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Eugen Lorenz
Hello, I would like to use in my design the Transil TVS STIEC45-28ACS and SM30T33CAY as the similar parts. One will be the second source for another. My question is: whether I can use one instead other and what are the difference's between them? Both will be used for transient protection accordingly IEC 61000-4-5 for 8/20 pulse with the peak… (Show more)
Tom Gensi
Hello, I have a lot of CR95HF for a project that could read NFC Tags of a medical equipment and send this via bluetooth to a smartwatch. I works but i would have now the Pulse W7001 NFC antenna on the CR95HF Chip and we can't get a running system with this antenna. we did not get good results with the calculation tool on the site from the CR95HF… (Show more)
Satyam Sinha
Hi everyone! I wanted to use 'STPTIC-82G2' (BST tunable capacitor) in my project. I thereby needed its S-parameters to simulate its functioning but couldn't find the corresponding data file anywhere (in fact for none of the other tunable capacitors as well). Any idea about where I can find it, or, if possible, how to proceed without requiring the… (Show more)
Dear Sir,   We are using “ECMF02-3HSM6” inour next design, and D1+ and D1- lines are crossing when we place “ ECMF02-3HSM6” nearmicro AB USB connector hence we want to clarify, can we interchange theconnection as shown in attached diagram.   Hope you understand what I am trying to ask, Please let me know if you needfurther clarity in the… (Show more)
Thomas Ranz
Hi:   I have designed a smps using eDesignSuite with a VIPer38LE chip... the Power In is 11.1 watts, 96-144 Vac, 60hz and will run at 60KHZ.  Is there a method for determining the recommended filter components being X2 caps and the Common mode input choke?  Also the NTC?   Thanks, Tom
salih kanber
Hello Everyone !! I should do a "wavelet DSP transformation" with "STM32F4 Discovery board".. I need to detect partial discharge (PD)  sound signals on 220V 50Hz AC line sound..   I am new to this topic and making a lot of research for this issue..  Is it possible that anybody help me or guide me about the Wavelet DSP libraries (If there are)… (Show more)