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Alexander Härtel
Hi at all,   I wanted to order a sample product to try to build up a own bluetooth box. After I send my request, it shows your order has succesfully created but I can't see it in the order history. After I close the tab, it shows the items in the chart again.
in Analog and Audio
I can use one SAI RxTx channel  or Two separate SAI ports,  providing independent Rx and Tx channels.   Which solution supplies the best HD stereo audio quality ? (stereo and bass channel would be great)   The Speaker drive can be separated from the Audio codec but I am all ears on any suggestions.   My processor board is based on the STM32F7… (Show more)
in Analog and Audio
Junfeng Liao
As we know, TDA7498E is designed for Audio amplifier application.  But we are interested in using it for DC amplifier application. In our application, an inductance coil is connected to amplifier output. This load is up to 24VDC / 3A max, so Class D amplifier is idea for it. But the operating frequency range is from 0Hz-100Hz, which is different… (Show more)
in Analog and Audio
Doge H
I can not find the polarity for the default bridge connection (OCFG=00,  FFX1A -> OUT1A, FFX1B -> OUT1B, FFX2A -> OUT2A,FFX2BA -> OUT2B) On my test result, OUT1A and OUT2A should connect to the positive pole of speaker,                               OUT1B or OUT2B should connect to the negative pole of speaker. I'm appreciated if you guys can… (Show more)
in Analog and Audio
Vandana Rajan
I am a beginner with ST boards. I am planning to use the STM32F769I DISCO for an audio application. It has 4 mics. I would like to know how the 4 channel audio input is converted to a 2 channel audio (with output audio device as headphone) at the output. I would be grateful if someone can point out some resource/reading material that explains the… (Show more)
in Analog and Audio
Madhavan i
Hi... ST Team... We are using TSH122ICT video amplifier with our designs. To amplify CVBS Output signal. But we are not getting any output at the TV. please let us know what may be the failure cause.   Below is the circuit i have used in my design... Please provide us the solution as soon as possible.
in Analog and Audio
Hi, I am looking for the FIT data and test conditions for part number STM32F030CCT6. I could not find the information available on the website.
in Analog and Audio
Andrew Lohmann
What is the lowest value of series resistor that I can use to maintain stability of this amplifier. I would like to use a series resistor of 200R to 1K to a load that will have some variable capacitance. I need to use a low power op-amp, if you chose to suggest another..
in Analog and Audio
Feng Zhang
Hi, Recently,I use STA309A in my project doing some cross-over algorithms.On the first page of STA309A it says "192 kHz internal processing sample rate",is that to say when I feed 44.1K/88.2K/176.4K IIS signal into the chip,it still runs at 192k internal processing sample rate(some sort of resampling),or it runs at 176.4K(no resampling)? I want… (Show more)
in Analog and Audio
Alessandro Crespi
Dear Sirs, We are a design firm based in Milan, Italy. We have bought an evaluation board model X-NUCLEO-CCA01M1, which includes the STA350BW chip, for prototyping a new family of audio products. In addition we have bought the STM32 prototyping board, model STM32 Nucleo-L053R8, through which we would like to provide the STA350BW with control… (Show more)
in Analog and Audio
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