• Audio switch AS21P2TLR reference design

    Hello, Do you have a reference schematic design for an audio application of the AS21P2TLR ? Best regards,
    Nico Pat
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  • LM358: Circuit verification

    Hello Sir,   We have used opamp ic LM358 in our audio project, which used for amplification of signal from mic to adc of microcontroller. Could you please verify the attached circuit, let me know if you have an...
    jom sabu
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  • Where can I download the mp3 codec library?

    Greetings. I need to use the mp3 codec library specifically developed for STM micro-controllers for my audio project (mentioned on the ST website). Nevertheless, I neither found the library to download it nor was I ab...
    Jeff Shedrawi
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  • Processing multiple (stereo) output channels at once?

    Hello, I'm sorry but I am new to the forum and have no experience with ARM platforms at all. I have just realized Arduino projects or other ones using SBC's like Raspberry, but for my upcoming project the S...
    Martin Lesch
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  • Input bias current TS3022

    Hello,   I have a question about the TS3022 dual comparators. The datasheet states an input bias current of 300nA max. over full temperature range. Compared to similar competitor parts this is almost two order...
    Paul Beijer
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  • Strange problem with SAI full-duplex slave in I2S mode

    Hi,  i have  a strange problem in using SAI in I2S mode. I hava DA7212 codec connected to STM32F479NI, SAI is configured in slave rx tx mode. When i use DSP mode it works perfect, i can make a loop - rece...
    tomasz radomski
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  • About dolphin sound

    hello!I am new to this forum. All of us, except the deaf, hear a wide variety of sounds.  The most amazing thing I think is dolphins. They can not only make the sounds we hear, they can make and hear what we can...
    Tom Ge
    created by Tom Ge
  • 24khz audio output

    Hi.     I'm trying to output 24khz mono pcm data over SAI to wm8994 codec. 16khz mono seems to work OK, but 24 is not supported by ST by default. I've made some changes for the support to codec and sai init...
    Matti Sillanpää
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  • Is there a special function for enabling ADC when Sensortile is soldered to cradle?

    I am able to sense voltage from the ADC3 pin of SensorTile, when the sensortile is on the Eval board (STLCX01V1). The ADC output changes with change in external supply voltage. But when I solder the same sensortile on...
    Abhilash Iyer
    created by Abhilash Iyer
  • Why the TDA7491LP / mute input is low

    #Help.!!! The TDA7491LP mute pin is the input port. I connected the 3.3V pullup resistor 33K resistor to the power supply, and the mute pin keeps the state of LOW state .... What is the cause? So there is no sound. . ...
    kim sunho
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  • WM8960 codec

    Hello ,I'm trying to connect Adafruit microphone using SAI of the STM32L4. This microphone uses I2S protocol, and delivers as output PCM 24 bits data,(The microphone includes Segma delta filter and a decimator which a...
    created by ben_dkhil.arwa
  • Synchronous Slave SAI Sub-block Clock Source

    Hello Community, Does the SAI sub-block clock source matter when it is in Synchronous Slave mode with the other sub-block? In other words, should the two sub-blocks have the same clock source? Thank you.
    Mohamed Jallouli
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  • simple example of SAI audio output on STM32L476VG Discovery board

    I want to generate simple audio waveforms and send them out through the headphone jack, preferrably using a synchronous interface such as HAL_SAI_Transmit. (I know there are better/more efficient ways to do this which...
    Ben Swift
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  • L7805CV Spice Model

    Greetings I'm currently looking for a spice model of the L7805CV 5V Regulator for my design simulation , I've looked on the product page and keep seem to find anything . Is there anyone who can point me in the ri...
    Anthony  Mwila
    created by Anthony Mwila
  • how to control volume of speakers using TDA7491P

    Hi     I am trying to build an announcement system using TDA7491P audio CLASS D amplifier. I am not able to figure out how to control the volume of the speakers using the amplifier.
    created by dosajh.pranav
  • TDA7419 I2C register read-back does not work

    I am trying to read back I2C registers on the TDA7419 audio processor to verify their contents.  I've try both standard I2C register reads as well as the custom method on Page 29 of the datasheet (rev7).  In...
    Kevin Uskali
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  • No Samples

    Hi at all,   I wanted to order a sample product to try to build up a own bluetooth box. After I send my request, it shows your order has succesfully created but I can't see it in the order history. After I close...
    Alexander Härtel
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  • STA120D product status

    For a new design, I need an AES/ EBU receiver IC that can accept balanced inputs. The STA120D seems fit. However I cannot find the product page on the ST website even though the IC is available on Mouser and Digikey. ...
    Ravindra Desai
    created by Ravindra Desai
  • SCR  TN3050H-12GY-TR ratings at 400Hz

    I would like to use TN3050H-12GY-TR SCR at 400Hz. I am just not sure how would it be rated based on SCR controlling a pure restive load using 200Vac at 400Hz.
    Ivan Quiroz
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  • Can STBY pin on TDA7293 be tied to VCC?

    Hello,   Datasheet recommends connecting both MUTE and STBY pins on TDA7293 using R-C for delay to avoid pop noise. I would like to know if I can connect MUTE pin using R-C, as recommended, and connect STBY pin...
    Ravindra Desai
    created by Ravindra Desai