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Gayatri Pandit
I am trying to find ST micro part from marking code given on it. I am sure its a MOSFET or Transistor. Code is as below - First line: 130 082 Second line: GK088 VU Third line: CHN 618 Can someone help me to recognize right part number?
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Andrey Feklistov
Help to choose an analog to the L575A chip. Nowhere can not find documentation on it. Established in the climate control unit in BMW e34. Thank you in advance!
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Todd Albertson
I'm looking for the recommended replacement for a BDW83C, which shows as obsolete from the usual vendors. Thanks!
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Patricio Espinoza
This part is in end of life, but I still need to build the boards.... is there a replacement? Thanks! Patricio
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Paweł Flisikowski
Hi All, I'm searching a way to dump a ST10F272 MCU. I have a broken one in power amplifier unit and I would like to replace it for new. I have also one working unit so I could make a memory dump from the good one. I already checked ST10flasher but there is not on the list. Is it possible to do it also by simple USB to UART converter (Txd, RxD… (Show more)
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Bob Kane
I'd like to get the date when this product was discontinued. Also I'd like to know how to read the date code on this product as I suspect I just received a small lot of counterfeit parts. Thank you.
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