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ST product selector doesn't have a selection for JTAG port.  What bi-directional ST Micro TVS would be optimal for a JTAG port to use for ESD protection?  Looking for a part number please.  ST improving the website to put JTAG in it's TVS selector list would be appropriate, (wishful thinking for ST's website).
Thomas Ranz
Hi:   I have designed a smps using eDesignSuite with a VIPer38LE chip... the Power In is 11.1 watts, 96-144 Vac, 60hz and will run at 60KHZ.  Is there a method for determining the recommended filter components being X2 caps and the Common mode input choke?  Also the NTC?   Thanks, Tom
Mau Hoang
I'm looking at the STPTIC-82G2 ( barium strontium titanate (BST). The min operating frequency is >700MHz. Wonder if there's any similar part like the STPTIC-xxG2 with higher capacitance value and higher Q, Tuning ratio >7 for frequency of 100Mhz and above?    Is there a manufacture where we can customize it? 
chetan Araniya
(1) Part no. :  STTH108  (2) Part no.: STTH803D (3) Part no.: STTH102 (4) Part no.:  STTH112A (5) Part no.: 1.5KE300A This five part operating temp are not given in datasheet, i need to require operating Temperature so please give the op. temp range.