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Lorenzo Pecci
Hi, I have a problem with SPWF04S. When send command "AT+S.PYTHON" the answer is "AT-S.ERROR:16:Cannot switch to Python shell" I tried to look something in datasheet, but nothing. I dont know how go over. Any idea?
Hello,   We're trying to migrate a board from the SPWF01SC to the SPWF04SC. Two of the additions to the SPWF04 are the LSE and HSE external clock pins. They're not displayed on the block diagram for the SPWF04 in its datasheet so does it use the STM32F429's internal RC oscillator by default or do we need to add oscillators to our board as per the… (Show more)
Onil Papale
Hello,   I'm a newbie to the RF world. I'm trying to connect an SPIRIT1 to an Arduino. So far, i was able to communicate with the spirit1 through the SPI interface. However when i send a LOCK or RX/TX command to the spirit1 it get's stucked in the LOCKWON status. I'm using a 50Mhz oscillator with the oscillator output soldered to the Spirit's… (Show more)
Marc ZK
hi I am using a for SPWF04Sx Wi-Fi module - and am trying to run the example python code provided in the user guide. I have the SPWF04Sx configured as console 2 (UART and python) I have created a file called and copied the code from the WIND example section 5.2 on page 17 of AN4964. I have used the command ",479" to… (Show more)
Marc ZK
Hi   Is there any form of user guide/README.txt for how to create filesystem images using STMicroelectronics\OTA-Images\FS\utils\bin\Windows\CreateFS  (dir2img.bat)   I've previously used httpd_gen.exe and gen.bat for filesystem images for the SPWF01 - can these still be used for the SPWF04?
raphael declercq
Hi guys,   I'm using a spblte-rf module on a custom board. Correct me if i am wrong, but from what i understood the master module will ask the module for data every "connection interval". i.e if this interval is 1s, the phone will ask my spbtle every 1s.   Here's the problem: even if a modify the connection interval into… (Show more)
The SOCKD implementation suffers from many race conditions and bugs which makes it impossible to make robust applications without forcibly rebooting the WiFi module when it's not performing as expected. Problems & bugs: 1. Data from client can appear before WIND (Client connected, now in Data Mode) if the client disconnects quickly:     Hello… (Show more)
Hi,   we purchased 2 boards of the S2-LP development kit STEVAL-FKI868V1   They come with a mother board that hosts an ST microcontroller already programmed.   We were able to make many RF tests in 10 minutes.   To make the tests, there's no need to write a single line of software. The software running on a PC allowed us to change all the RF… (Show more)
Matti Sillanpää
Hi all.     I'm having trouble connecting to AP with SPI mode. I tried to same network with putty and USB-to-UART cable and it connected fine (I only did ping over the connection, so not much). However with SPI it connects and drops it right away and repeats it forever.   Initializing SPWF04SA Interface.. >> Configuration Failure no 2… (Show more)
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