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Davide Spina
I'm having some troubles using the VL53L0X sensor (53L0-SATEL-I1 board); I used the other satellite board included in the x-nucleo-53L0A1 without any problems, but the 53L0-SATEL-I1 isn't working properly; it seems that the I2C bus is not available when i try to communicate with other sensors in the same bus. Using an oscilloscope i see that the… (Show more)
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Nitish Arora
While uploading the binary file, I am unable to flash the code to my stm32l476jgy6 while using the ST BlueMS android app. The code is uploaded 100 percent but it is not flashed. Attaching the screenshot for the above problem Please Help
in MEMS and Sensors Forum
What is the meaningful of "SPI only write" SIM bit of CTRL_REG3_M (22h) register? How magnetometer values can be read if SPI is in write only mode?
in MEMS and Sensors Forum
Itamar Eliakim
Hello,     I am trying to operate the VL53L0X through ADLINK I2C SEMA3.5R7 (com express) interface. I initialized all the registers correctly according to -  vl53l0x-arduino/VL53L0X.cpp at master · pololu/vl53l0x-arduino · GitHub    after around ~1 min of use(continuously read the 16bit from 0x13) the device halts, i get 0 on all of the… (Show more)
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Waqas Ahmad
Hi, I am using H3LIS200DL with RFduino (RFD22102 ) as microntroller, I have used the schematic given in data sheet except I have connected CS pin to Vdd (for using I2C). Also I am using Arduino H3LIS331Dl_demo code attached below.   The IC works fine for 5mins and then readings become constant. And when I use it again after 10 hours or so, it… (Show more)
in MEMS and Sensors Forum
I'm using the LSD6DSL in an application where the sampling rate (ODR for the MEMs) is important. The ODR in the datasheet is only given as "Typical". Could I get a more precise specification for the ODR, e.g. min/max values over the entire temperature range. I suppose this ODR is generated from an internal oscillator with tolerance, temperature… (Show more)
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Rob Parsons
Hello,   I have an EVALSTPM34 board. I am trying to access the board via the UART using the 'STPM3x Evaluation Software' v3.1.0.0   J7 has 3.3v supply attached.  J2 has TTL-232R-3V3 cable attached. PC recognizes the TTL-232R-3V3  as COM5. J3 jumper is removed. SW1 has all SWs in ON position.   I start up the STPM3x Evaluation Software.… (Show more)
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Soumya Subramanya
I have a MKI72V1 adapter board. On Unico with V5 it does show up on the devices list however when I select the device I get an error message saying the device is not supported by the motherboard. Please advise.  
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Cesco Gar
Hi, I have a problem to make interrupts (INT1 exactly) work with my LIS2DH12 Accelerometer. What I am trying to do is to make the int1 trigger when there is a Y-axis high event (or low event). I have setted all the required Registers for INT1 but it seems it is not working and I have even tried to look with an oscilloscope to see if it is doing… (Show more)
in MEMS and Sensors Forum
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