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Rmesh Presh
Hi, I am designing CC driver using HVLED001A using eDesign tool. Now to complete the design i need to design EMI section which i am not able to do. Please provide some reference guide or something for help me in designing EMI filter.   Thank you 
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Patrizia Bellitto
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Kazimierz Krzywicki
Dear ST support, I need to simulate circuit for SPV1040. I'm trying to use your eDesignSuite, but it doesn't work (Msg: eDesignSuite requires the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. Click here to verify your current installation), but I've installed Flash and it works properly (I've checked on Chrome, Edge and Firefox). Moreover,… (Show more)
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After reading AN3168 I found a paragraph that I do not actually understand and seemed weird for me .  Page 8, "With the bipolar solution, to keep the current sourced to the gate, the only way is then to use a PNP transistor." Do you have any explanation for this sentence please ? And what is the consequence of using NPN instead ? Thanks in… (Show more)
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