Oliver Beirne

Welcome to the STMicroelectronics community

Blog Post created by Oliver Beirne Expert on Dec 5, 2016

Welcome! Our new community is now live and ready for you to ask questions, share the projects you are working and collaborate with your fellow community members. The key word is collaborate because the aim of this community is to
share with, and help your peers in a transparent way that showcases the world of STMicroelectronics products, activities and achievements.



New here? Let me show you around

As a new user in the community it is important to get to grips with where everything is and how to find your way around. With this in mind we have compiled some helpful guides to get you going:


Manage Community Email Notifications

The ST community can ensure you never miss an update in your community inbox by also sending you an email notification so you stay up-to-date with your community activity.


Working With Your Inbox

Your community inbox is the the hub of all the conversations, questions and other activity you are involved in across our community. If you're participating in or simply tracking activity around the community, then you can manage it all from your inbox.


Finding People, Places, and Content

Searching around the community is one of the strongest points of our new platform and understanding how search is organised and organised will ensure you quickly know how to find what you are looking for around the community.


We have other How-to guides that explain some key functionality but if you can't find one to help you with your question please go to About this community where you can ask questions of our admin team and indeed the rest of the community.


Finally we have published some Community Guidelines that outline some rules of the road on using our community to show our users how to get the most from the platform.


This community is your community and we want you to get as much out of it as you can. As we continue to evolve over our launch period and beyond, we will be constantly reviewing, adapting and improving the community to meet your needs and so please always, always feel free to share feedback with us either in the About this community or in any official surveys we put out.


Welcome to your new community!