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Eric Grandidier
Hello, I need help to run module SPWF01SA. Here is what he sends indefinitely at the power up:   +WIND:1:Poweron:170216-fd39c59-SPWF04S +WIND:13:Copyright (c) 2012-2017 STMicroelectronics, Inc.  All rights Reserved:SPWF04SC +WIND:65:Factory Reset:101-2000 19:04:36 ---- Francais ---- version: 253a11+ +WIND:0:Console active +WIND:3:Watchdo… (Show more)
Hello, I want to receive and transmit NFC Text Message using NUCLEO-F401RE board with X-NUCLEO-NFC02A1. I downloaded the X-CUBE-NFC2 librairy (with STM32F4xx-Nucleo-WriteURI example). This example seems to send an URI NFC message. 1) which function of the librairy should I use to wait for text message reception ? 2) where can i get an example… (Show more)
I am using SPWF01SA (ver :160129-c5bf5ce-SPWF01S) with CubeExpansion_WIFI1_V3.0.2 with custom hardware. Trying a simple test of adding a html file to RAM using wifi_file_create(). File is added as i confirmed this with wifi_file_list(). I am starting the module in miniAP mode and when i try to access this html file from wifi client laptop, http… (Show more)
Zhitai Liu
Hey! I am currently having fun with Sensortile. I'd like to know is there any current consumption profile? (STLCR01V1 already put it into the little box) I only know that while is connected through the app,  battery profile tells that it's discharding with about 15mA. If I turned off the usb debug function, it draws about 10mA. I would like… (Show more)
Microbob µ
Hello,    Is there a current and complete documentation on how to use and program the SensorTile, preferable without needing to purchase a Nucleo board? If there is one, where can I find it? Also, if it is absolutely necessary to have a Nucleo board, which one would be the right one to purchase?      I noticed that all manuals and… (Show more)
David Campillo
Hello, I'm working with an SPWF04SA. I set up the Wi-Fi connection correctly, it responds well to ping, but I can not send an email. I have tried several things, and I only get a certificate 5 error (the common name does not match) at + s.smtp = (hostmane), 587,5, (user), (password), SPWF04SA, (email), (to) ,,, proba ,, 5{text1} or certificate… (Show more)
Mareike H
Hi, I am using the SPWF04 and want to update the filesystem via UART. Is it possible? For the SPWF01 there is the command AT+S.HTTPDFSWRITE but thats not working with the SPWF04.   I've read in another post that it might be possible with FLASHER/ST-LINK (wired UART/SWD) but I can't find any further informations.   Thanks for your help!
Jan Burkhardt
Hey Folks,    i'm currently starting with developing applications for the SensorTile. I try to achieve so advertise a custom BLE Packet (like an AltBeacon Protocol). I found the hci_le.c header in de Middleware. It seams that i can use the "hci_set_set_advertising_parameters" and "hci_le_set_advertising_data" functions for modifieng the ADV… (Show more)
Hello, i'm using aBlueNRG-MS module. I have a problem with this module. I can use it as Master and Slave, but i can't use it as Master&Slave simultaneously. Because after i create a connection with a slave module i can't make the Master discoverable. what can i do? is there an example of using the BlueNRG as Master&Slave simultaneously ?… (Show more)
I'm using STM32 WiFi Cube Extension 3.02 and I see that calling wifi_init restore my module to factory default.   I want the latest AP setup to be saved between module power cycles, if one was set, and by calling wifi init I remove this setup every time the module is started.   I can of course comment it out but I was wondering why it is there… (Show more)
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