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Alex Motyjenkov
Hello everyone! Is able to change connection timeout in SPWF04 module? When I try to establish a TCP connection with temporary unavailable node, SPWF04 hang up for a long time. In this case I send AT+S.SOCKON=,2222,,t. Since, SPWF04 no accept any command over UART interface and I can cancel or reestablish a connection. After few minutes… (Show more)
I'm using the STM32F411RE board with the IDW01M1 WiFi expansion module. I run some examples from lib. However, all example code I run always fail during the wifi_init() --> wifi_reset() call where it just hangs in this while loop:   while(IO_status_flag.WiFi_WIND_State.WiFiHWStarted != WIFI_TRUE)    {       __NOP();… (Show more)
Alexander Novikov
Hello, I am trying to contact someone from ST developers who is responsible for writing SPBT3.0 data package firmware. There are two features that could be very great to add: 1) SPBT3 Module to transmit BREAK character over UART to MCU when it switches from bypass mode to command mode by itself. I.e. when connection is broken by remote device… (Show more)
Pascal Zosso
Hello,   I know my question is simple but the answer, I think, is not as simple.   Here is my use case:  I would like to exchange a small amount of data between a PC (client) and a remote device (server) quickly and often The PC role is to - open a TCP connection to the server socket - start and stop application exchange - process the data.… (Show more)
I can connect to network using wifi_connect function without any issues. priv_mode = WPA_Personal; status = wifi_connect("NETWORK","password", priv_mode);   When i try to configure module with firstset, it associates with AP but then it disconnects, here are the WIND messages: +WIND:57:Received SSID is NETWORK +WIND:57:Received Auth mode is 2… (Show more)
Silas Valera
Hi    I received 2 of this kit, and I ran some basic tests - works really fine!   I am trying to use S2-LP in wm-bus solution for my project. I have a question regarding redudcing the capacitors/inductors count on the PCB : is there any chance to use balun (say with a freq range of 850MHz ~ 915MHz  (click here for data sheet) ? And if yes, how… (Show more)
Patrick Brennand
Hi   I am trying to debug with the IDB007V1 dvelopment board and a STLINK V2 but the debug process fails at the FLASH download. I have tried the sensor and hello world demonstration programs with the same result.   Any help to start debugging would be appreciated! Patrick
Amel N
hello every body , now i could establish connection with my sp1ml using uart and i can communicate between two sp1ml just with hyperterminal  using AT COMMANDS after downloading the standart firmware !! now i need to bring that to my application using stm32f103C8 or CB for exemple , i found the xcube ghrtz library spirit1, as i see it is just… (Show more)
Igor Britskii
Hello, I'm starting for STEVAL-IDB007V1 with demo BLE_Security for beacon app. All clear, advertising process normal, the connection is established. The aim of my project is the device with CR2032 power. But in process configuring my device I can`t achieve the consumption less than 120 uA because at long SW timer interval (more than ~1500 mSec)… (Show more)
Mukhtar Khan
I'm facing a serious issue with the BlueNRG-1 chip. Its flash sometimes gets corrupt on power up. It is happening due to slow discharging of bulk electrolytic cap of 100uF. When I remove capacitor then it works fine but I can't remove capacitor because I will power this board with the external adaptor in the field. In general all power adaptor has… (Show more)
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