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Erich Neumann
Hi. I am using the LSM9DS0, and have observed a lot of noise on the z-Axis of the Accelerometer Data. The attached picture is a plot showing the noise while operating at 100Hz in the +-2g range. Is this a normal level of noise for this device, or am I doing something wrong, or is the device defective?   kind regards. Erich Neumann
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I wonder that ST has plan to make another enhanced version of VL53L0x.   VL53L0x's I2C speed and output rate is slow.   If a spi interfaced device is made, I hope that it would support the daisy chain.   Currently multiple sensor interface is very complex.   And I hope that the API library is more simple and light.   Additionally, a right… (Show more)
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Amel N
I am new to Accelerometers .I am using H3LIS100DL, how to initialize or configure H3LIS100DL? I s there any source code for this? please help me on this.
Hi, LIS3DH, I don't move it. Sampling rate 400 Hz, CTRL_REG2=0. +-2g full scale : (0g;0g;1g) out value +-4g full scale : (0g;0g;1g) out value +-8g full scale : (0g;0g;1g) out value +-16g full scale : (0g;0g;0,67g) out value What is going wrong?
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Alan Chambers
I am trying to configure the iNemo to assert INT1 when significant motion is detected. I have followed AN4650 closely (the configuration matches that given in AN4650 Section 6.2 at the end of the section), but no interrupt is ever generated. I am using a STEVAL-MKI160V1 plugged into another board. I'm probing INT1 on the STEVAL while shaking the… (Show more)
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I'm just getting started with the CCA02M1 expansion board, Nucleo '476RG and X-CUBE-MEMSMIC1 software. I've got the software compiling in Kiel, and the USB-audio interface works well. (44.1kHz sampling doesn't seem to work properly, though 16 and 48kHz are fine. The documentation is a bit ambiguous regarding support for 44.1kHz, but that's not a… (Show more)
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Hello guys,   I'm using LIS3DH accelerometer in my current design. I need it to detect the movement. ODR is set to be 10Hz. According to this application note document (page 10), LIS3DH should consume about 4uA of the current in both Normal and Low power modes. However, when I measure the current consumption, I get the value of about 78uA… (Show more)
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Wanming Lin
hi, all   I want to enable STEVAL-MKI119V1 on Windows platform, but without an available software. I contacted the STMicroelectronics Support team, but they told me that product STEVAL-MKI119V1 is obsolete, they do not retain any information or data on obsolete products. Fortunately, they also told me that there are also online distributors… (Show more)
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My suppliers in Australia say it is obsolete and Mouser quote 20 weeks delivery. Digikey show no stock and I cannot get an availability. ST website says it is active. Can someone recommend an equivalent to this. I need to get hold of 25 of these now and a further 150 in 3-4 weeks time. 
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