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Mike Mitchell
I am looking to drive 45 Ohm or equivalent speakers with only a few watts.  This obviously requires higher voltage than typical audio applications. The TDA7293 has high voltage,  so it can theoretically meet my power.  The application is a typical commercial audio distribution case where the wires might be a several hundred feet long, and the… (Show more)
in Analog and Audio
Alexander Härtel
Hi at all,   I wanted to order a sample product to try to build up a own bluetooth box. After I send my request, it shows your order has succesfully created but I can't see it in the order history. After I close the tab, it shows the items in the chart again.
in Analog and Audio
Sourabh Joshi
I am using L9823 in my design to drive the outputs. I also want it to behave as input so that I can connect IO module. How can I use it as input?
in Analog and Audio
Ateef m
I am taking data from usb otg fs into DMA ping-pong buffer and playing through speaker it via eternal DAC codec. I want to apply invert filter to data before sending it to DAC code for playing inverted phase to cancel noise. I want to know how to use sram1 to read and write data buffer in stm32F4Discovery. This board doesn't support FMC libraries,… (Show more)
in Analog and Audio
I have a part in a car infotainment system that I can't identify. It has ST branding, but I can't figure out what it is. Can anyone help me? I've uploaded 2 shots of the same part.  Thank you.
in Analog and Audio
mayuri shelke
Hi,   I want to record some audio signals using your Evaluation Kit STEVAL-MKI126V1 + MKI129V3 connected to my laptop through the MKI138V1. I've installed APWorkbench on Windows 64bit running on Parallels Desktop. How to stored data coming from six microphone (2 on board from STEVAL-MKI126V1 + 4 on STEVAL-MKI129V1)? What I needed is six… (Show more)
in Analog and Audio
Angelo Dureghello
hi all,   this nice AMP IC is quite easy to setup and switch on trough i2c. Diagnostic to check for speaker in short, open etc, is available trough i2c before i2c amp stage power up, and should be still available also after power up.   Btw, once amp stage has been powered up with diag bit enabled, i get always the same 4 bytes diag info, even… (Show more)
in Analog and Audio
changsheng lou
Hello, I have a car amplifier, the chip is used FDA4100LV, I need FDA4100LV typical circuit diagram, who can give me a copy of it? Thank you。
in Analog and Audio
Ben Swift
I want to generate simple audio waveforms and send them out through the headphone jack, preferrably using a synchronous interface such as HAL_SAI_Transmit. (I know there are better/more efficient ways to do this which don't peg the CPU, but I just want to keep it simple to start off).   Are there any good resources (especially example code!)… (Show more)
in Analog and Audio
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