Oliver Beirne

You don't have to say thanks in our community

Blog Post created by Oliver Beirne Expert on Jan 19, 2017

Obviously you can and I am not saying you should not acknowledge the answers given by your fellow community members. 


(Definitely do this)


The ST community provides a few ways to let your peers know when they have supplied a valuable answer:


Correct and Helpful responses

When asking a question in the community you can mark one response as Correct and any response as helpful. Threads that receive correct and helpful responses are pushed up in search results and given extra weighting by the community, and most importantly, they can help other users who have the same/a similar question:





Correct answers also have the advantage of being embedded inside the original post so for threads with lots of comments, there is no need to scroll for the answer. 



When looking at responses to a question, you will see options to mark responses as correct, helpful or unhelpful:



Helpful answers increase the strength of a thread and if you do come across a response that helps you, even in a small way, then marking it as helpful provides an acknowledgement to the person who left the comment that you appreciate the response.  Threads with helpful responses carry a stamp on the original post with links to those helpful responses so you can immediately go to what people value most:




Last and not least is the Like button. Often the like feature is used to let the poster know that you have read the item posted and is quicker than adding a comment simply saying thanks. Threads carrying a lot of likes will also be given extra weight by the system when people are searching for threads to help them.


I haven't mentioned the User badges either that you can give each other but even so, there are multiple ways to thank users in the community using the features in this post and over time the community will go from strength to strength as users support each other.


As always feedback is welcome and appreciated so please make use of the comments section below if you have anything to share.