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Flash ST10F272 with ST10 Flasher tool
in Legacy MCUs
salah gafoor
Hi,   I'm working over a project using a66 assembly programming on ST10F269-Q3.   Since I'm very new to this environment, I would like to get some tutorial support for the mentioned. Thanks in advance,   Salah   assembly language a66 st10f269-q3 st10 st10f276 keil c166 assembler keil
in Legacy MCUs
Naresh Guru
Good day, Trying to find ST micro part number from body marking code attached picture, First line: ST logo followed (ec)G Second line: FUN Third line: GP 635 Can someone help me to recognize right part number?
in Legacy MCUs
I used an IGBT STGD6NC60H and now this component exist nowhere, do you know a website selling this component or an alternative with the same characteristics . regards
in Legacy MCUs
Sai Guduguntla
Hello everyone, I am trying to read and write memory from M95080-w eeprom using um232H-B spi communication. Whenever I read from eeprom i am getting 0xFF as out. If anyone had similar problem please share your ideas or example code. Thanks in Advance, Best Regards Sai G
in Legacy MCUs
dimitri doutriaux
Hello,   I am using BlueBRG 2 on a low power application. My device is communicating using SPI to an external device. When I try to go in low power mode, the lowest current consumption that I can achieve is around 90uA.   When the BlueNRG goes to sleep, my GPIO pins that are used for the SPI go to some floating voltage (around 0.8V). As my… (Show more)
in Legacy MCUs
Hi all, I have searched all over the internet for ST-CAPS but there is no luck. It's supposed to be on but i cant find it there. All i have found is the old link which have been broken. Can anyone show me where to download this? Thanks.
in Legacy MCUs
John Voltz
Hi, I have a couple of questions. Is there somewhere to download the STVD9 development software? Also, is the ST9 still in production, and if so, what distributors have any stock?   Thanks!
in Legacy MCUs
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