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Nico Pat
Hello, Do you have a reference schematic design for an audio application of the AS21P2TLR ? Best regards,
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jom sabu
Hello Sir,   We have used opamp ic LM358 in our audio project, which used for amplification of signal from mic to adc of microcontroller. Could you please verify the attached circuit, let me know if you have any comments.   Regards Jom
in Analog and Audio
Jeff Shedrawi
Greetings. I need to use the mp3 codec library specifically developed for STM micro-controllers for my audio project (mentioned on the ST website). Nevertheless, I neither found the library to download it nor was I able to know which STM32 family members it supports. I am currently using the stm32f405 MCU. Any help will be much appreciated!
in Analog and Audio
Martin Lesch
Hello, I'm sorry but I am new to the forum and have no experience with ARM platforms at all. I have just realized Arduino projects or other ones using SBC's like Raspberry, but for my upcoming project the STM32F4 mcu could possibly be the best choice.   The requirements for my project are: Simultaneous audio playback of up to 4 (better: 6)… (Show more)
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Paul Beijer
Hello,   I have a question about the TS3022 dual comparators. The datasheet states an input bias current of 300nA max. over full temperature range. Compared to similar competitor parts this is almost two orders of magnitude higher. I was wondering if this specification is correct or should it be pA i.s.o. nA?   Thank you, Paul --
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tomasz radomski
Hi,  i have  a strange problem in using SAI in I2S mode. I hava DA7212 codec connected to STM32F479NI, SAI is configured in slave rx tx mode. When i use DSP mode it works perfect, i can make a loop - receive data from microphone (SAIA) and send it back to codec (SAIB) using simple: HAL_SAI_Receive_DMA(&hsai_BlockA1, (uint8_t… (Show more)
in Analog and Audio
Tom Ge
hello!I am new to this forum. All of us, except the deaf, hear a wide variety of sounds.  The most amazing thing I think is dolphins. They can not only make the sounds we hear, they can make and hear what we can not hear.I want to know what the sound of the dolphin sounds we can not hear.
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Matti Sillanpää
Hi.     I'm trying to output 24khz mono pcm data over SAI to wm8994 codec. 16khz mono seems to work OK, but 24 is not supported by ST by default. I've made some changes for the support to codec and sai init. Now I wonder what else needs to be changed.   As baseline I've let the clock configurators use same clock paths as 48khz (44 vs 48 khz… (Show more)
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Abhilash Iyer
I am able to sense voltage from the ADC3 pin of SensorTile, when the sensortile is on the Eval board (STLCX01V1). The ADC output changes with change in external supply voltage. But when I solder the same sensortile on the cradle board (STLCR01V1), it stops sensing any change in voltage and gives me 0. Is there a special function for enabling ADC… (Show more)
in Analog and Audio
Hello ,I'm trying to connect Adafruit microphone using SAI of the STM32L4. This microphone uses I2S protocol, and delivers as output PCM 24 bits data,(The microphone includes Segma delta filter and a decimator which are used to convert PDM data to PCM data), over sampling rate fixed at 64 and Clock frequencies from 2.048Mhz to 4.096MHz are… (Show more)
in Analog and Audio
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