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surya pradhan
Hello,   I am interfacing SPI based LSM6DS3 accelerometer to imx7 based board. I got LSM6DS3 driver from  "GitHub - STMicroelectronics/STMems_Linux_Input_drivers ". Added device tree for this (kernel-4.1.15) as below.           lsm6ds3@0{                 compatible = "st,lsm6ds3";                 reg = <0>;                 spi-cpha;… (Show more)
in MEMS and Sensors Forum
Hi,   I have X-NUCLEO-IKS01A1 having 4 MEM sensors ,I have seen that this board is compatible with arduino UNO,I have connected the board same as like the ST nucleio board,but I couldn't find the sensors giving output with arduino UNO code . I have also connected the board with Intel edison,but I couldn't detect the addresses of the sensors.Can… (Show more)
in MEMS and Sensors Forum
Dilbert K
I am using the BlueNRG-MS on SensorTile and loaded the BlueMicrosystem2 firmware. When connecting/disconnecting with ST BlueMS App using iPhone.  Everything is OK.   When testing the same with Android phone (Android 5.0.1), it can connect and communicate. However, after exit the ST BlueMS App and try to Scan for device again.  The device cannot… (Show more)
in MEMS and Sensors Forum
Daniel Schulze
We have two prototype boards each equipped with a LIS331HH.   One of the sensors seems completely broken because the Z axis shows values around 2.3g while laying flat on the table. Because of that we were now looking into self tests to check all sensors in production. We query all the axis and divide each value by 16. The data sheet tells us… (Show more)
in MEMS and Sensors Forum
Sun.Li.001 Sun
Hello,   I am using VL53L0X to perform range measurement. I knew there are C APIs and examples that provided by ST already. However, due to I am developing my project by other language, I think I should access to registers to achieving measurement.   My problem is I don't know the definition and valid value of all registers. I tried to find… (Show more)
in MEMS and Sensors Forum
quentin duhamel
Hi,   I'm having trouble with HTS221 device driver integration (for a FreeRTOS app). ST provides a platform independent driver (see ). But those drivers have functions which need to be remapped :          // the user must redefine the proper HTS221_WriteReg          #define… (Show more)
in MEMS and Sensors Forum
Jose Marcelino
We're using the LIS2HH12 accelerometer and there's a temperature sensor listed in the datasheet accessible via the temp_L and temp_H registers (16 bits).   However the numbers I get don't make any sense.   The datasheet mentions "Temperature sensor output change vs. temperature" of 8 digit/°C 11-bit resolution, -40 to 80C range and that the it… (Show more)
in MEMS and Sensors Forum
Hello:   What kind of problem would be caused if pins 2 and 3, marked as NC in the data sheet, were grounded? Would it cause the device to not function?   Thanks...
in MEMS and Sensors Forum
Babu Alikapati
Hi,   I am using LSM9DS1 IMU for one of our android-6.0 based product. As referred in below links, HAL Layer :  GitHub - STMicroelectronics/STMems_Android_Sensor_HAL_Input  Drivers: GitHub - STMicroelectronics/STMems_Linux_Input_drivers  After integrating above stacks, we are seeing some of the CTS failures.   Please suggest us correct… (Show more)
in MEMS and Sensors Forum
Tommaso De Gennaro
Hi at all, I am trying to implement gesture recognition with a SensorTile, to develope my firmware I started studying the BlueMicrosystem2 example, and so I was able to detect simple gestures as the wrist's orientation. Now I would like to recognize some gestures a few more complex, as draw a letter in the air or a symbol, what could be the way to… (Show more)
in MEMS and Sensors Forum
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