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One year ago today the ST Community officially launched on this new platform. We've come a long way from the days it was hosted on SharePoint, and many of you were appreciative of the improved/enhanced community features over the #worst_forum_software_ever. So what's happened in the last year?


While I won't dive into too many metrics I wanted to share with you a few trends of interest since the launch:

  • Unique Monthly Visitors - we have almost triple (269%) the number of people visiting per month as we did back in January.
  • Questions - we have just over 7000 questions asked, with 89% having a response.
  • Registrations - we've had close to 8000 new members register on our community; welcome one and all!


The most popular content over the last year was... the 2017 STM32 Wish List posted by Amel N with almost 23,000 views! <teaser...> While a post has started for the 2018 wish list, we'll be launching a better "Ideas" feature to allow you to submit and vote on others' ideas, look for it soon.


The most popular Shared Project was NucleoSynth 6-Voice MIDI Virtual Analog Synthesizer  by Christopher Pappas with almost 9,000 views. His post was even mentioned online at Hackaday and Ask*Audio and we featured it as well on We'd love to see more of you sharing with us the inspiring projects and experiments you are doing with ST products, don't be shy, Share Your Activities


Many thanks as well to our top contributors, we really appreciate your participation!  Clive Two.Zero waclawek.jan AvaTar T J Vangelis Fortounas john doe Sergey Vasyliev Zhitai Liu

Uwe Bonnes


I joined ST at the beginning of July, so I'm still fairly new to this inspirational community of people enthused about making things and pushing the bleeding edge of technical innovation. We'll be working on further evolution of the community in the coming year to improve your experience, make it even more useful and valuable to you. Part of this is asking for your feedback, we'll soon be sending a survey to those who have logged in to the community over the last year.


All of us here at ST wish you the most joyous of holidays with your friends and family and look forward to our collaborations and learning from each other in the coming year!


All the best to you,


Brian and your ST Community managers and moderators

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