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orhun erol
Hi;    I have stm32f103c8t6 mcu and LSM330 6DOF imu sensor. I try to read from LSM330TR imu sensor. I have a problem.  When I read gyro datas from imu, everything is OK. I can read them, but when I tried to  read acc datas from imu, I can't read them. I think problem is in sensor or there is something out of sight. Could you help me solve this… (Show more)
in MEMS and Sensors Forum
neil young
This document provides information regarding an "Activity/Inactivity recognition" on page 51ff. The section has been added in Jan 2017. I recently purchased a… (Show more)
in MEMS and Sensors Forum
francis kumar
Hi, I am using lsm9ds1 sensor in my design, i am looking linux driver for this sensor. Please help me. Thanks,
in MEMS and Sensors Forum
With the configuration below I'm attempting to receive and interrupt from INT1 when there is acceleration along the Z axis. However INT1 alwyas stays high...Not sure whats going on //ctrl_reg1 LIS3DH_WriteReg(LIS3DH_CTRL_REG1, 0x24); //ctrl 2 LIS3DH_WriteReg(LIS3DH_CTRL_REG2, 0x01); //ctrl_reg3 LIS3DH_WriteReg(LIS3DH_CTRL_REG3, 0x40);… (Show more)
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Nicolas Hugget
Hi,   I am working with the Lsm9ds0 sensor and i would like to properly configure the Click recognition. After reading the datasheet I manage to rise an interrupt on a click but i still have a question about this functionality:     What is the unit of the threshold on the CLICK_THS register, is it 16 mg per LSB as in the Act_THS register or is… (Show more)
in MEMS and Sensors Forum
Donald Chen
Hey guys, I am doing single and double click interrupt generate for LIS3DH accelerometer. I have a question, it is possible single click will generate interrupt when set both single&double click. I found out the accelerometer will only generate interrupt when I tap on the accelerometer twice. So, it is possible to generate interrupt when I tap the… (Show more)
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Dilbert K
I just started the SensorTile project and have installed the AC6 System Workbench. Download 2 different SDK from ST. STLKT_v1.2.0 BlueMicrosystem2_V2.2.0 The STLKT is fined, I could build and load the sample code into SensorTile without issue.  … (Show more)
in MEMS and Sensors Forum
Does anyone have any characteristics for the AA filter and method on the LIS3DH accelerometer? E.g. slope, number of poles, type... Thanks Kevin
in MEMS and Sensors Forum
Alessandro Capezzera
Hi, I was trying to use esp8266 wifi sensor as a client to send data, measured with other sensor, to my online web server. I'm using this library: ESP8266 - a mercurial repository | mbed  but there's nothing about sending http requests or I'm missing something. thanks for support
in MEMS and Sensors Forum
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