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Hello all, I am new using the bluenrg-1, I would like to create an application to download into the ble module but not really sure from where to start, how to do it. I have done some test communicating with the ble using uart to send commands and it is working but now as I said I would like to download an app to just blink a led connected to one… (Show more)
Alexandr Romanovich
I'm developing an android application to transfer data via BLE using the SPBTLE-RF module. For data transfer more than 20 bytes, I use callbacks from GATT (I send 20 bytes, wait for confirmation from GATT and send the next 20 bytes). Every fourth packet is sent from android with a delay (here is my android log): Mini-packet: 39 39 39 39 39 39 39… (Show more)
Hello, I want to use one firmware to control the SPWF01 and also the SPWF04 module. Maybe somebody has to do this, too. So it could be useful to collect some migration issues in one thread.   I will start with some questions...   HTTPGET command: The SPWF01 module returns also the HTTP header. Is there a possibility to get this in the SPWF04… (Show more)
I'm using STMIPID02(MIPI/CSI-2 desrializer) I have initialized regieter of STMIPID02 by I2C.   but, It output no signal on parallel interface(Pixel interface) help me... anyone have more data for initialize of STMIPID02?
Tia Meng
While using SPWF01S,  AT+S.SOCKW command in our test, it might occasionally fail to write expected data into the socket (so that SPWF01S won’t return “OK”), and according to the spec:   When the ok token has not been received is really important to handle properly the error stage. In fact, the "at+sockw" command is not reentrant. If bytes are lost… (Show more)
Nitesh Reddy
I bought the STEVAL-FKI868V1 development kit and when I try to open the COM port on the GUI, I get the following error message: "Wrong FW in the Selected Board". I go to the Binary folder in the application program files and I drag and drop the SIGFOX_CLI_DEMO_NUCLEO_L1_ETSI.bin file to the mbed drive and press the reset button. I try to open the… (Show more)
Babip Bipbop
Hello, Pretty new to this tiny jewel, I have trouble understanding how everything is architectured. When reading the ``datasheet'' (DocID028866 Rev 3), it seems [see fig.1] that the Cortex-M0 core is connected through an AHB to the Blue peripheral. It is mainly the same with other peripherals [ie. ADC/RNG/SPI... -through a bridge to APB]. What I… (Show more)
I need to adjust the Advertising Intervals (min/max) associated with the "Bluehci_Gap_Set_Limited_Discoverable" command which is described on pages 30-31 of the UM1755 BlueNRG Bluetooth LE stack ACI User Manual (linked on the BlueNRG product page).   This command has the parameters:          where I need to understand the details of… (Show more)
Aron Phillips
Hi all,   Following the schematics for the X-NUCLEO-IDW01M1 and the schematics for the STEVAL-IDW001V1 where the LEDs are connecting from the pins to ground. There is a new schematic (STEVAL-3DP001V1) that I have just encountered that has these said LEDs are connecting to the pins from a 3.3V source. Which one of these schematics are correct?  … (Show more)
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