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Hi to all, I got a problem with LIS3MDL magnetometer, that is I am not able to retrieve data from it. I initialize it as follow: 0x20B0    that is CTRL_REG1 ->0xB0    // Enable temperature sensor | XY medium performance 0x2100    that is CTRL_REG2 ->0x00    // Set full scale range 0x2200    that is CTRL_REG3 ->0x00    // Continuous conversion mode… (Show more)
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Alex Oviawe
Hello everyone,   To make this quick, I'm hoping to find any guidance on a particular issue we're having. We've developed a prototype wearable using ST's accel/gyro/magneto module. However we're trying to reduce the errors/drifts inherent to the Accel/Gyro (not concerned about the Magneto) and rather than using the common but complex Kalman… (Show more)
in MEMS and Sensors Forum
Hello, For a project we are using the LSM330DLC 3D accelerometer and 3D gyroscope module. Chapter 4.1. of the datasheet (Doc ID 022162 Rev 2) mentions self-test functionality, which can be enabled by setting the self-test bit. However none of the registers mentioned in Chapter 8 have a reference to this self-test bit. Could you please indicate in… (Show more)
in MEMS and Sensors Forum
Michael Moon
Hi all,   I'm playing with the LSM6DSL sensor on the IKS01A2 board.   I'm trying to use the FIFO to record and buffer accelerometer and gyro data.   The accelerometer works fine and reading the gyro registers directly gives sensible data, however the gyro data in the FIFO for all 3 axes is *always* 0x7FFF (ie MAX_INT for int16_t).   I have… (Show more)
in MEMS and Sensors Forum
Hy, for a proof of concept I created five identical devices, each having 3 VL53L0X, so I have an overall of 15 VL53L0X that are mounted (behind an acrylic glass shade) and connected (via 2.8V, I2C) identically. During test of my devices I observe, that one of the sensors has quite exact the half sensitivity of all other devices: amplitude is… (Show more)
in MEMS and Sensors Forum
In LIS3DH datasheet (Doc ID 17530) on figure 3 page 12/42 we can see: "When no communication is on-going, data on CS, SPC, SDI and SDO are driven by internal pull-up resistors." What is the pull-up value? Are these pull-up still active if the LIS3DH is put in power down mode?
in MEMS and Sensors Forum
John Cooper
Hello,   I am having an issue with the H3LIS331 thresholds. I have all the thresholds setup in high interrupt mode for all axis. The high pass filter is enabled, my range is 400Gs, my sample rate is 100Hz and my communication spi clock is 1Mhz. Sometime when I read a the acceleration values after an interrupt I get value less than my threshold. … (Show more)
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Hi, I have a project that uses LIS3DH. I just noticed an update at the Datasheet and now there is a  CTRL_REG0 that I can disable the SA0 pull-up. Is this available since the beginning or just on new batches of the device?
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Nitish Arora
The error says "Symbol rotAcc multiply defined in osx_motion_pe.o and osx_motion_id.o". But there is no such symbol in both their header files. I am trying to execute the MotionPE and MotionID libraries provided by ST Please Help Regards Nitish
in MEMS and Sensors Forum
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