• STM8AF6266 to control LED wiping sequence

    I am trying to use STM8AF6266 to control the LED wiping sequence. PC1~PC7 connect to 7 branches of LEDs. By programming the flash, I was able to observe one-time wiping sequence, but I would like to see continu...
    David Liao
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  • STM32 automotive grade certification

    Will the STM32 series be certified ISO26262 (ASIL-B) in the near future?   Thanks.
    Danny Savard
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  • Differences between STM32 and SPC5

    Goodmorning    I'm a newcomer to the microcontrollers of the ST. Until now I have only done some small project with the STM32 family. In these days I'm starting a new project, a control board for a hig...
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  • Getting UART State always Idle even if RXD is LOW

    Hello Forums,   I am working on SPC570Sx 32-bit processor. I facing the issue with the UART Idle line.   In our application software has to detect the wake up pattern for Diagnostic Tool(Fast Init). ...
    dharmendra gevariya
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  • recommendation automotive CAN eval board

    Hi for a concept car I need to drive a SPI based LED strip (ws2812) . In this project RGB information to drive the LEDs will be received via can protocol. What is the simplest automotive ST controller whioch I can u...
    dieter 123
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  • SPC560B-DIS , watch dog issue in debug mode .

    I am using SPC560B-DIS  discovery board and UDE STK 4.8  debugger for my project .   I am facing issue with watchdog during debugging  , i have set my watchdog in window mode with time out period...
    Alok Nigam
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  • K2 GTM tom0 driver issue based on Studio 5.7.2

    I tested K2 GTM tom0 channel based on studio version 5.7.2. for example ,tom0 ch0 output 20khz,50% ouput on io port selected in pin  -> it is OK, if I configure tom0_ch0,ch1,ch2,ch3 with same frequence and d...
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  • SPC574 CAN Problem

    I'm using SPC574K72E5 for CAN application, so I create a demo project SPC574Kxx_RLA CAN Test Application for Discovery and get nothing on CAN output. I have already choose the NO_LOOPBACK mode and select RX/TX pi...
    huang yiwei
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  • How to download UDE STK

    Hello:         Why do I need to download UDE STK correctly after I open the webpage and why don't I download the button?
    Lu Yan
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  • Problems downloading SPC5-UDESTK-EVAL UDE Starterkit

    Hello, Now I want to download SPC5-UDESTK-EVAL UDE Starterkit, but why don't I download the button in my directory location? Need to wait for a while? As shown below:Currently there is no download available. Please ch...
    Lu Yan
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    Hi all, I started with the spc560, I should choose SPC5-UDESTK or SPC5-UDEDEBG  Thanks  
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  • HOWTO : Use Integrated Debugger for SPC5Studio

    HOWTO : Use integrated Debug mode for your project   The PLS debugger can operate in integrated mode within SPC5Studio. Once operating in integrated mode, the PLS debugger will not open in an external window, b...
    Erwan Y
    created by Erwan Y
  • UDESTK, SPC5Studio, SPC56EL70L5-DISP,Dead in SPCSetRunMode

    Toolchain: SPC5 Studio, version: 5.2.3 UDE Starterkit 4.8 debuger: UDESTK target: SPC56EL70L5-DISP   Load an example of SPC56EL70L5-DISP from SPC5StudioWizard,  generate and buiding is OK...
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  • SPC570S50E1 UART Confinguration

    Hello Everyone! I am trying to configure LIN_FLEX_0 channel for UART communication. Following is my code for the configuration. #define LIN_CH0 LINFLEXD_0 LIN_CH0.LINCR1.B.INIT=1;      ...
    Abdul Basit Khan
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  • SPC582B-DIS discovery kit officially available

    Erwan Y
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  • SPC5Studio update don't work

    Hi I download latest spc5studio from st site. Update list of update sites and "check for updates". Only gcc update found. SPC5Studio stay in 5.0 version. Before i found what in last SPC5Studio version (5.7.2) SPC5 A...
    Vladimir Romanov
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  • SPC56EL Watchdog Timer Interrupt (IVOR12) triggering, but WDT not enabled?

    I don't think I have a timer enabled.  I don't see the WDT setting in the outline, but in the configuration.xml it is disabled.  Most importantly clock_cfg.h is  generated as "#define SPC5_DISABLE_WATCH...
    Matthew Richardson
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  • SPC5Studio 5.7.2 is available

    Dear All ,   SPC5Studio 5.7.2 is available   *** Highlights *** Here are the changes coming with SPC5Studio v5.7.2   For Mass Market: =========== - K2 ethernet support - Sphaero FlexPWM,SARADC,SPI - Dua...
    Erwan Y
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  • eTimer Clock selection

    Hello Dear Forum members,   This question is regarding SPC560P40L1 controller's eTimer module.   At the moment my eTimer module using "IP Bus clock" which is of 64M Hz. I am using prescaler value of "32" t...
    Sathish Sulegai
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  • How SPC5Studio print a debug message on CONSOLE window, not send message on serail port?

    Does SPC5studio support print debug message on CONSOLE window by coding, not print message on serial port?
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