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Interface and Connectivity ICs

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Rushikesh Suthar
Hi,   I am working on Sensortile kit with the BlueNRG-MS radio. As per ST document PM0237 section 3.3, pg 55/99, following commands are used to add custom service to BLE device :   //Add the service with service_uuid 128bits UUIDaci_gatt_add_serv(UUID_TYPE_128, service_uuid, PRIMARY_SERVICE, 7,&ServHandle);   //Add the characteristic with… (Show more)
Matti Sillanpää
Hi.     I'm trying to use SPWF01SA for connectivity on my discovery board. I've integrated the parts from the SDK extension and now having issues communicating with the HW. I suspect that my connections are not OK.   - I've connected it to usart 6 (+cts&rts signals) (pins 6, 8, 9, 10 according to X-NUCLEO-IDW01M1 - Schematic) - Reset(3) and… (Show more)
raphael declercq
Hi everyone  ,   For a project I need to make the FOTA work on an STM32L073RZ. I downloaded the package " FP-SNS-MOTENV1" from ST and tested it on an L476RG with a IDB05A1 together with a IKS01A1, it worked perfectly, I was able to flash some code from the android app via Bluetooth. In the specs it is specified that this FOTA works on L4s and… (Show more)
yoann LBY
i'm using the STM32L053R8 (nucleo_board) with SPWF01SC wifi expansion module. i run some examples from  STM32CubeExpansion_WIFI1_V2.1.1 code but only using drag and drop file.bin on Nucleo drive. if i open project (Wifi_VCOM) with keil, compile/link is ok, load is ok but when i run, the program is locked in instruction:… (Show more)
I have two SP1ML modules, transmitting 11 dBm. If they are really close (1 cm), the RSSI is around -30 dBm,  when the distance is 1 m, the RSSI goes down to -90 dBm.  It seems that these values are too low. Anyone can help?
Sandesh Vadye
We are using ST BT module v 4.0 in one of our product, in our device ST module directly interact with the MFI authentication chip for communicating with mobile application. We are under process of MFI authentication for our application. Currently we are communicating our device with BT analyzer and it gives us below error Error: Did not see… (Show more)
Tamas Novak
I'd drive an opto-isolator's LED directly from the logic output of ST3232CTR (VCC=5V). I'd set current with a serial resistor (Vcc - R - LED - 3232's output.  Output=L to light the LED up).  I checked "DocID7454 Rev 12" and found fig.5 and 6 with Uo=f(IoL) graph for VCC=5.5 and 3V. As current is widely changes by the Vcc, I'm looking for a… (Show more)
I am beginning to experiment with this part but something has me a bit stumped. The eval board says that the transmit filter is configured for a frequency of 150KHz with a sensitivity around 100KHz. However the receive filter is resonant at 80Khz.   Is the eval expecting a master/slave arrangement with the master transmitting on 80Khz and slaves… (Show more)
David Turner
In the ST3232B / ST3232C datasheet, the introduction text says:   The devices require only four small 0.1 mF standard external capacitors for operation from a 3 V supply.   However, Table 9 states the capacitance value as 0.1uF, a value 1000 smaller than 0.1mF.  Please could you confirm which of these is correct (I assume 0.1uF) and update the… (Show more)
Onil Papale
Hello,   I'm a newbie to the RF world. I'm trying to connect an SPIRIT1 to an Arduino. So far, i was able to communicate with the spirit1 through the SPI interface. However when i send a LOCK or RX/TX command to the spirit1 it get's stucked in the LOCKWON status. I'm using a 50Mhz oscillator with the oscillator output soldered to the Spirit's… (Show more)
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