Thomas Borowczak

Welcome to the ST Partner Community

Blog Post created by Thomas Borowczak Employee on Jan 26, 2018

Welcome to the ST Partner Community, a unique place where ST trusted partners and community members can engage and collaborate around innovative offers and services related to ST products.


As a partner, what can you expect from the ST Partner Community ?

Thanks to a dedicated space in our community, you will be able to :

  • highlight your company and offerings
  • engage with our community of engineers & developers who have questions about your products and services
  • Expose your offer and updates on your activities through blogs, documents, discussion, videos
  • keep the community informed of events both online and local
  • participate in the broader community to help more people be successful

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As a community member, what can you expect from the ST Partner Community ?

  • accelerate your development with a direct access to an extended ecosystem of offers and services around ST products provided by trusted partner companies expert in :
  • learn, ask, and collaborate with partner companies and other fellow community members
  • stay informed about latest ST partners activities

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