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Satyam Sinha
Hi everyone! I wanted to use 'STPTIC-82G2' (BST tunable capacitor) in my project. I thereby needed its S-parameters to simulate its functioning but couldn't find the corresponding data file anywhere (in fact for none of the other tunable capacitors as well). Any idea about where I can find it, or, if possible, how to proceed without requiring the… (Show more)
Dear Sir,   We are using “ECMF02-3HSM6” inour next design, and D1+ and D1- lines are crossing when we place “ ECMF02-3HSM6” nearmicro AB USB connector hence we want to clarify, can we interchange theconnection as shown in attached diagram.   Hope you understand what I am trying to ask, Please let me know if you needfurther clarity in the… (Show more)
Thomas Ranz
Hi:   I have designed a smps using eDesignSuite with a VIPer38LE chip... the Power In is 11.1 watts, 96-144 Vac, 60hz and will run at 60KHZ.  Is there a method for determining the recommended filter components being X2 caps and the Common mode input choke?  Also the NTC?   Thanks, Tom
salih kanber
Hello Everyone !! I should do a "wavelet DSP transformation" with "STM32F4 Discovery board".. I need to detect partial discharge (PD)  sound signals on 220V 50Hz AC line sound..   I am new to this topic and making a lot of research for this issue..  Is it possible that anybody help me or guide me about the Wavelet DSP libraries (If there are)… (Show more)
ST product selector doesn't have a selection for JTAG port.  What bi-directional ST Micro TVS would be optimal for a JTAG port to use for ESD protection?  Looking for a part number please.  ST improving the website to put JTAG in it's TVS selector list would be appropriate, (wishful thinking for ST's website).
Mau Hoang
I'm looking at the STPTIC-82G2 ( barium strontium titanate (BST). The min operating frequency is >700MHz. Wonder if there's any similar part like the STPTIC-xxG2 with higher capacitance value and higher Q, Tuning ratio >7 for frequency of 100Mhz and above?    Is there a manufacture where we can customize it?