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Power Management and Motor Control

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Amel N
I've downloaded STM32 FOC SDK for testing closed lo loop stepper driving. Simply reviewing the API, I am not sure the FOC SDK is useful for closed loop control of stepper drive. For example, the shunt resistor configuration class supports 1 shunt and 3 shunt. I want to know anyone there who tried FOC SDK for closed loop stepper control.
Asier Urcelay
Hi, I have downloaded the PSpice model of the VIPer17HD and when I try to simulate with Orcad 16.3, It gives and error: ERROR -- Invalid device in subcircuit. This error is repeated for each line in the .lib. How can I solve it? Thanks
Christian Landry
Trying to communicate to a X-Nucleo IHM11M1 demo board and the Nucleo-F401RE using Tera Term and the IHM11M1 does NOT respond to sent commands.  I am running the X-Cube-SPN11 software sucessfully by uploading it to the IHM11M1.  I can manually start the BLDC motor using the on-board buttons on the -F401RE board.  When I start the terminal emulator… (Show more)
Jobin Jacob Kavalam
I tried to connect the EVAL-STPM32 board to the STPM3x Evaluation Software but encountered the following error when trying to read data.   Error message: "Read buffer length insufficient. The operation has timed out."   PC was running Windows 7 STPM3x Evaluation Software v3.1.0.0   In the "Options -> Interface" menu, the following values were… (Show more)
Jobin Jacob Kavalam
What is the "Admin mode" of the the STPM3x Evaluation Software for ?   What is the password ?   Any help is greatly appreciated.
assegid kidane
The IHM07M1 board has a pinout pattern for the Arduino UNO board. However, when I look at the documentation, not all of the motor drive IC pins are routed to the Arduino. Is it possible to control a BLDC motor with Arduino using this board? If yes, which modes are implemented and are any libraries available? if not, can someone direct me to… (Show more)
Stefan Klammer
Hello everybody,   I'm working on a power supply with a LLC Stage in it. The LLC has following specifications:   Uin: 385V Uout: 28V Iout: 5.75A Switching Frequency: 300kHz   For the secondary side rectification I want to use a SRK2000A but i have the Problem with a delayed Turn-off of the synchronous rectifier MOSFet's. My selected… (Show more)
Suhas Kudale
Hi all. I need a help regarding I2C write operation on one of the register of STC3100. There are two configurable registers, one is 'Mode register' and other is 'Control register'.I noticed that writing to the Control register is not working. When I write a value on control register, lets say 0x12 or any value,and then whenever I try to read that… (Show more)
Dror Laor
I noticed that STEVAL-SPIN3201 is not on the supported boards list for Motor Profiler. Is there an update/path?
Amel N
Any body know how to download STM32 motor control firmware library (i need it to control AC induction machine FOC)? I searched for direct link to download stm32 motor control fw to use it with HAL library but I couldn't find it. Any body can help?
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