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Power Management and Motor Control

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Richard Tarbell
Project: Make one full bridge (non-isolated) rectifier, using two L6491EVAL boards as the gate drivers (the switching transistors mounted to them are FCH190N65F).       Initial testing approach: test the full bridge rectifier circuit as a DC-DC converter (just to verify functionality) by applying 10VDC to the input, vary the PWM duty cycle to… (Show more)
Cesar cfg
Hello,   I have to design a 180V/ 2A brushed dc motor controller board using Hbrdige. My question : is there any high voltage ST eval board for brushed dc motors ? If not, is there a low cost solution to obtain 180V DC from the 230V AC ?   Thank you
The releaseSW command is behaving erratically. We have our own PCB based on ST design. On Power up GoUntil is executed. Limit Switch used is Omron EE-SX951-W. GoUntil never fails and SW input is detected correctly all the time. After GoUntil, ReleaseSW and Move are executed. Sometimes (unpredictably) ReleaseSW and Move are not executed.… (Show more)
From the literature, the abs_pos value is a 22 bit 2's complement integer. but when i move the position above 32768 (16 bit 2s complement maximum), the value resets to negative. I.e. the abs_pos value acts as a 16 bit 2s complement value.  Additionally, using the dSPIN_Move command and using the dSPIN_BUSY to check to make sure it's finished… (Show more)
John Smith
Hello to all! I have one more question about LD3985. I didn't find any information about limitations in high current modes. Output current of LD3985 is 150 mA. Can I use it for 250 mA load (for example) in continuous mode for a long time?
Mehmet Caner Başol
Hello everybody,   We have a problem about led6000's compensation, Can anybody advise me about this subject (documentaion, consideration ...etc.) ?  
Tom Dunn
I am having difficulty discerning information from the datasheet.   1) Where can I find additional information on this IC? (Other than the OrCad Model and Application Sheet.)   2) What voltage can be used to activate/trip the H-Bridge gate to turn on the MOSFETs? Page 7/Tbl 3 of the DS states that the maximum gate/source voltage is 18v. But,… (Show more)
Henro Ritchie
Hi All   I am currently testing a power supply system with a bulk power supply backplane (30V, 12A) and cards that slot in on the backplane. The cards come in various different flavors (24V, 12V, 5V) all using L7986A as the SMPS. The 24V has its own layout (board) while the 12V and 5V use the same board, just configured for the different… (Show more)
Andriy M
I ask about one 12v tvs-diode of ST-electronics manufacture - Bux c543. It was found on sp0812n samgung 80 gb hdd and was soldered through due to overvoltage from psu. Now I need to relace it, but I cannot find any info in the internet on bux series tvs (just the 543- is date marking). So I want to ask for what another tvs I could replace, could… (Show more)
Hello,   how can i reset a fault in Firmware?   i tried MCI_FaultAcknowledged(oMCI), but it doesnt work.   with friendly greetings Eric
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