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Power Management and Motor Control

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Hello,   unfortunately i destroy the STEVAL-IHM042V1 Default firmware file. Is it possible to download this?   Many thanks, Kai
Su XuanXian
Hello, All: I use (ST Motor control Workbench) parameters in power management where I set up some flow parameters, and then generate the file in Power stage, But  I did not find the parameters.h file to set my  parameters, why, where is it? /*********** Over-current protection section ************/ #define OVERCURR_FEEDBACK_POLARITY… (Show more)
Kevin Stanley
Hi, I am using the IHM07M1 motor control board and am have a issue on calculating the phase currents from the on board circuit. From what I can tell is the gain is 1.5583 and the offset is 1.5277V. Can someone help in verifying these values and on how to convert to amps in the software.   Thanks in advanced
Hello.   I'm using an STSPIN32F0 for PMSM motor driving. Is there a way to use the serial bootloader inside the chip?
Alejandro Bizzotto
hi!   I'm making a dual power supply (+/-12V) from +18V brick converter. To clean the DC-DC in the positive side I choose a LDL212, input is +13V from DC-DC and output is +12V. In addition to his own over-current protection I'm using a resistor to measure current at his input, differentiator to current/voltage converter and comparator against a… (Show more)
Good morning, I can’t compile my project to use the Motor Control Workbench 4.3 Monitor I summarize the initial process: Open Workbench, New Project, select Power and control after select NUCLEO-F303RE and STEVAL-IPM05F 3Sh and a my custom motor profile. Now can Save my project, use this folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\STMicroelectronics\FOC… (Show more)
I try to run the motor profiler with my custom prototype SM-PSMS motor. In this moments I hold the motor in a big vise, so the motor is impossible to move when start the current. When I run the motor profiling usually the profiling stopped for “speed feedback” fault with a pop up with 2 recommendation: @ Most of the time this happens when the… (Show more)
Piyush Joshi
I found a replacement for FGL60N100BNTD (TO-264) which is STGW40H120DF2 (TO-247) for my Inverter. At 50A peak current, however its a problem. Any reason or solution?
Zbigniew Szczucki
Hello! I need information about values of the rms current which don't result in the open-circuiting of a transil diodes type SM6T and 1.5KE and about values of I2t  for these devices. I need this informations to determine the fuse for transil to avoid the possibility of destroy the transil in the manner of destruction it'contacts (open circuit). I… (Show more)
Sourabh Joshi
I am using L9823 in my design to drive the outputs. I also want it to behave as input so that I can connect IO module. How can I use it as input?   Thanks in advance
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