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Nabila Gina Nastiti
Hello everyone,   I apologize if my question is too basic for this forum but i've been reading so many sources in the internet and i am still confused and I am pretty much new in this subject.   I want to hear ultrasound by using analog mems microphone between  range 20 kHz and 200kHz. I have several different types of mems analog microphone… (Show more)
in Analog and Audio
uzeyir varli
Hello I am Üzeyir. I use stm32f4 discovery.  I should read analog value on simulink.  I made a basic application. My application is that i use potansiyometre because of channing of analog value. If ADC is upper 500 , PD12 and PD13 will activated. otherwise PD15 and PD15 digital outputs will be activated. Digital outputs ara activated according to… (Show more)
in Analog and Audio
sudheer nulu
I'm using stm32f217 controller for my project where i have to interface with tlv320aic1106(pcm audio codec), which requires mclk of 2.048 Mhz and a pcmSync signal of 8khz, But when I tried configuring the i2s module of the contoller in pcm mode i am getting the multiplication factor of 128 between mclk and sampling. But it should be of 256 as per… (Show more)
in Analog and Audio
Hello guys,   I have recently found myself in a situation where I needed an ESR/LCR meter to do some troubleshooting of a PSU for an old TV set. As usual, the first thing that came to my mind was "why not build one myself?".    Well, I did some research about the principle and how ESR is measured across a cap in circuit. From a digital design… (Show more)
in Analog and Audio
Hugh Worrall
I've just managed to blow up 2 TDA7498E D Class amp chips when testing the first run of 25 production boards. This is the first time we have managed to damage any chips in over a year of prototype testing.   We are using the chips in mono mode and have the left and right outputs tied together as per the datasheet (Mono mode is selected by… (Show more)
in Analog and Audio
Carlos Lopez
Hi everyone:   I am trying to build an audio effects processor on the STM32F7Discovery board. I am relatively new to this matter as I have never used a microcontroller before, and I am having a bit of trouble trying to do what I'd like. So far, I have managed to build a simple GUI that repressents the buffer, lets you adjust the volume and select… (Show more)
in Analog and Audio
Nico Pat
Hello, Do you have a reference schematic design for an audio application of the AS21P2TLR ? Best regards,
in Analog and Audio
jom sabu
Hello Sir,   We have used opamp ic LM358 in our audio project, which used for amplification of signal from mic to adc of microcontroller. Could you please verify the attached circuit, let me know if you have any comments.   Regards Jom
in Analog and Audio
Jeff Shedrawi
Greetings. I need to use the mp3 codec library specifically developed for STM micro-controllers for my audio project (mentioned on the ST website). Nevertheless, I neither found the library to download it nor was I able to know which STM32 family members it supports. I am currently using the stm32f405 MCU. Any help will be much appreciated!
in Analog and Audio
Martin Lesch
Hello, I'm sorry but I am new to the forum and have no experience with ARM platforms at all. I have just realized Arduino projects or other ones using SBC's like Raspberry, but for my upcoming project the STM32F4 mcu could possibly be the best choice.   The requirements for my project are: Simultaneous audio playback of up to 4 (better: 6)… (Show more)
in Analog and Audio
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