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Mukhtar Khan
Hello Everyone, We are developing an application on BlueNRG-1 and we are facing the flash corrupt issue. This is a really serious problem for us as we are producing an initial trial batch.   Situation: Any random flash sector getting corrupted on power cycle (connecting/disconnecting power supply). It is happening very rare but when happened code… (Show more)
Eugen Lorenz
Hello, I would like to use in my design the Transil TVS STIEC45-28ACS and SM30T33CAY as the similar parts. One will be the second source for another. My question is: whether I can use one instead other and what are the difference's between them? Both will be used for transient protection accordingly IEC 61000-4-5 for 8/20 pulse with the peak… (Show more)
Tom Gensi
Hello, I have a lot of CR95HF for a project that could read NFC Tags of a medical equipment and send this via bluetooth to a smartwatch. I works but i would have now the Pulse W7001 NFC antenna on the CR95HF Chip and we can't get a running system with this antenna. we did not get good results with the calculation tool on the site from the CR95HF… (Show more)