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Brad Funsten
Hi, I have been wondering how to obtain the GUI specifically for the ST7570 S-FSK Demonstration Kit. It seems ST discontinued their software download links for this device. If possible, does anyone have a link for the GUI? Thanks.
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bharti sharma
Hello all, My question is regarding duty cycle vary according to ADC value I am using STM32F030R8T6 Controller TIM3 is used to generate 20khz signal Prescaler value is 47 and count period is 50 I want to vary duty cycle of 20khz signal according to ADC value(0-3.3v) but I am unable to do this so please guide me  another question is if I want to… (Show more)
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Anusree PV
As per data sheet of LM339, the input voltage range is from -0.3V to 36V. We are using LM339 as a Comparator in our circuit , in certain cases, we have a voltage of -0.7V at Vin ( inverting). which is above the specification. Will it cause damage to Opam? What will be the behavior of Opam in this case? VCC is +24V and GND.
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Roman Shulenkov
   During development of a driver for ISP1763a usb device (gadget) under Linux OS, I had some difficulties, which I hope you will help us solve. The driver ISP1763a works on the NOR interface in asynchronous multiplex mode, the bus 16 bit. Before I say that the driver for usb host ISP1763a works correctly. The driver problem is that only… (Show more)
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Does anyone have it to share? I would like to test. Theres no eval version on pls website.
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I  want to know how to programm st10f273 in boot strap mode ,can anyone provide the procedure and connection diagram of the circuit?
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Bhavan Raibagi
Dear Sir/madam,   There is available of ST92150JDV1QAuto development board int So, let me know is there any development board is available with controller.
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Hi,  Everyone!   I'm Sorry about asking  PLC problem on STM32s MCU community.   I have bought a PLC evaluation B'd that is STEVAL-IHP007V1 . And  make test enviroment like below.         PC <-- UART -->  STEVAL-IHP007V1  <---> AC Power Line I was installed  ST7580 GUI package on Window10 NotePC. The GUI connected to PC  via COM port. I… (Show more)
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