Torsten Gedenk

Higher-layer CAN Protocol Stacks for STM32

Blog Post created by Torsten Gedenk on Jan 19, 2018

emtas provides various protocol stacks for CAN based protocols. These so called higher-layer protocols include:

  • CANopen 
  • CANopen FD (STM32H7 only)
  • J1939 
  • EnergyBus (aka CiA 454)

These protocol stacks are available for all STM32 types with CAN controllers included. Additionally, these protocols can also be combined in emtas' CAN MultiProtocol stack to develop gateways between these protocols. The CAN MultiProtocol stack can additionally handle proprietary CAN protocols with customer-specific signal definitions.


emtas CAN based protocols stacks are always delivered in ANSI-C source code and the STM32 driver package supports all STM32 types with an integrated bxCAN controller. So with one stack and one driver package all types from the small STM32F0, or low-power STM32L4 to  STM32F7 can be used. Of course, to use CAN FD on the STM32H7 a different driver package is required.