• ESD EMI protection for USB OTG

    Hello , As per my project requirement, i need to design USB OTG which meets the ESD standard IEC 61000-4-2 level 4) and EMI standard CISPR-11.  In ST website i found two categories: 1. Common mode filter w...
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  • CR95HF EMI Filter for Pulse W7001 antenna

    Hello, I have a lot of CR95HF for a project that could read NFC Tags of a medical equipment and send this via bluetooth to a smartwatch. I works but i would have now the Pulse W7001 NFC antenna on the CR95HF Chip and ...
    Tom Gensi
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  • TS556 not working in monostable operation with 3.3V power supply

    Dear Sir or Madam, I am trying to use the timer TS556 in monostable operation with 3.3V power supply. I implemented the application schematics of figure 4 (page 13) of the TS556 Application information (DocID4078 R...
    Paul-François DOUBLIEZ
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  • BlueNRG-1 flash corrupt on power cycle

    Hello Everyone, We are developing an application on BlueNRG-1 and we are facing the flash corrupt issue. This is a really serious problem for us as we are producing an initial trial batch.   Situation: Any rando...
    Mukhtar Khan
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  • Compare TVS for IEC 61000-4-5 with SM30TY

    Hello, I would like to use in my design the Transil TVS STIEC45-28ACS and SM30T33CAY as the similar parts. One will be the second source for another. My question is: whether I can use one instead other and what are th...
    Eugen Lorenz
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  • S-parameter file for tunable BST capacitors?

    Hi everyone! I wanted to use 'STPTIC-82G2' (BST tunable capacitor) in my project. I thereby needed its S-parameters to simulate its functioning but couldn't find the corresponding data file anywhere (in...
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  • ECMF02-3HSM6- connection issue

    Dear Sir,   We are using “ECMF02-3HSM6” inour next design, and D1+ and D1- lines are crossing when we place “ ECMF02-3HSM6” nearmicro AB USB connector hence we want to clarify, can we in...
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  • How to determine a SMPS NTC, EMI Filter and X2 Cap values?

    Hi:   I have designed a smps using eDesignSuite with a VIPer38LE chip... the Power In is 11.1 watts, 96-144 Vac, 60hz and will run at 60KHZ.  Is there a method for determining the recommended filter compone...
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  • !? "wavelet DSP transformation" with "STM32F4 Discovery board".. !?

    Hello Everyone !! I should do a "wavelet DSP transformation" with "STM32F4 Discovery board".. I need to detect partial discharge (PD)  sound signals on 220V 50Hz AC line sound..   I am new to this topic an...
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  • TVS for JTAG port?

    ST product selector doesn't have a selection for JTAG port.  What bi-directional ST Micro TVS would be optimal for a JTAG port to use for ESD protection?  Looking for a part number please.  ST improving...
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  • Barium strontium tinanate (BST) - voltage control capacitance

    I'm looking at the STPTIC-82G2 ( barium strontium titanate (BST). The min operating frequency is >700MHz. Wonder if there's any similar part like the STPTIC-xxG2 with higher capacitance value and higher Q, Tuning r...
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  • Operating Temp. Range

    (1) Part no. :  STTH108  (2) Part no.: STTH803D (3) Part no.: STTH102 (4) Part no.:  STTH112A (5) Part no.: 1.5KE300A This five part operating temp are not given in datasheet, i need to require operatin...
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  • BAL-CC1101-01D3 package diagram or reference PCB library

    Hi Guys, I would like to use BAL-CC1101-01D3 and found its datasheet has a diagram(Fig 10) but it doesn't say whether it is a top view or bottom view. It is very confusing because even the PCB view (Fig 15) does...
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  • ISSUE with STHVDAC-253M High Voltage Dac (25v)

    I have an issue with a STHVDAC-253M which provides 0 to 25V dc to tune a cap for use with an antenna. Currently I can only get a steady 0v or 25V out of the  device, the DAC has a 7 bit register and anything abo...
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  • USB dongle SPIRIT1 RF SP1ML-868

    Hello, I am interested in buying the 868MHz transceiver USB dongle. I realise it's evaluation only, but I was wondering if you could give me an indication of whether I could get it to work as an ordinary 868 MHz tr...
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  • NFC Antenna design for CR95HF

    Hello All, I'm new here in the forum and I hope this is the right section. I would like to understand if it is possible to design the NFC antenna of the CR95HF with a separate PCB. I mean, the CR95HF is on the mo...
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  • RF IPD for Internet of Things

    New compactness enabling Internet of Things to run over   The Internet of Things, a network of physical objects that contain embedded technology to sense, communicate and interact with their external environment ...
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  • BAL-CC25-01D3_CC2540

    Design reference (Gerber) of BAL-CC25-01D3 for CC2540
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  • nRF51822-QFAA_ST_BAL-NRF01D3_Reference_Layout_1_0

    Attached the nRF51822-QFAA_ST_BAL-NRF01D3_Reference_Layout_1_0
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  • BAL-NRF01D3

    BAL-NRF01D3 is designed for nRF51822-QFAA-CA/C0 and nRF51822QFAB-AA/A0. New version of nRF51822 has been released by Nordic, late last year. This new version is requiring a new balun that we are right now putting in ...
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