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Michael Steege
Two questions.  I'm implementing the VL6180X sensor in a system that needs to detect presence of objects placed in a tray.   The objects are generally small glass vials with different colored caps.     Question 1:  In ambient office lighting, the objects are detected at expected distances if the colored caps face the detector.  If the glass bottom… (Show more)
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Tommaso De Gennaro
Hi at all, I am using the BlueSTSDK Android App to receive data transfered via Bluetooth Low Energy by the STEVAL-STLKT01V1 SensorTile. I would like to detect accelerometer events as orientations, single taps, etc, with this app but I don't undestand how to unblock the "Accelerometer Events" in the "Feature list" activity.   In the… (Show more)
in MEMS and Sensors Forum
We're trying to get some LIS3MDL parts for some sample boards we are making. Seems there is no supply anywhere. Does anyone know what the problem is, or when it's likely to be sorted? Better still: any ideas where I can get say 5 of these sensors ASAP?
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Tomislav Bačurin
Hello, I am using VL6180X-SATEL on STM42F4 Discovey Board and download the STSW-IMG003 software. When I implement it in Keil v5.0.0 and try to use vl6180x_simple_ranging.c code, program shows mi 3 errors, that file vl6180x_sample_plat.h in vl6180x_simple_ranging.c cannot be found, and that unist.h and pthread.h cannot be found in… (Show more)
in MEMS and Sensors Forum
Hi, I have a project that uses LIS3DH. I just noticed an update at the Datasheet and now there is a  CTRL_REG0 that I can disable the SA0 pull-up. Is this available since the beginning or just on new batches of the device?
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I'm testing a LIS3DH and set the FS bit to 00 (+/-2g measurement range). I get about 16600 at 1g. The datasheet says 1mg/digit.  Then I found in another application note (AN3182) that the sensor uses 12 bits left justified values. This could explain why I get this result. Could anybody explain this? What value should I get if I activate the… (Show more)
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Andrei Chichak
I've been able to get the LIS3DSH working for single values by doing this: transmitData[0] = (uint8_t) (LIS3DSH_READ | LIS3DSH_X_L); SPISend( transmitData, receiveData, 2); xl = receiveData[1]; But if I wanted to read out multiple values in one transaction, I'd expect that I could do something like: transmitData[0] = (uint8_t) (LIS3DSH_READ |… (Show more)
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Giorgio Cancelli
I tried to read the default I2C password (address 2304 with E2 = 1) that should be 0000 0000h whilst I found FFFF FFFFh. For verification I also tried to read the other System parameter sector and the returned values are matching what explained into the datasheet. I haven't implemented the function to change the password so I'm pretty sure it… (Show more)
in MEMS and Sensors Forum
Hi, all I'm using some VL6180X devices on my custom board. Then, their range offset seem to change every start up about ±5mm, although I adjust the offset as directed in application note. What affects the range offset? Under normal circumstances, is it enough with only once adjustment? Is this problem specific to my board? Does anyone has the… (Show more)
in MEMS and Sensors Forum
I'm trying to use UNICO with an eval board that contains the LPS22HB sensor.  I cannot find this device under their Environmental sensors device list.  Is there a way to add it to the list, or to update UNICO?  I'm using version  Is there an updated version that has the LPS22HB pressure sensor in it?
in MEMS and Sensors Forum
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