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Dear all   We are using LIS2DH12 accelerometer in our product. We are juat about to launch the production and sales when we faces a weird problem. Suddenly the accelerometer starts reporting values like 0, 4 and -4, instead of normal values somewhere around 1000 and 0 when not moving the device. In error situation the values don't change even… (Show more)
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Anusuya Nallathambi
Hi I apologize if this is a stupid question but I would appreciate it if someone can clear it for me. In LIS3DH, based on the mode selected, there are different Output Data rates (ODR) available for choice.  What is this output data rate ? Is it similar to sampling rate ? For instance, If I select a normal mode output at 1.344 KHz, does that… (Show more)
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zhaozhen zhou
hi,i can get the value of three-axis acceleration sensor,but how to calculate the angle?who can help?
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dehai wo
       I have found a puzzling problem while I reading the document AN3308,On page 17,table 9.In my opinion, 1g come from the formula : a = (0x4000 -> 0x400 = 1024)*2000mg/2048.So get the correct value : 1g , In the same way, 350mg should come from: a = (Ox15e0 -> 0x15e = 350)*2000mg/2048 , but the calculation is 341.8,not equal to 350.      … (Show more)
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Mark Williams
Hi, we are upgrading our product from a LSM9DS0 to a LSM9DS1. During testing, we are unable to get tilt compensation working with the compass on the LSM9DS1.   We have calibrated the compass. When using the code below, this works perfectly on the LSM9DS0.   When using on the LSM9DS1, it doesn't compensate.  Is there a difference between the… (Show more)
in MEMS and Sensors Forum
Fahad Mirza
I like to use the Sleep-to-wake and Return-to-sleep feature of the LIS2DE12. I am wondering what axis value is compared with the threshold value (ACT_THS). Can I select the axis? The datasheet doesn't say much!
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I've been trying to understand how to interpret and format the data I'm getting from the accelerometer. First, my setup:   Low power, 5.376KHz ODR, 16G full scale, normal resolution mode, ZHIE enabled, ZLOW disabled, THS set to 30   (First I need to understand how to interpret and format the data with the above configuration, then I can work on… (Show more)
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Attila .
Hi everyone!   I'm working with the LIS2DS12 accelerometer chip with STM32F4xx via SPI. I could make the sensor alive, configure it (configuration is checked by an SPI read back) to operate in FIFO mode with threshold interrupt on INT1 pin which works properly (checked on scope). My problem is that somehow the read values are not correct. During… (Show more)
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Tomas Forssén
I try to use the lis3dh in FIFO_STREAM mode and HighRes mode. But when I read the values they seem to only be 10bit values. (I am setting CTRL_REG4 = 0x08, CTRL_REG5=0x40 and ODR=100Hz.)   According to AN3308 16-bits values are stored in the FIFO. In the LIS3DH datasheet, on the front page it says "16-bit data output FIFO". But further down in… (Show more)
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Alexandre T
Hello,   I implemented a DMA with my LIS2HH12 to avoid losing datas.   The problem is that my DMA is too fast, I am able to read at 1.8kHz (1800 (x,y,z) datas in 1 second) thanks to my DMA but the max ODR that I can choose on my accelerometer is 800Hz. So I am wasting a lot of memory with my DMA cause if I choose a 400Hz ODR if have a new data… (Show more)
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