Matteo Maravita

New Toy drone frame available

Blog Post created by Matteo Maravita Employee on Mar 8, 2018

Final version of frame for ST Toy drone is available!

Added several improvements in order to reduce overall vibrations generated from motors and propagated to the FCU.

To plate can be used to fix the battery or to add additional boards or sensors options: FPV mini camera, Remocon RX unit, ToF proximity sensor, GPS module, ...

It has less agility if compared to smaller light frames without propeller guards, but it's much safer to fly also in indoor environment. Small crashes are not damaging either the propellers or your furnitures, and also no hurt to people.

It has been 3D printed in nylon material (light and high durability) and tested also with new BLE Android app available, good manovrability.


(Frame design by Maho-no-nabe Okada-san)