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luciano baldi
Hi all, I would need courtesy if anyone knows this component, and what happens if I replace it, is part of the PSU of a Pink Triangle LPT that fused, I can not do all the possible searches to find it. This is the acronym M706Bl or 88932, I think it's a voltage reference but I'm not sure. Thanks to everyone who wants to give me some help. Kind… (Show more)
in Analog and Audio
Matti Sillanpää
Hi.   I got ST audio engine library V2.0.2 from sales dudes. I'm trying to use the lib_mp3decoder_cortex_m4_v2.0.0 with my STM32F469I (-Discovery board), GCC and Eclipse with openstm32.   Question is, that what linker settings should I use?   My project uses compiler settings --float-abi hard and floating point hw fpv4-sp-d16. with this setup I… (Show more)
in Analog and Audio
Martin Rowe
I am having problems, with a TDA7491HV design (taken directly from the datasheet - Figure 50) and although it is working, the output inductors are getting very hot. Hot means ~85C with an ambient temp of 15C. I have read elsewhere on this forum that someone has use (with success) a "filterless" output stage with the TDA7491LP.   Does anyone know… (Show more)
in Analog and Audio
Sylvie Boube-Politano
A selection of STM32 Nucleo boards and discovery kits is now available from Amazon Europe. Would you like quick and easy access to start prototyping on STM32 or just get samples for evaluation,  check this store!  our boards can also be found under,,, under one single brand : STM32 by ST.   Buy now and… (Show more)
Luiz Guilherme
How to make a code from 2 channels for conversion. please!!
in Analog and Audio
I've got a TDA7491LP design that I cannot seem to make function. I've followed the " Applications Circuit for class D amplifier" example circuit (Figure 26 on the datasheet). I'm powering the amplifier with a 10V switchmode supply. Some measurements from the board, all referenced to the circuit common (where SGND and PGND are connected):    … (Show more)
in Analog and Audio
Kevin Uskali
I am trying to read back I2C registers on the TDA7419 audio processor to verify their contents.  I've try both standard I2C register reads as well as the custom method on Page 29 of the datasheet (rev7).  In all cases, a NACK is received and no data is transmitted.   Does register read-back work on the TDA7419.  If so, does anyone have an… (Show more)
in Analog and Audio
Alexander Härtel
Hi at all,   I wanted to order a sample product to try to build up a own bluetooth box. After I send my request, it shows your order has succesfully created but I can't see it in the order history. After I close the tab, it shows the items in the chart again.
in Analog and Audio
Sourabh Joshi
I am using L9823 in my design to drive the outputs. I also want it to behave as input so that I can connect IO module. How can I use it as input?
in Analog and Audio
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