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Power Management and Motor Control

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patrick whetman
Hello, I've been using the L6482H discovery board and have got it to work ok. Now I want to control my EVAL6482H board with a nucleo F072RB board but I'm not sure how to proceed.   I tried to download the STSW-SPIN005 firmware library for the L6482 but the link is broken. I've gone into my dSPIN discovery kit > user_motion > dspin and found… (Show more)
Omar Dya
Hi all,   I find some troubles to perform the stability analysis (Gain margin, phase margin) of the regulator A7985A with the tool eDesignSuite. If you have any information that can help I will be grateful.   Regards, Omar.
Zheng Liang
I'm testing the powerSTEP01 with X-NUCLEO-IHM03A1 connected Arduino UNO, and I set parameters with BEMF compensation software. This is the first time I use voltage mode and I faced some problemes with this mode:   Is this mode could noly work at low speed? I run the motors with 1300step/s, the current wave is nice, but at 1500step/s, the wave is… (Show more)
edoardo seminara
Hello everyone, I would like to ask a question about a problem with the integrated STC3115.   I apologize first if the question is displayed incorrectly or implicitly.   I've read some examples including the STSW-BAT001, but I find some problem with reading the remaining time of the battery in my application. I see correctly SOC and other… (Show more)
Adeesh Kale
Hi, I'm trying to design an LED driver using L6599 and L6533 (boost then LLC) stages, I'd like to know if I can use a 300Hz PWM on the STBY pin of 6599 to drive the output in a PWM dimming control? The datasheet doesn't specify the minimum time to come out of STBY low state for the chip. Note that I don't mean to put it in sleep so that it has to… (Show more)
Per Thomas Hille
Does anybody know id the API for FOC library is backward compatible between v.4.3.0 and v.3.2.x ?
Vladimir Glavnyy
I use FOC4.3 for my project based on nucleo303+IHM07M1, with GCC compiler. I found a few errors in the library. May be it can be useful for a MC team or community.   1. Invalid ifdef for CCRAM attributes. GCC compiler not taken and ignored. #if defined (CCMRAM) #if defined (__ICCARM__) #pragma location = ".ccmram" #elif defined (__CC_ARM)… (Show more)
Tim Guiver
I'm using the SPIN3201 eval board and have had it working in sensor-less and Hall modes, but i'm looking for better low very low speed, < 10 rpm behaviour where the halls don't produce smooth torque.    I've attached a 1000 pulse quadrature encoder and from the monitor in ST Motor Control i can see RPM when i turn the motor by hand so i believe… (Show more)
Witold Sowa
Can I connect STPM32 to high-side of a load? If I do so then the shunt probes will be on 230V and 229.9V potentials. That is not wrong yet as I will not connect current negative input (IIN1) to mains neutral. My concern is that current positive pin and voltage negative pin are 0.5mm apart. The first will be at 230V potential, the second on 0V. Any… (Show more)
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