80V?(I… (Show more)
Martin Leibinnis
We are using the FOC SDK V4.3 on a STM32F302. Motor is an e-bike motor with 550W 36V 20poles, using Hall-Sensors. System is running fine so far. But sometimes when calling the function MCI_StopMotor(mci) we experience a delay of about 20 seconds until the motor really stops and the function MCI_GetSTMState(mci) returns IDLE. The function… (Show more)
Hank Wu
Hi I'm working with the MotorProfiler to create the motor id data. But I create too much motor id data, so the motor control Workbench is a mess, as picture below.   How can I delete some motor id data?   Regards, Hank
Daniel Husztikd
I am using the Motor Control Library, to control a BLDC motor with Hall sensors. I would like to use the uart for my own purposes. If I enable uart, it dumps trash (since it tries to communicate with the MC workbench) if I disable it, even if I configure it normally, it do not work. What do you suggest? Removing the MC Workbench communication… (Show more)
Rakesh Yedri
Dear Team, Please find the attached design. ehg7520_cpu_ board.pdf  In my product design i have used TVS diodes and ORing diodes from ST Micro electronics. My product has to under go the following test. TEST_Cases.xls . Our input voltage range is from 12V to 57Vdc. Dual supply (DC_1 & DC_2). During the surge test the DUT(Device under test) was… (Show more)
Phlip Cornelissen
Hi Abnormal over current detection behaviour on stepper motor controller L6480. After initialization a hard stop command is given to hold the stepper motor, which seems to work just fine, all the expected waveforms appear on the gates of the transistors. When a move command of 128 micro-steps are given the bridge disengaged with no errors in the… (Show more)
Pacik Kondeng
I'm using STM32 PMSM FOC Software MC library to run my motor. I use the MC API to interact with my own code and it seems to work fine - motor can run. However, mentioned in the User Manual (UM1052, section 10.3, Table 18) that the periodicity to call TSK_SafetyTask() function is 0.5ms. But currently my code is calling this function at 1ms… (Show more)
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