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Hello , As per my project requirement, i need to design USB OTG which meets the ESD standard IEC 61000-4-2 level 4) and EMI standard CISPR-11.  In ST website i found two categories: 1. Common mode filter with ESD protection 2. EMI filter and ESD protection Both claims, same ESD protection levels. So, i am not sure which is used for what and… (Show more)
Tom Gensi
Hello, I have a lot of CR95HF for a project that could read NFC Tags of a medical equipment and send this via bluetooth to a smartwatch. I works but i would have now the Pulse W7001 NFC antenna on the CR95HF Chip and we can't get a running system with this antenna. we did not get good results with the calculation tool on the site from the CR95HF… (Show more)
Paul-François DOUBLIEZ
Dear Sir or Madam, I am trying to use the timer TS556 in monostable operation with 3.3V power supply. I implemented the application schematics of figure 4 (page 13) of the TS556 Application information (DocID4078 Rev 3). In my case, the VCC power supply is 3.3V. My input signal connected on the trigger input (pin6) is a squared signal of… (Show more)