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Power Management and Motor Control

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I've got a project that needs me to build a MC workbench project using system workbench. AC6 is mentioned as a supported IDE in the documentation and there are AC6 user projects I can use. However, when I import and attempt to build one of these projects it appears to be missing a pre-compiled library. To be clear, what I have done so far is:… (Show more)
Suhas Kudale
Hi all. I need a help regarding I2C write operation on one of the register of STC3100. There are two configurable registers, one is 'Mode register' and other is 'Control register'.I noticed that writing to the Control register is not working. When I write a value on control register, lets say 0x12 or any value,and then whenever I try to read that… (Show more)
Brad Jensen
Hello,   I am looking at using the L6480 in the externally supplied modes, where my system will be supplying: VS = +24V DC VSREG/VCC = +12V VCCREG/VREG = +3.3V   The +24V supplied to VS by the system is removed (floating) during an emergency stop condition.   Can the L6480 handle this situation where VS and thus VBOOT is removed, but the… (Show more)
Bill Drumheller
I am using the L6615 in a 50V bus current sharing application and I have the required voltage divider from each side of the high side current sense resistor to ground but I am unsure if another series resistor needs to be placed in series with the sense pins on the IC.  Any guides on how to calculate these values would be appreciated.  Thanks!
Ioannis Manousakas
In the document EVLCMB1-90WADP, is L2 a simple inductor or a transformer? If it is a transformer, then what is the turns ratio?
Andrea Verdecchia
I want to use the STM6600 controller to manage the power ON/OFF of my microcontroller system. In the specific I want: - Turn ON the system simply pushing a button. - Turn OFF the system simply pushing the same button. - Force the power OFF pushing and holding the same button. I read at pg. 5 on the STM6600 datasheet that "By a long push of… (Show more)
Jacob Heder
Hi   I'm using the L6472 Eval board, revision 1.1.   We got two L6472 Eval board connected to our main stm32f2 board. Both drivers are running smoothly and everything is working, but reading the absolute position register makes no sense.  The absolute register seems to have some faulty bits, which is hardwired to 0.  I'm using the c driver which… (Show more)
Franco Zampicinini
Dear all, I need to know the range of the parameters (load capacitance, series resistance) allowed by the STPM32 IC. I didn't find these values neither on the datasheets nor on the applications.  Can you help me?   Thanks in advance,  Franco.
Hello,   i our Motor Control Board with FOC i have very high losses in the Driver IC L6230Q in the VFQFPN package. In the On-Time of the High side i have a differenz of 2.6V between the Operatine Voltage (21V) and the Output Voltage on the Motorphase. (see picture) Channel 2 (blue) = Opperating Voltage Channel 1 (yellow) = Out 2 measured… (Show more)
Hello, I have made the reverse battery protection according to the datasheet and the UM1557 (user manual) with a diode in the GND line in parallel to a 4.7kOhm resistor. But if I do a reverse supply I detected a high current consumption. This is due to the resistors at the CS outputs that are connected to ground. In my case these are 2.2kOhm… (Show more)
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