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Pascal Zosso
Hello everybody,   Since the release of the new documentation (Datasheet V5 and Command Guide V2), I'm looking for more detailed informations about SPI interface, SPI timing and SPI dialogue.... but the new doc is still poor in informations about SPI (really poor).   After lot of trial, I could send a SOCKDW on my SPI: 02 00 0F 4A 03 01 00 01… (Show more)
hello , SPWF04SA  ,can not send message just receive  the WiFi is freeze whe:n sending a message , receiving is working very  good ,writing fails  i used Uart   please advice  :   +WIND:0:Console active +WIND:3:Watchdog Running:20 +WIND:32:WiFi Hardware Started +WIND:19:WiFi Join:3C:1E:04:03:B9:46 +WIND:25:WiFi Association successful:yaniv… (Show more)
I am currently trying to scan and log advertisement data using STEVAL-IDB007V1.  Advertisement data will be coming out of separate BLE compatible module.    Would this be possible using BlueNRG GUI and python script?    Could anyone point me to a right direction for this?    Thank you
yoann LBY
Hi,   SPWF04Sx with FW1.1.0, mode miniAP i loaded certificat in the wifi module CA, cert and key based on ECC (prime256v1 aka NIST P-256)   and i run cmd AT+S.HTTPGET. I have error: +WIND:29:DHCP Reply: AT+S.HTTPGET=,tls/cert.pem,443,2,,,ServerCert.pem, AT-S.Http Client Error:1 AT-S.ERROR:111:Request… (Show more)
aqib riaz
i am using blue nrg-1 on  STEVAL-IDB007V1 and sdk2.5.0. i am trying to add the device information service (0x180A) but it always return 0x1f. my code is given below. please tell me what is wrong with it i have bold the part which i added to add service.         /******************** (C) COPYRIGHT 2016 STMicroelectronics ******************** *… (Show more)
Rohan Gupta
Hello Everyone,   Even if I load the DER binary format into my wifi-module SPW40SA , The subject key identifier won't be detected automatically by the module. I have to manually add the key and if I try the simple AT+S.HTTPGET demostrated in AN4963 document for the i get Certificate error:23(The CA could not be found)  . I even… (Show more)
Dmytro Medvid
Hello everybody! Is there a limitation for length of HTTP request? I mean for <path&queryopts> in HTTPPOST/GET. 
Alex Co
Hi all I bought some SP1ML modules... It seems that their main reason is to be easely driven by external uController. However, I would like to trim my schematic and BOM and use the internal microcontroller both for I/O and to drive transceiver. I tried to search for some source-code libraries  or something but ST has just .bin firmware files.  … (Show more)
Michael Brown
SPBT3.0DP2 is a great tiny bluetooth module with a great potential. I am using the module as a serial link - SPP profile. I am having problems with receiving data by the host. Sending data from the host works just fine, it reaches the remote device without problems. However, when the remote device sends data, the data loss is huge. The host only… (Show more)
Hi to all, I'm working on NUCLEO F411RE board with WiFi platform NUCLEO WIFI SPWFSA01; I'm using the X_NUCLEO_IDW01M1v2 mbed library to use this WiFi module. Library works perfectly but I'd like to read the WiFi "WIND" asynchronous messages, not by polling but with an external event like interrupt or something like this; my goal is to waiting… (Show more)
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