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Power Management and Motor Control

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Jay Matt
We have used ST PN TD351 for close to 10-years now. Just recently, with the Through-Hole package being discontinued, we switched to the surface mount version of TD351.   Attached, please find a section of our print that shows the TD351 interfaced to driving an IR IRFP90N FET. Also attached, please find a data sheet for that IR FET.   Our… (Show more)
Steffen Ludwig
Hi, Does anybody has experience with the evaluation board IPFC01V1 for the PFC-Controller STNRGPF01? My Problem is that the board crashed at a experiment with no load connected to it. Does anybody have an Idea what I´ve done wrong? Do I have to programm the controller with a special software-version maybe?   Thanks for help!   Steffen
Daniel Husztikd
HI! I am evaluating a bldc driver setup for a golf caddy with the stspin3201 eval board. The motor has Hall sensor, so I would like to use it, as the main (and preferably) only sensor. Is it a good idea not to use FOC, only just Hall sensor feedback?  I am having problem with the motor startup period. I use speed control, and the  controller… (Show more)
Daniel Martins
Dear Sirs,      I'm using the component ST1S14PHR in our projects. Now we need mount some prototypes with this component, but no have stocks for this item at no point of purchase (like Mouser, Digikey).    Is it possible to suggest some pin-to-pin component so you can perform these tests?      Kindly
Bo Loof
Hello How do I select the proper PWM frequency (fPWM) for a specific motor? I know how to set the Frequency in the driver but how shall I reason to get the optimal value? Regs Bo
Vlad Simionescu
Hello,   I am working on a custom brushless motor control board. ST offers the "ST Motor Profiler"  but that seems to work only with some stock boards. Is there anyway around this? Is the algorithm available either as source code or library?   Thank you, Vlad
Sami-Pekka Mähönen
Hello everyone,   We are having an issue with STC3115 (fuel gauge) where we are charging our device while it is powered off. After powering on the device, SoC received from STC3115 driver to application shows the same value as it was before charging. Then it takes around 30 minutes or so SoC slowly update to the actual value.     Also to be… (Show more)
sagar Uplenchwar
I am looking for device driver initialization code for H-bridge device L9959 in supported configurations.
Eugen Lorenz
Hello, I would like to use in my design the Transil TVS STIEC45-28ACS and SM30T33CAY as the similar parts. One will be the second source for another. My question is: whether I can use one instead other and what are the difference's between them. Both will be used for transient protection accordingly IEC 61000-4-5 for 8/20 pulse with the peak… (Show more)
Hello, I am using "L6482H discovery board" design example for L6482 chip, for making my own pcb board, using the same mosfets, etc.   At this moment, my board runs really well with 2A stepper motors and 80 mili-ohm R sense resistors. Both commands, Move (DIR, N_STEP) and Run (DIR, SPD),  run very well.   But when I use Run (DIR, SPD) command… (Show more)
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