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Hi, I am trying to read the LIS2DH12 using the I2C and DMA. I got everything configured via STM32CubeMx.    When I want to read the LIS2DH12 (WHO_AM_I @0x0F) I call:   HAL_I2C_Master_Receive_DMA(&hi2c1, (uint16_t)SLAVE_ADDRESS, (uint8_t *)I2CRxBuf, 1);   I have defined the below:  SLAVE_ADDRESS 0x330F   // (slave address 0x33 and read adress… (Show more)
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Bilal Ahmad
Hello,   Currently,  am working with  lis2dh12 mem sensor for my ble application. I am using accelerometer to detect movement and then reading data from accelerometer using bypass mode. During no movement, the power consumption reading of my device is 20 uA  with advertisement interval 4 sec while during movement it is 500 uA with advertisement… (Show more)
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Cédric Caron
The default application here doesn't allow to use the multi-zone feature mentionned in this PR. I believe I'll need to wait for the API source code to be released to get access to this feature. It turns out that as of today, there is no download available on this page. Can I get an idea on when such code will be released ?   Thank
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Vikram baliga
If i shake the sensor board, acceleration is produced in the corresponding axis. but if i tap on the board, to produce higher g values, say 200g - 400g, the acceleration spike is seen in all the 3 axis, not just axis which I had tapped.
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I am using a STEVAL-MKI109v2 with a STEVAL-MKI172v1 sensor board. When I run Unico the MKI109v2 is not in the list of devices but the MKI172v1 is. When I select MKI172v1 and attempt to connect I get the following error:   ERROR: The adapter board has not been Recognized. The WHO_AM_I register does not match the device selected.   Any… (Show more)
in MEMS and Sensors Forum
Shadab Zafar
I have a SensorTile Kit (STLKT01V1) running the ALL-MEMS demo which I can control via a phone running the Blue MS app.   But that app only records one kind of data at a time. So I can either record audio OR i can log sensor data like accelerometer etc. I want to record both of these simultaneously.   How do I go about doing that?   I also tried… (Show more)
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Hello All,   I am having a a bit of an issue working with my SensorTile kit. I am able to get the demo apps working and so on, but I now want to start on my own project.   For the moment I have just tried to set the MCU up using CubeMX and I am trying to use the StdC Libs from ST's GitHub and I am only concentrating on the LSM6DSM. From what I… (Show more)
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Fernandez Pastrana
Hi everybody,   I am currently working with an LSM9DS1 and I am using the official Linux drivers. I want to use the hardware interrupts of the device to wake up my microprocessor. I have already do it with other GPIO interrupts. However, for same reason I am not able to do it with these.   I have configured the Device Tree as follows:         /*… (Show more)
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David Abdallah
Hi All,   I'm using an LIS2DE12 in stream mode with the watermark set to 15 FIFO entries and with the WTM bit being driven out INT1. When INT1/WTM goes high, I read out 16 FIFO entries and, as expected, INT1/WTM goes low about halfway through the transfer when the number of remaining FIFO entries falls below the watermark. However, occasionally,… (Show more)
in MEMS and Sensors Forum
Tomas Hamouz
What is LSM9DS1 standby consumption (all sensors off)? The datasheet says nothing, no value in Electrical characteristics section. Its predecessor LSM9DS0 has 6uA typical.
in MEMS and Sensors Forum
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