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Eduard Ch
Sometimes, STM32CubeMX just stuck at generating code, and i am not able to do anything. Just end the process from Task Manager. What does happen? P.S. Jawaw.exe in the Task Manager not load my CPU at all.
in Legacy MCUs
Compiler, debugger emulator. Is it standard ST7 tool? What programming adapter?
in Legacy MCUs
Hi. I'am a starter in MCU programming. I got MCB-STR9 Development board which is done by using str912faw44 MCU(ARM 9 based). I also got uVİsion 4 software for MCU programming. I could not find any kind of beginner tutorials online. Could someone help me. Where can I find tutorial or what is your advice for me to do? I know normal C Programming,… (Show more)
in Legacy MCUs
I'm looking for a complete ISP solution via ethernet, with a boot-loader in Flash bank 1 and a PC-software for configuration of the ethernet communication, flash bank switching and download. of the application-SW( hex-file) in the flash bank 0. This is for a microcontroller STR 912FAW42x6.
in Legacy MCUs