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                                                                 Dear All ,


SPC582B-DIS discovery kit officially available on :


More information on :


                      Best regards



Dear All ,


in some cases , the update mecanism may be failed due to the lag of your lovely corporate proxy.


the workaround is to increase these following values in the file SPC5Studio.ini



                          Best regards



in some cases, after installing PLS UDE ,


The Debug button is always disabled

wsx association is not correct in some Windows Corporate (7,8 or 10).


To correct this , please use DefaultProgramEditors

Default Programs Editor 


  1. File Type Settings
  2. Context menu
  3. WSX Extension Change
  4. Add or Change UDE Visual Platform


  5. Save the context menu and registry file.



   Best regards



 Dear All ,


Sometimes after a bad switch-off or a PC Crash , the workspace could be corrupted.

you can easily recover your workspace by removing this following file



What is .SNAP file ?


SPC5Studio is based on Eclipse.

*.snap files is representing the changes in workspace state of the IDE during the runtime. This is mostly for eclipse crash recovery plan. When a crash happens these files are used to recover the state of SPC5Studio workspace.


We are following the eclipse community.

The next step for us will be Oxygen.


                   Best regards



HOWTO : Use integrated Debug mode for your project


The PLS debugger can operate in integrated mode within SPC5Studio.

Once operating in integrated mode, the PLS debugger will not open in an external window, but will appear in an eclipse perspective.

The user can then easily switch between development tasks and debug in a same integrated environment.


These are the requirements:


1. Install PLS UDE feature

How to install ?

Please follow these steps:
  • Click on Help Menu
  • Click on install new software
  • Click the official update site
  • Click on the Category PLS-UDE
  • Finish the installation and Restart SPC5Studio
Figure 1. PLS UDE Installation

Figure 2. Install Details

Select on finish and proceed with guided click through installation.

The PLS UDE feature installation will be operational after restarting SPC5Studio.

2. Check for PLS UDE feature installation


The following checks should be performed to verify if the PLS UDE feature is properly installed in SPC5Studio.

How to check?

Please follow these steps:
  • Click on Windows Menu
  • Click on open Perspective-Other Perspective
  • you should see UDE Perpective with the associated icon from PLS

Figure 3. Others Perspective

Figure 4. UDE Perspective



The feature is properly installed if the "UDE perspective" is listed in the open perspective menu.


3. Enabling integrated debugging mode


PLS-UDE integrated mode is disabled by default, and the debug window is launched separately.


How to enable it?

Please follow these steps:
  • Click on Windows Menu.
  • Click on Preferences Menu.
  • In the Debug options, enable PLS UDE plugin mode.
  • Apply and click on OK


Figure 5. SPC5Studio preferences
Enabling integrated debugging mode


Starting from now, the debug session will be launched internally in SPC5Studio.


4. Flash and debug your application


The debug perspective can be lauched once an application has been successfully generated and built.


A debug configuration dialog is created by default when you debug your application.



Figure 6. SPC5Studio Debug button
Figure 7. Debug Configurations dialog

Update your parameters if you want and click on debug button.

SPC5Studio will switch automatically from its perspective into UDE perspective.

UDE Memtool will be launched in order to flash your binary file.


Figure 8. Flash memtool dialog (1)


Check your success result.



Figure 9. Flash memtool dialog (2)


And debug your software as usual.



Figure 10. PLS UDE Perspective


If you want to update your code on the fly, do not forget to switch of perspective.



Figure 11. Perspective Switch button