Matteo Maravita

Welcome to Drone Zone; how to get started!

Blog Post created by Matteo Maravita Employee on Apr 2, 2018

This community has been created for Drone application enthusiasts, developers, makers, universities, research institutes, engineers.


Everybody who is joining the community is encouraged to post their questions, and to share their experiences using photos, videos and any material regarding Drone applications based on ST devices or evaluation boards, that may help other members to make progress with their own projects.


For people approaching Drone design for the first time and are looking for a project easy to understand and to customize we suggest the following complete projects:

- FCU STEVAL-FCU001V1 evaluation board:

   - board documentation, schematics and gerber files available at:

   - open source FW project for STM32 and source code of Android app for BLE remocon available at: 

- 30A ESC STEVAL-ESC001V1 evaluation board:

   - board documentation, schematics, gerber files available at:

   - FW project based on Vector Control algorithm (for Motor Control experienced engineers) available at: