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Alexey Potyomkin
Good day. This my first application on spc5 studio. I add for testing one led on Port B[1] to board witch MCU SPC560P40L3.  I add in generate main.c file one sting - pal_setpad(PORT_B, LED_RED);. Pin will add pin-list, and adjust Clock timing for osc=8000000 Hz. Afte download outfile out.hex to MCU and start application-pin not state low or hich.… (Show more)
in SPC5 Automotive MCUs
Hello,   we are currently working on a LIN-Slave Driver for the SPC560D40L1. The use of the hardware-id-filter have made it easy so far but now we fail in one last test where we must distinguish whether the framing error has occurred in the header or in the response.   Is there a way to distinguish these two events in the framing error interrupt… (Show more)
in SPC5 Automotive MCUs
I'm currently using SPC5Studio 4.2.1 ( and use it to develop on an SPC560B-DIS evaluation board. I noticed that edits I make to component files in the lib sub-directory are handily stored in regular diff format in patch.xml. … (Show more)
in SPC5 Automotive MCUs
Mujeeb  Shaik
Hi All,   I am new to SPC environment, I2C driver is not listing when trying to generate code for SPC560C40L1 ,any one tried,please provide the inputs,   and help how to enable the IO interrupt using the SPC studio code generator ,I am going to use SPC560C40L1   any help appropriated...   --- Thanks & Regards, Mujeeb 
in SPC5 Automotive MCUs
Marco Perciavalle
Hi, I have some problems with serial communication with my board. Could someone help me, please? I have an SPC563M board with SPC5-UDESTK (pls) for debugging. Is this device designed for Serial trasmission by virtual COM Port? If it isn't possible, why the drivers installed on my PC allow me loading VCP (enabling COM Port)? Moreover, is there… (Show more)
in SPC5 Automotive MCUs
aurelien.leclercq DOWNLOAD LINK ERROR: SPC5-Flasher download link is pointing to the old v1.0.3 of uFlasher instead of the v2.6.1 from SPC5-Flasher...
in SPC5 Automotive MCUs
Hello, I can't find any application note regarding bootloader on SPC56. I'm looking for CAN or CAN-Open or even uart bootlader to reflash my SPC56EL60. Any advise is welcome! Thank you.
in SPC5 Automotive MCUs
Hi I use SPc560B54L5 How can i protect the controller from reading the program? and how can i set the locks directly in Program?   Thanks Best Regards Nazerian Vaniam
in SPC5 Automotive MCUs
rim sari
Hi I used to work with SPC5Studio with a permanent license. Now I have a license error: make all Compiling boot.s ./components/spc560bxx_platform_component/lib/src/boot.s:1:0: internal compiler error: initialising license system Demo license has expired (-49) (Product: ppc-free-gcc, Version: 2013.01) Please submit a full bug report, with… (Show more)
in SPC5 Automotive MCUs
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