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Igor Shirokov
I'm using BlueNRG-1 and "throughput" example. My BlueNRG-1 is in "SERVER" role. Windows 10 application is in "CLIENT" role. But I can not find "Conn_Interval_Min" and  "Conn_Interval_Max" in Windows 10 API. Where can I find these parameters?  
I am using SPWF01SA (ver :160129-c5bf5ce-SPWF01S) with CubeExpansion_WIFI1_V3.0.2 with custom hardware. Trying a simple test of adding a html file to RAM using wifi_file_create(). File is added as i confirmed this with wifi_file_list(). I am starting the module in miniAP mode and when i try to access this html file from wifi client laptop, http… (Show more)
vikrant more
Is Relay feature by default active on every #BluetoothMesh node which is based on libBlueNRG_Mesh_CM0.a ?   If no, then how to enable it ?
vikrant more
I planning to add BlueNRG-2 SoC in our product with #BluetoothMesh feature.   But how many models, specified in Mesh Model specification I could add using lib_BlueNRG_Mesh_CM0.lib  ?   How much RAM is available for user app, after executing Bluetooth Mesh out of 24Kb ?   As per Bluetooth SIG specification, during provisioning there are 3 ways… (Show more)
Hi, I would like to debug a program on BlueNRG-1 using SWD interface on idb007v1 board. Unfortunately, I cannot even program the chip via this interface.   Here is my configuration: 1) ST-Link/V2 is connected by 20-lines  ribbon cable to CN7 connector 2) idb007v1 board is powered from USB 3) ST-Link/V2 firmware version V2J30S7 4) Windows… (Show more)
melt brink
Goodday, After a few months on the  SP1ML (STM32L151+SPIRIT combined) then switching to SPSGRF (STM32L151 seperate from the SPIRIT module) I am experiencing the same phenomena on both designs. My software toggles the system in and out of STOP mode using timer 7 (to go to shutdown) and RTC to wake up. Eight out of ten times current consumption… (Show more)
Johan Holstein
Dear people at ST,   It seems that spwf04sa have not enough memory for micro python together with WPA2 enterprise.   Is that correct or did we make a mistake?   Best regards, Johan Holstein
Wolfgang Reinig
Hi,   I really like the idea behind the SPBTLE-1S module. It's a perfect package for smart innovators/startups which do not have the capacity/budget for a complete HW development with certification effort around the BlueNRG-1 SoC and which do not really know if and how many devices they will sell.   I'm looking for a low cost toolchain for the… (Show more)
Hello All. I've been looking at using the ST7590 OFDM Power Line communications module in a project. However I've found the information published on STs website to be very lacking in technical details. From what information is available I'm sure that it can do what I need and do it well but I have no idea how to make it do it. I've raised a… (Show more)
Feitze van Zwol
Hi, I have an Arduino, which sends measured values to a SPWF04S module. I'm using the built-in http-server to remotely read these values. Because it is connected to the (semi-)public university wifi network, I was wondering if it was possible to somehow password protect the http server.   I searched the manuals, but I cannot find a built-in… (Show more)
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