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Power Management and Motor Control

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Jeffery Scott
I'm trying to compare the SVPWM code with what we have today, and as a precaution I also looked at the inverse park routine. I noticed that MCM_Rev_Park uses a different form than most others use, and the MCM_Park transform seems to match this. Comments showing a comparison between CMSIS and MCSDK code is shown below.   MCM_Rev_Park:  Valfa=… (Show more)
Fredrik Pande
Referring to UM1052, chapter 14.   I cannot read or write the ramp duration register 0x5C.   Anyone having the same problem? ST, is this a known problem/bug????     Fredrik
Fredrik Pande
Referring to UM1052, chapter 14.   It says that register s 0x3F and 0x40 are available to read using the get register command frame over UART.    I have most of the other registers up and running, so the problem is not with UART com.   I get the response bach from the motor control board with error code 0x03 "Read not allowed. The value cannot… (Show more)
Damien Ratazy
Hello,   For the moment, X-CUBE-MCSDK only support PMSMs and BLDC motors.   However, AC inductions motors are not supported yet, that's a shame because this kind of motor is still very present in the majority of industrial applications.   Do support of these motors are planned in a next version of X-CUBE-MCSDK?   Best regards, Damien
Mitesh Vishwakarma
I am using MOSFET STP100N6F7 (TO-220 Package - [Q5 In Attached Schematic Design ] ) in charge controller. At 5 Amp. MOSFET is working good without any heating (with heat sink)  . At 8 Amp. it goes up to 70 Degree C. and at 10 Amp. its goes up to 90+ Degree C. Does it have any solution for 10 Amp ?
I would like to run the Sensorless FOC firmware with a PWM frequency greater than 65kHz. My hardware configuration: Nucleo-F446RE -> X-Nucleo-IHM09M1 -> Custom power-stage with ICS current sensors and bus voltage measurement.   My software configuration: ST MC SDK4.3 -> STM32F4xx_MC Library -> STM32F4xx_UserProject - SM32446E-EVAL IAR… (Show more)
Hello,   I started the experimental work on Motor control SDK 5.1.0, it seems that the code generation have issue when using STM32Cube v4.26.0.  The problem is that the generated code/project has missing mc lib to link, which causes the build failure in the SW development IDE, such as IAR, SW4STM32, etc.   Please refer to Motor control SDK 5.1.0… (Show more)
Amrit Singh
Hi!   I have recently moved from Cypress to ST, and might need help getting up and running here.    My end goal is to build a sensorless (not necessarily FOC) motor controller for a 250W Motor for a high volume application.   My software setup is:  st4stm32, Xcube MC SDK, ST32 cube MX   My issue is with the hardware setup required for the… (Show more)
Hello I am making balancing robot project, where i need to drive Trinamic stepper drivers as my main motors. ( i can have 200x256/rot resolution )   It gives much advantages and single disadvantage, it needs quite high stepping frequency in order to make motors turn smoothly. First i was thinking about doing this in software at 100KHz systic… (Show more)
Vlad Blanshey
The STM approach to the motor is well thought through in my opinion. But making it well structured and well organized costs in terms of certain level of complexity. I suspect also that STM has to deal with "troublemakers" such as myself - I mean those users who need their newest "bleeding edge" products and then question the apparent mismatch… (Show more)
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