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Alejandro Martin
I am using an X-NUCLEO-IDW01M1 module to which I send AT commands and I want to authenticate in Firebase. I open the socket and send the information, but the server always responds with an error. Can you help me?
Hi,   I have noticed that it is not possible to have multiple ACI_GATT_WRITE_CHAR_VALUE per connection event. I have set up the following connection: connection interval of 40ms and connection event length of 21.875ms (the maximum I can while continuing to advertise in parallel). Using a sniffing tool, I see that what is happening is the… (Show more)
Hi.....i have worked  with "Getting started with the Contiki OS/6LoWPAN on STM32 Nucleo with SPIRIT1 and sensors expansion boards" and have been successful in creating a 6lowpan network and getting access of the sensor readings on COAP client through sensor-er-rest-example......the thing is that i want to create an application so that i can get… (Show more)
Matti Sillanpää
Hi.     So I'm trying to send large amount of data to server (~200kB). I can send and receive smallish amounts ok (<2k), however at 3k the send fails. I'm sending data in 1000byte blobs to respect the 1021byte limit in the socket code.   I've added delays and tried smaller sends also, but no luck so far. I coudn't find any applicaple callback to… (Show more)
Muhammad Waseem Abbas
Hi All,   I am running BLE peripheral profile application on Mentor Graphics' Nucleus RTOS using STM32 MCU interfaced with BlueNRG-MS module. The application runs successfully and I can connect to the heart rate monitor profile using Android app by ST named "STM32 BLE Profiles". One of our requirements is that the BLE module should keep on… (Show more)
Hi There , We are currently working on a project using an EEPROM to store sporadic data. The eeprom is a 24AA512 with 512kbits memory, from Microchip.   We use it to store datalogging data from our application. The problem is that we sometimes also need to store only 3-4 bytes data and that this eeprom does page or byte write operations… (Show more)
I'm using the STM32F411RE board with the IDW01M1 WiFi expansion module. I run some examples from lib. However, all example code I run always fail during the wifi_init() --> wifi_reset() call where it just hangs in this while loop:   while(IO_status_flag.WiFi_WIND_State.WiFiHWStarted != WIFI_TRUE)    {       __NOP();… (Show more)
Jayaram Matta
Dear Developers,     This is Jayaram Matta ,Now I want to write a SPI Driver for Spirit1(X_NUCLEO-IDS-01A4 [868 Mhz]) on X86 Platform. for the spirit1 module I want to add support for 6LoWPAN over 802.15.4 to the Linux kernel 3.6(&above).With this we can turn a Raspberry Pi into a 6LoWPAN border router.      If any of you tried this please… (Show more)
mehrdad mir shafiei
I am trying to get MAC layer timestamps to synchronize two Spirit1 radios. Even with using interrupts for timestamping at the transmitter and the receiver, the receiver timestamps show a high variance of about 2 ms. Any suggestions? Thanks
Andrea Verdecchia
Hi, I'm working with the module SPBT2632C2A.AT2 and I have changed the default boud rate of the UART inteface at 921600bps. But now I can't comunicate with it. How I can restore now the default 115200 boudrate?
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