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Muhammad Waseem Abbas
Hi All,   I am using ST's BlueNRG-MS SDK on an RTOS and when I try to send aci commands I get timeout status in return for some of them. For example in one application I am getting timeout after calling aci_gatt_add_char(), and in another example I am getting timeout for aci_hal_write_config_data().   Debugging Results:    Please find attached… (Show more)
A ST Supporter
My customer would like to use BTLE as just a "wire" replacement. However, we recently discovered that the Android BT stack / Phonegap will sometimes deliver BT packets to our phone-app in a different order to which it received them off the air, so we are forced to add a 1 byte header on each BT packet we transmit from our device to give us the… (Show more)
A ST Supporter
We do have 2 boards that appear to be locked out from the programmer - Is there an app-note on erasing the chip and any programmable security fuses? Thanks!
The Generic Attribute service (0x1801) has Service Changed characteristic (0x2A05). They are added automatically by Aci_Gatt_Init. Does BlueNRG-MS stack send indications with this characteristc when services and characteristics are being added or removed? Or I need to send indications manually? Central devices, e.g. mobiles phones, cache services… (Show more)
Julien Quéré
Hello,   In order to have more than 6 services on my BlueNRG-MS device, I wanted to create a service that will add/remove the other ones. At the beginning, it worked well, I could choose the services I wanted to activate but quickly, a problem appear. Indeed, it seems that the memory is not freed after deleting characteristics and services :… (Show more)
I'm trying to connect to my Amazon AWS server with HTTPS.   I set the f_ca root certificate to the one found in: char cert[]="-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----\r\n"         "MIID7zCCAtegAwIBAgIBADANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQsFADCBmDELMAkGA1UEBhMCVVMx\r\n"       … (Show more)
Hi to all, i have this request i am studying to use the ST7580 for Power line comunication, … (Show more)
Matteo Pezzoli
Hi, I have one question about the SPWF04S module python capabilities. Looking at the "console_active" configuration variable, it seems that the python functionalities can be used only with the UART. Given that the command "AT+S.PYTHON" has its SPI equivalent though, i would say that scripts can be launched via SPI, and the only thing that needs… (Show more)
Hi all, I'm trying to use the SPWF04SA module in SPI mode. So far I've managed to put it in such a mode either with the AT commands or just by pulling high the IRQ line, however it seems to be stuck without any response and only very few times it recovers by starting to blink the LEDs and toggling the IRQ line. Which is the correct configuration… (Show more)
I am trying to send data from the browser to the module using POST request with output_demo.html. The POST request is limited to 64 bytes, so I cannot send more than 64 bytes with a POST...If I send 65 bytes, the last byte is truncated and only 64 bytes are delivered by the module. Is this a limitation of the module? Can be the number of bytes… (Show more)
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