STNRGPF01 Programming

Blog Post created by Carmelo VICCICA Employee on Nov 29, 2017

To program the STNRGPF01 devices when working with eDesignSuite, we offer two additional companion hardware and software utilities to upload the hex file into our microcontroller:

  • the adapter board you found into the PFC evaluation kit (EVAL-IPFC01V1)
  • the programming software utility STSW-STNRGPF01 (click "Get Software" button at bottom of page)


The programming procedure described below must be performed only when the interleaved PFC is NOT CONNECTED TO THE MAINS.

Programming procedure details

  1. Insert an FTDI cable into the USB port of the PC.

  2. Insert the adapter board into the programming ports PTX and PRX of the STNRGPF01

  3. Connect the adapter board with the FTDI cable

         As soon as the adapter will be connected with the cable FTDI, the LED on the top will be lit.

  4. Launch the programming software utility STSW-STNRGPF01 (click "Get Software" button at bottom of page) and follow the below listed steps:
    1. USB COM port selection
    2. *.hex file selection
    3. firmware download
      STSW-STNRGPF01 Step_03



For additional and more detailed information, please, refers to the official STNRGPF01 Reference Manual (RM0446)