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bernd schönlebe
I have setup the module as miniAP with following script: (from here) AT+S.WIFI=0 AT+S.FCFG AT+S.SSIDTXT=test_ap AT+S.SCFG=wifi_priv_mode,1 AT+S.SCFG=wifi_mode,3 AT+S.SCFG=wifi_wep_keys[0],76543210ab AT+S.SCFG=wifi_wep_key_lens,05 AT+S.SCFG=wifi_auth_type,0 AT+S.SCFG=ip_ipaddr, AT+S.SCFG=ip_use_dhcpc,2 AT+S.WIFI=1 AT+S.WCFG AT+S.RESET… (Show more)
Marc ZK
Section 5.2 of the AN4964  gives an example of using micropython to handle the +WIND messages. Please could you provide a link to the source code for the WIND module - as I am need to access more than just the +WIND code ( i.e.  w.code()  ).  What other attributes are available on the "w" object as I need to access the data that is sent within… (Show more)
m h
Hi, I am using Nucleo l053r8 development board with x-nucleo-idb05a1 extension board which has SPBTLE-RF bluetooth low energy module.  I am want to make application that can scan for ble devices and reads its advertising data. I can find examples for device as peripheral mode but can't find any example about scanning.  Can anyone give me some… (Show more)
Hello everyone,   I have the BLUENRG-1 running and working ( advertising, creating connections, sleeping ). Now I would like to write a unique ID in each bluenrg-1 and then read it when the application starts up but not really sure how I should do it. Can anyone help me on this. Thanks
Where can I find the specification for how the BlueNRG-MS parts (WLCSP34) packages are marked?     I need to confirm that the parts we have soldered onto our boards are indeed BlueNRG-MS and not BlueNRG.   I can't find anything about package marking in the datasheets for these parts,  nor can I find anything on their product pages nor by google… (Show more)
prabhu bhavikatti
in l9950 ic all output enabling and disabling exept out11 pin how can configure them.
yunus I
I have exactly the same problem as this but with different network processor - BlueNRG. We have two custom boards with BlueNRG: one acting as peripheral and one as central. I have managed to configure peripheral device to pair with passkey method and I can pair with it using Android phone. But I can't pair with peripheral using central device with… (Show more)
Jayaram Matta
Dear Developers,     This is Jayaram Matta ,Now I want to write a SPI Driver for Spirit1(X_NUCLEO-IDS-01A4 [868 Mhz]) on X86 Platform. for the spirit1 module I want to add support for 6LoWPAN over 802.15.4 to the Linux kernel 3.6(&above).With this we can turn a Raspberry Pi into a 6LoWPAN border router.      If any of you tried this please… (Show more)
Hello All. I've been looking at using the ST7590 OFDM Power Line communications module in a project. However I've found the information published on STs website to be very lacking in technical details. From what information is available I'm sure that it can do what I need and do it well but I have no idea how to make it do it. I've raised a… (Show more)
I am trying to send data from the browser to the module using POST request with output_demo.html. The POST request is limited to 64 bytes, so I cannot send more than 64 bytes with a POST...If I send 65 bytes, the last byte is truncated and only 64 bytes are delivered by the module. Is this a limitation of the module? Can be the number of bytes… (Show more)
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