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swaroop burre
# Hi, I am using the STR912FAWX44 microcontroller. I want to use internal i2c for my application. Can you suggest the configuration for or code example for it?   Regards, Swaroop
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Benarjee Pasam
Hi Everybody,   Myself Pasam Benarjee working as a Sr.Embedded engineer in Astra Microwave Products Ltd.   i have issue for the Str912 Bootloader implementation .if any one knows about the information regarding it .   pls help me out.   Regards, Benarjee.
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Ranish chandran
hHai every body,iam using ST62T25C6 in a control board used for opening and closing of a valve. I copied the program from old IC to New one, when i insert new one the program is not enabling and when i insert old one its working fine. could anybody help m
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salah gafoor
Hi,   I'm working over a project using a66 assembly programming on ST10F269-Q3.   Since I'm very new to this environment, I would like to get some tutorial support for the mentioned. Thanks in advance,   Salah   assembly language a66 st10f269-q3 st10 st10f276 keil c166 assembler keil
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Flash ST10F272 with ST10 Flasher tool
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Bob Zhang
Now, I am study Smart Graphic Accelerator of STA1295, but I found it's hard to understand the SGA through the USER MANUAL. So it there any demo or documents which show how does the SGA work, and how to draw a simple line and display on the screen?
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Brad Funsten
Hi, I have been wondering how to obtain the GUI specifically for the ST7570 S-FSK Demonstration Kit. It seems ST discontinued their software download links for this device. If possible, does anyone have a link for the GUI? Thanks.
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bharti sharma
Hello all, My question is regarding duty cycle vary according to ADC value I am using STM32F030R8T6 Controller TIM3 is used to generate 20khz signal Prescaler value is 47 and count period is 50 I want to vary duty cycle of 20khz signal according to ADC value(0-3.3v) but I am unable to do this so please guide me  another question is if I want to… (Show more)
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