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yair reshef
first off, thank you for the online tool and the AN2866 whitepaper which is the clearest piece i read about the subject of nfc antenna design.   my issue with the online tool is the output is only in the form of a flash object.  to use it with my paper based nfc antennas i need to screen capture and do a bitmap tracing. it could be easier to… (Show more)
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Ufuk Varlık
In my design; pcb total layer  : 4 Antenna layer  : 2nd The components to be assembled are only in the fourth layer. Real and theoric results are don't match. I want increase inductance value of antenna, but on the contrary, the value is decreasing too. What is reason ? thank you for yours help.ANTENNA 1 RESULTS:-THEORY INDUCTANCE VALUE  :… (Show more)
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PALANO Carmelo Marcello
eDesignSuite is an easy-to-use comprehensive software tool suite ready to help customers in their needs by transforming application requirements into satisfactory solutions accurately modeled on the remarkable range of ST products.   The suite includes three types of software tool: Smart simulator and system design engine It is able to suggest… (Show more)
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Rmesh Presh
Hi, I am designing CC driver using HVLED001A using eDesign tool. Now to complete the design i need to design EMI section which i am not able to do. Please provide some reference guide or something for help me in designing EMI filter.   Thank you 
in eDesignSuite
Hi,   I am trying to get details for my power supply. My specs are :-   Dual Output Output 1 :- 17V@1A Output 2 :- 3.3V@1A Constant Voltage Isolated Supply   For above specs, I tried to use eDesign Suite, but it doesn't show any IC for my specs.     Any Help?
in eDesignSuite
I have used eDesign for a buck converter design approach (see attachment). However, I noticed that the suggested components value are not the same as the ones on Viper 26LD application note. What is the reason for the differences (especially at the compensation)? Thanks in advance for your support.
in eDesignSuite
Kazimierz Krzywicki
Dear ST support, I need to simulate circuit for SPV1040. I'm trying to use your eDesignSuite, but it doesn't work (Msg: eDesignSuite requires the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. Click here to verify your current installation), but I've installed Flash and it works properly (I've checked on Chrome, Edge and Firefox). Moreover,… (Show more)
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Patrizia Bellitto
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