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Hi, I would like to debug a program on BlueNRG-1 using SWD interface on idb007v1 board. Unfortunately, I cannot even program the chip via this interface.   Here is my configuration: 1) ST-Link/V2 is connected by 20-lines  ribbon cable to CN7 connector 2) idb007v1 board is powered from USB 3) ST-Link/V2 firmware version V2J30S7 4) Windows… (Show more)
Wolfgang Reinig
Hi,   I really like the idea behind the SPBTLE-1S module. It's a perfect package for smart innovators/startups which do not have the capacity/budget for a complete HW development with certification effort around the BlueNRG-1 SoC and which do not really know if and how many devices they will sell.   I'm looking for a low cost toolchain for the… (Show more)
Hello All. I've been looking at using the ST7590 OFDM Power Line communications module in a project. However I've found the information published on STs website to be very lacking in technical details. From what information is available I'm sure that it can do what I need and do it well but I have no idea how to make it do it. I've raised a… (Show more)
Feitze van Zwol
Hi, I have an Arduino, which sends measured values to a SPWF04S module. I'm using the built-in http-server to remotely read these values. Because it is connected to the (semi-)public university wifi network, I was wondering if it was possible to somehow password protect the http server.   I searched the manuals, but I cannot find a built-in… (Show more)
Evgeny Boltunov
Hello!   I am searching for the simple way of pairing on BlueNRG-1 by pressing a button on device. We have a device, which has no keyboard and display, only some buttons. We want to enable/confirm pairing on this device by pressing a button. We also need to bond this device to smartphone for communication. What pairing mode can you advice to use… (Show more)
Good morning to all,   I have a little problem with my module. After a filesystem update I send the command AT+CFUN=1 to reset the module. The module return OK, return "+WIND:2:Reset" but don't resect. Why? Stefano
Hello, I'm evaluating the SPBT3.0DP2 as a replacement for an AMBER AMB2300 module, which is used in a RS485 to Bluetooth converter device designed around 2007. This converter is used to communicate an Android mobile phone application with an automation controller. The Android application emulates a serial terminal, behaving like an old Televideo… (Show more)
Fede Rico
Hi there,   I'm working on STM32F103 and a WiFi module SPWF01SA. I used the ST middleware and I can communicate with the WiFi module only without the Hardware Flow control.   I configured the USART1 with Flow Control using Cube32Mx   huart1.Instance = USART1;   huart1.Init.BaudRate = 115200;   huart1.Init.WordLength = UART_WORDLENGTH_8B;  … (Show more)
Tia Meng
We are using SPWF04 recently and found this module when running at standby mode would draw around >1mA current rather than uA level mentioned in the datasheet (it actually comes to uA for a couple of seconds and turns to 1.7mA after). May I know if SPWF04 could be a compatible replacement for SPWF01, any notice/tips for Hardware redesign, IO… (Show more)
Mrunal Ahirrao
I am developing a project using SPWF01SA module. I have successfully configured it and used it. But I want to use Hardware Flow control, how do I enable it? I searched datasheet and user manual but didn't found any information on this. 
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