• SPCSetRunMode not return ......

    SPCSetRunMode not return ...... board:Discovery Plus Kit for SPC56 L line - with SPC56EL70L5 MCU  my step: file->new sp5 studio Application wizard->select Discovery Plus Kit for SPC56 L line - with ...
    guo qiang
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  • engineer needed asap

    I have a new project, targeting the SPC56, SPC5Studio.  I am exploring using this processor for DO-178 level B product.  I am looking for someone to get on retainer asap, to help me get my software tools set...
    Matthew Richardson
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  • SPC57 Sphero & Matlab/Simulink for automatic code generation

    Hi chaps,   Considering that for the new family of MCU SPC57 there are not to much information online. Is there a SPC5x hardware support for Matlab/Simulink?   Many thanks, Roberto
    Roberto Rabbeni
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  • SPC5Studio 5.7.1 is available

    Dear All ,   SPC5Studio 5.7.1 is available   *** Highlights *** Here are the changes coming with SPC5Studio v5.7.1   For Selected Customers: ================ - Network bugs fixing     Use ...
    Erwan Y
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  • Training/Tutorial about SPC5Studio

    Hi,   I'm a new starter with ST MCU. Are there training/tutorial about SPC5Studio?   Many thanks, Roberto
    Roberto Rabbeni
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  • Phase-Shift PWM Modulator SPC5x

    Hi folks,   I'm a new starter here, is there a section with code example, training, etc? Currently, I'm working on the control of a power electronic converter with a phase-shift PWM modulator. Thanks for ...
    Roberto Rabbeni
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  • SPC5Studio build failure, too

    My problems same as SPC5Studio build failure    The SPC5Studion was upgraded to 5.7.1 But I selected SPC56-DISCOVERY(BOARD) , DRIVERS --STM    My toolchains is the GNU make builder of spc5s...
    Chamber Ling
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  • RLA components missing with new projects (5.7.1)

    I've upgraded to Version 5.7.1 (my Config is attached).  When I create a new project, I do not have any of the RLA components available except the Platform Component RLA.  I also notice that the new project ...
    Matthew Richardson
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  • SPC5Studio MarketplaceDiscoveryStrategy failed

    Hello, I have a very similar problem to that asked by Cel on May 3, 2016. I have just installed SPC5Studio 5.7.1 and am attempting to use the Eclipse Marketplace to download the PowerPC-VLE GCC compiler as per t...
    Andrew McMillan
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  • SPC58x Cores Handling

     Hello support Team,  I am using SPC58x(Chorus 4M) uC. My Application SW running with Core2(Reset core).  I want to check whether other cores in uC(like Core1,HSM core)working fine or not?  can ...
    R PV
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  • Processor is in unknown state!

    hello everybody, we use the SPC56EL70 discovery board with Spc5 studio as IDE and UDE STK - 4.8 as Debugger. Today we got the following failure message - please see the following picture. The only thing we change...
    Wilhelm Bairlein
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  • Confusion about Lockstep

    Hi Guys,   i'm confused about the Safety Manual from the SPC57 µC.   In section 3.2.4 Dual core lockstep mode stands, that i have to check MC_ME_CS[S_CORE1] and MC_ME_CS[S_CORE2]. I do...
    david tomsa
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  • SPC570S EEPROM Emulation, unable to write data

    Hello, I'm working with SPC570S-DISP discovery kit and SPC5Studio v5.6, and I'm trying to use EEPROM emulation in order to save some data for my application. I'm not using the flash drivers downloadable from ST site...
    Daniel Poli
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  • Illegal instructions when using -fpic

    Hello,   I'm trying to make my application position independent so that I can place the software anywhere in the flash of the SPC564B I'm using.   Is this possible using the free FreeGCC v4.9.3 with V...
    Gustav Andersson
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  • unhandled exception

    i am developing boot loader for spc56ec64l7 controller.my bootloader application is at address 0x00 and boot loadable application is from 0x0001_0000. i integrate flash driver from one demo project.when i try to ...
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  • Are there a ST´s IC Multirail Power Supply for Safety Applications?

    I´m designing with SPC58NE84E7 MCU. I need a Watchdog and Voltage supervisor throught serial communication for diagnostic task.
    David Rodriguez
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  • I try to open old SPC5 project but it show errors ppc-freevle-eabi-gcc: error: unrecognized command line option '-mnew-mnemonics'

    make all Compiling boot.s ppc-freevle-eabi-gcc: error: unrecognized command line option '-mnew-mnemonics' make: *** [build/obj/boot.o] Error 1
    rk k
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  • SPC560B64L7 FlexCAN bootloader

    Hi, I'm currently using a SPC560B64L7 and I wish to go into bootloader via FlexCAN without connecting pin PA[8] and PA[9], is this possible to do so? Best if I could do all this in my application code.
    Poon Jon
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  • When FreeRTOS software timer enabled, SPC570Sxx_RLA FreeRTOS SERIAL Test Application fail to work

    Hi, I am using the sample application SPC570Sxx_RLA FreeRTOS SERIAL Test Application for Discovery and my hardware is the SPC570S-DISP board.   I found that if i enable the "Use software timers" in the SPC5 Fre...
    Job Shen
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  • How to use SD2 for Serial read/write on SPC570S-DISP

    Hi,   I am using sample application for serial operation on SPC570S-DISP, from serial_lld.c, it looks like SD1 is mapped to LINFLEX0 and SD2 is mapped to LINFLEX1. I have no problem read/write SD1, however i nee...
    Job Shen
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