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Vladislav Yurov
Hi!   Does somebody know, where I can find more description about registers which are related to RADIO/BLE peripheral (BLUE_CTRL, CKGEN_BLE) ? I tried some examples from "BlueNRG-1_2 DK 2.6.0\Project\BlueNRG1_Periph_Examples\RADIO\..." with SPBTLE-1S module and I want to use my own functions, but can't find more informationd about some registers… (Show more)
mehrdad mir shafiei
In my application, we are reading large files from an SD card and transferring them over WiFi to an AP. The SPWF04 is connected to an STM32L4 using UART. Data chunks are sent from the MCU to the WiFi module after opening a socket using the command AT+S.SOCKW and each time we wait for an AT-S.OK before sending the next data chunk. This works fine… (Show more)
Bruno Pape
Hi, App note AN3975 references a zip file, is that still available? Thank you, Bruno
Piotr Romaniuk
Hi, I'm trying to run an example program - BLE_Sensor DEMO - built from sources. I am using TrueSTUDIO for STM32 (v.9.0.0). The sources are from BlueNRG-1.2_DK_2.6.0 kit. Unfortunatelly, when I download the image, the board does nothing: no led blinking, no BLE communication.   However, when I download prebuilt image (from Firmware folder in… (Show more)
Andrea Ortogni
Hi i'm using a SPWF04Sa wifi module and i need to connect to a cloud using https (port 443) There is a way to set the cloud's certificate without using AT+S.TLSCERT command ? I mean : I don't want to set it manually if i change the cloud. So, there is an automatic way to set cloud's certificate and key ? Thanks in advance !!!
Paolo Anterri
Hello everyone, for my project I want to use the SPSGRF-868 Module. I want to know if is it possible to use the module as point to multipoint? My goals is to have a Master that transmit data to two Slaves, and that only one at a time answers if it is interrogated.   Thank you Paolo
Brian Kling
The GNSS Positioning community has been created for GNSS/Positioning application enthusiasts, developers, makers, universities, research institutes, engineers.   STMicroelectronics is involved in Positioning applications since 1993     The first multi-constellation receivers in the world was  introduced in the market by STMicroelectronics with… (Show more)
Hello, We are using SPWF01SA.11 to provide WIFI connectivity to our items that become micro-webservers. Our provider told us that the product entered in NRND (Not Recommended for New Design) phase. Will ST provide an equivalent/alternative or does this kind of WIFI solution become totally obsolete ?   Thank you for the answer. Regards.… (Show more)
Toru Nitadori
I'm sorry terrible English.   I think there is miss coding In the sample code of BLE1, in hrm_profile_application.c line 104.   after the "if" condition, profileGetAddressFunc is changed parameter, not profileApplicationProcessFunc It seems strange.   /** * @brief Initialize the Application Context for using the HRM profile methods * @param… (Show more)
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