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Power Management and Motor Control

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Mad Max
Hi there, I would like to create a custom PCB build around the STSPIN32F0 MCU which integrates a gate driver and some other fancy features. Now I need to know some specs of that driver but they're not listed in the Datasheet (or am I blind ? Maybe ...).   I need to know the resistance of the driver output for calculating if my MOSFETS will work… (Show more)
Max Schachtschabel
Greetings! After some time experimenting with the STEVAL-SPIN3201 Motorcontroller board, we took it a step further and build our own little PCB with the STSPIN32F0, three power half bridges and an additional Bluetooth chip for external communication (the final goal is the wireless control of two seperate Motors using one joystick). We pretty… (Show more)
Jakub Grajciar
Hi There, I'm bringing up motor using STM32F051C, FOC 4.3, sensorless, 1 shunt. In ramp stage, the motor can spin, but hear continuous noise. After about 20-30 sec, the motor stopped and noise continues. Any suggestions for this issue?    Thanks.
Aleksandr Sergeevich Efremov
Hello!   Our company recieved from the official dealer in our country the TDA7850EP chip. The seller claims that this is an improved version of the TDA7850, but we never heard about. Is it so?I did not find information about this chip on your site. Where can I get its datasheet and description?Sorry for the trouble and thank you in advance.  … (Show more)
etb35 merle
Hi all,   i try to run the SPINFamily Evaluation Tool with my Nucleo-F401RE + IHM03A1 Expantion Board.   If i try to connect to the board, the sowftare returns me an "Communication board initialization failed" error message. I did a firmeware update of the nucleo and i connected all nessesary parts. Whats wrong?   Do i need a binary for the… (Show more)
Aman Singhal
I am not able to open the STEVAL-IHM040V1 FOC SDK workbench settings from st website. STSW-IHM040V1SET - STEVAL-IHM040V1 FOC SDK workbench settings - STMicroelectronics  I extracted the zip and got a file  "SLLIMM-1.stmc". When trying to open it in ST Motor Control Workbench, it is generating an error "Open failed !"
Nazmul Hasan
Hi Benoit RENARD Please let me know the potential consequences of connecting a fan motor (Max 100W) to the A1 terminal of T435-800T (BT138-V marked on schematics) Triac? On the right schematics, please find my intended operation.   Thanking you, Nazmul  
Hi , Just a bit of background. We do motion control products and require smooth low speed to high speed motion. We also need high torque and all this lends itself to BLDC and PMSM motors. From the research Ive done it seems that FOC control may be the best bet. However after getting the dev board mentioned above with the nucleo -F302r8 and teh… (Show more)
Hello,   I'm trying to connect to a steval-spin3201, but having no luck.  Both ST Motor Control Workbench and ST-LINK cannot find it.  If I look in the Device Manager of my PC, I see the "STMicroelectronics STLink Virtual COM Port (COM4)", so the PC recognizes it, just that I can't connect.     ST Motor Control Workbench says "Connection failed!… (Show more)
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