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I try to write to a characteristic on a remote device, BlueNRG-MS works as peripheral client. I call aci_gatt_write_charac_value() and it returns SUCCESS. But then EVT_BLUE_GATT_PROCEDURE_COMPLETE comes and it is sometimes 0x00 (BLE_STATUS_SUCCESS) and sometimes it's 0x41 (BLE_STATUS_FAILED). What could be the reason and how to solve this? Stack… (Show more)
Matteo Pezzoli
Hi, Using the SPWF01SA module, i managed to connect to all of the networks i found here, except one. I probably got the configuration wrong, but i can't find where's the error. To my knoweledge, the only difference this network has from the other networks (to which i can succesfuly connect) is that it gives out ips in the 10.20.0.x range, instead… (Show more)
Gilberto Decaro
Hi,    I'm working on the module SPSGRF-868 (868Mhz) connected to a PIC24F; the datasheet state that the maximum datarate for FSK is 500Kbps, but after a lot of test I can reach only 100Kbps with frequency dev of 32Khz, channel cut off filter at 200Khz and modulation FSK; every comunication test with data rate greater then 100Kbps and different… (Show more)
Hello I'm using SPWF01SA wifi module. When I do AT+S.SCAN all the available networks around are listed except the open ones. I can see every password protected networks (WPA2) but the open networks are not even seen by the module. Is there any way to list and connect to a non password protected network? Thank you very much.
Hi, I am new to ST-Bluetooth. I have experience in TI LPRF and planning to do something in BlueNRG-1, because of TI background I have few questions! TI BLE stack is based on IAR/CCS IDEs, for ST stack what is the IDE/Compiler I need to install? Whether we get any control over application source code, or it’s like a GUI configuration? Something… (Show more)
I have a BlueNRG IDB005V1D board which is connected to its motherboard. I am trying to install firmware onto the STM32L151RBT6 uC on the motherboard but when I am prompted to enter DFU mode there is no LED flashing orange, and and the attempted flash fails.   I tried using the STM32 ST-LINK Utility also to load the DFU_Bootlader.hex but this says… (Show more)
Hi, My BlueNRG-MS, running 7.2c, acts both as a central and a peripheral (mode 4). How should I select the advertizing min and max intervals for the peripheral as well as the connection min and max intervals for the central? There seem to be a relationship between them, but I'm not sure I understand it. I'm trying to get the minimal connection… (Show more)
Matteo Pezzoli
Hi, i began evaluating the SPWF01SA module, and i managed to make it work with most of the WPA2- personal authenticated networks. I was wondering though, is it possible for the module to join a WPA-enterprise authenticated network? (aka a network that requires user+pass to authenticate)   Thank you, Matteo
Hi, We use SPWF01SC module in customer product. Device will be used in complex WiFi environment. We tried to test WLAN connectivity in 802.11b, g and n setups in order to determine which one will better serve our needs in real world conditions. We were trying to limit connectivity to 802.11g only by disabling 802.11b,n using wifi_opr_rate_mask… (Show more)
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