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Hi Master G ;-), can you explain the error "Init not performed (time-waited connections)"? I don't find anything about this in the documentation.   I get the error when: 1. Close the ports: AT+S.SOCKD=0 2. Do some web things: 3. Close the sockets... AT+S.SOCKC==00 4. Open the port again: AT+S.SOCKD=33000   If I… (Show more)
Hello, I have implemented a basic SPI communication with a SPIRIT2 radio. I'm trying to read a register from it, and since the ST didn't put the right figures in the datasheet, describing register read and write sequences, I had to look it up in the SPIRIT1 datasheet. Register is properly read the first time after power cycle and subsequent… (Show more)
Bruce Wayne
Hi there!   Just getting started with a BlueNRG dev kit & was wondering if there's anything beyond the example project that can get you up and going with your own GATT specification.   I'm thinking in terms of an app or module (extension in CubeMX) that lets you define a GATT & then produces code that you can add more specific application code… (Show more)
Does the BlueNRG-1 chip support the new Bluetooth version 5? Any infos/roadmap about SDK supporting BLE 5 available? Thanks.
Hello ST, it seems that the escape_seq parameter does not work as expected in the IDW01M1. There are some discrepancies between the user manual and the obtained results. Please have a look at my transcript:   12:16:15.761 [TX] - at+s.scfg=escape_seq,at+miao<CR> 12:16:26.101 [RX] - OK +WIND:61:Incoming Socket Client: +WIND:60:Now… (Show more)
marc Georgin
Hello, I'am using this module to connecte my borad to Internet.  This module can create a mini AP so a user can connect its laptaop or smartphone to the SPWF01 and configure the WIFI connexion (SSID and pass). I have no problème to connect to the mini AP with an old WIKO smartphone but I can't connect with a newer smartphone (Huawei P9 lite).… (Show more)
Hi, Is there a sample implementation of a NTP client to get the time from a timeserver? I use the SPWF01SA together with a STM32F401.   BR, Manfred
Using BlueNRG 6.4b, I received an event that I think is Evt_Blue_Gatt_Procedure_Timeout (FF 05 02 0C 01 08 00).  Document UM1755 says there should be 2 bytes after the event code but I'm seeing 3 on my SPI analyzer.  Am I interpreting the event correctly?
Cake Huang
Can anyone provide sample project of BlueNRG-MS in central role where security linking is required?  In sample project "STM32CubeExpansion_BLE1_V2.7.0\Projects\Multi\Applications\SampleAppThT", it includes central role but it does not require bonding/pairing.  I also checked… (Show more)
The function aci_gatt_update_char_value fails initially....and if fails there is while(1) system stuck here....what is issue ? after debugging it observed that function returns BLE_STATUS_TIMEOUT.....can you suggest solution for issue
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