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Jair Sakae
Hi there, We need to design a led driver using the HVLED001A to supply a string of leds with 100w and 150w. According to datasheet we need to have two stages to supply this power but in eDesignSuite we have not found a way to do it. Is there a way to use the eDesignSuite to calculate my driver for 100W and 150w with two stages?   Best regards,… (Show more)
in eDesignSuite
How do I change the regulation mode from Secondary to Primary in eDesignSuite? I want to design a low cost 85-265V AC to 12V 0.2A DC isolated flyback converter using the Viper06 with PSR.  Tight Voltage Regulation and Fast Transient Response is not required, so we want to save cost of optocoupler.    Kind Regards
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Vamsi Yaram
The output Voltage expected is 6V and output is constant for 110VAC input. But the output is turning ON/OFF for 220V input. Please let me know to resolve this issue. I have followed the ST Design suite for the design.
in eDesignSuite
Hi my name is pini i work on new project AC/DC converter the input is 85-265 VAC output  12vdc/350mA axiliry :16vdc chip:viper013HS     I work with a midcom transformer 750370024 and viper013hs  I don't how to set this transformer in simulate (how to enter the parameters) this is EE13/7/4 but I do not have all the parameters of the… (Show more)
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jitendra suthar
hello I am driving bipolar stepper motor using l6480. everything is fine motor is running excellent but the over current detection feature is working unpredictably. i have been disabled this feature then motor is working good, and there is confusion about the calculations of current threshold. in "AN4355 Application note" it is written that… (Show more)
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Matthias Geiger
When using the Antenna Design it is only possible to do Antennas with one layer. When I do so, there will be no result. It works only when entering "1" in the "Number of Layers" field!   Any idea why this is so?   Best regards, Matthias
in eDesignSuite